Eroge May 2023


Current Progress

A bit too distracted these past week I haven’t even got past Hokecho’s common route ๐Ÿ‘€

I hope I can finish this before Anmitsu release (probably not).

This Month Release

Ambitious Mission After Episode 1 will be released this Friday. I’m getting my copy from official store and Sofmap.

I kinda considered Hapymaher and PriministAr remake/rerelease but I figured I’ll just grab them later if I ever get around to actually clear up my existing backlogs.

Next Month and Beyond

Mashifoni Remake and Sana Edition will be released next month. It’s been a long while since Palette last released eroge. Even this one is not quite a new title with both being remake with new some H-scenes for Sana Edition. A full redraw would be fun but it probably doesn’t make business sense. Whether they’ll do any more new full priced eroge titles is still unknown.

In same month Ambitious Mission Episode 2 will also be released. I wonder if there will be more routes than the ones already announced.

There’s nothing for July and later. ASa Project’s Koibana Ren’ai is scheduled for September but I don’t know if I’ll get it at all. All of their titles are backlogged at the moment. I also didn’t help I ended up buying Futamata Ren’ai a few weeks ago thanks to them being available for cheap.

While the lack of upcoming titles is a quite worrying/sad, it also means my backlog isn’t getting much longer…

Goods etc

Melonbooks UnderWears7 lineup has been announced. Here are my picks.

And lastly, the cover image at the start of this post is from akane ikegami fanbox. It hasn’t been formally announced yet but there’s no way I’m waiting to subscribe there. I just hope it’s not strictly all ages stuff. I also wonder if it means some other changes on her activities. Her doujin side has been inactive for a long while though so we’ll find out soon I guess.

Eroge April 2023

Current Progress

And done with Hatsuyuki Sakura! At a bit over a month, it’s the fastest I read I’ve done in a while.

It sure is popular for a reason. Or many reasons. That said, I think the whole premise is kind of sad if not outright stupid. This sure has one heck of unfortunate MC.

And with this I’ve read all Saga Planets title since Coming x Humming (ใ€‚ใƒปโˆ€ใƒป)ใƒŽ

I may or may not come back again and do their earlier titles. Maybe not.

With the Saga Planets Four Season curse project over, it’s back to finishing sequels. I said Aokana Extras last month but I’m going with Hokecho first instead. I figured I needed to do a quick rerun of the Aokana again due to missing scenes so I just go with the shortest possible one for now.

That said, the one months I spent reading Hatsusaku caused some massive backlog on unrelated stuff so I’ve been slowly catching them up while rereading the “common” route. I could just skip the whole route but I’ve forgotten a lot of it anyway since reading it last year. Also they included new event cg while at it ๐Ÿ˜

This Month Release

There’s Yuzu Soft Tenshi Souzou Re-Boot this month. I ended up only getting from one store this time. I’m still not sure about the style change they had.

Next Month and Beyond

No change compared to last month. Except for I finally preordered Mashifoni.

There’s an upcoming ASa Project title but no details on it yet.

Eroge March 2023

It’s ghost time! Or something

Current Progress

Finished Kisaragi Gold Star. Yay. That was quite something. I can use more detail on the MC backstory though which ended up not being told anywhere. Otherwise the story is relatively simple and overall is fine. It probably didn’t help I’ve seen the pattern before but at least this one didn’t drag out the story for too long and usually straight to the point. Kind of.

Natsuyume Nagisa is still quite a bit more interesting. And also way more confusing along the way.

And so I finally started on Hatsuyuki Sakura… a bit over two weeks ago. At least it’s finally less distraction period and I managed to finish one route already. Or at least I think I finished one route. Or two if I count the initial forced route which has some kind of ending.

Annoyingly the story just keep adding more new questions while also slowly answering some. I don’t know which is faster. I just hope everything clears up by the end…

I wondered if I can finish it on four weeks count but I doubt I’ll make it with just 10 days left ๐Ÿ™ƒ

Oh well.

Once this one is done, assuming it’s before end of April, I’ll probably read Aokana Extras next. And then followed by Hokecho.

Once those three done, I’ll need to decide if I want to continue on finishing off sequels (DSIF and Onigyuh) or clearing series which goods I have a bit too many of (Koiimo? Marmalade titles?). It’ll be months away. I’ll decide later ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ

This Month Release

Unfortunately(?) there’s nothing I’m getting for this month which means I’ll break the eroge purchase streak I have since… December last year. That’s not a very long streak, I guess ๐Ÿ™ƒ

Next Month and Beyond

April has Tenshi Souzou – still not planning on anything more than official store.

May and June have Ambitious Mission After Episodes – also mentioned before, it’ll be official store and Sofmap, all preordered.

June will also see Mashifoni (+Sana) which I still haven’t preordered because I just kept wasting money on random things.

And then nothing yet for July onwards.

Other Preorders

Not eroge but I preordered the latest Oregairu game for the OVA. From their official store just because Iroha. Although now I look again I probably should’ve gotten WonderGoo but whatever. I’ll probably not keep it anyway and only keep the blu-ray.

Yometan somehow managed to get a Goto-P R18 tapestry so I preordered one. Along the way I also preordered Tateha tapestry. It’s been a long while since bought anything Tateha.

Oh and I also ended up preordering this dakimakura cover illustrated by Kawauchi.

Those all above combined with some random second hand tapestry and dakimakura cover purchases kind of destroyed my budget…

Eroge February 2023

Current Progress

…still at Kisaragi Gold Star m( ,_,)m

Due to various other things, I’ve only managed to finish one route since last time. I have a feeling it was the least wacky route.

At any rate, up next is Mikoto and then lastly (or maybe not lastly) Saya.

Once done with this, up next would be finally Hatsuyuki Sakura…

Oh yeah, apparently I wrote fewer distraction last month but that turned out to be a lie ๐Ÿ™‚

This Month Release

For this month there will be! Sakura no Toki! Finally. Apparently I’m getting from Sofmap in addition to Getchu for this one.

Two out of two months with at least one eroge purchase so far this year. We’ll see if this keeps up.

Next Month and Beyond

Well, looking at next month release clearly shown it’s not going to keep up. I don’t think I’ll be getting anything for March. Suigetsu is mildly interesting but I don’t think I’ll be getting it. Or will I? ๐Ÿ‘€

April will have Tenshi Souzou. No plan change so far – only from official store and already preordered.

And on May there will be Ambitious Mission After Episode 1. More Kaguya and Yae is always welcome. Too bad no Horoko.

Continuing from May, Ambitious Mission After Episode 2 will be released on June. I’ll most likely be getting from Sofmap and Official store for both. There’s also Mashifoni (+Sana).

…wait, apart of March I do have something for every month until June ๐Ÿค”

Other Preorders

I don’t know why I didn’t write it last month but I did end up preordering the upcoming Makulove’s Takano Yuki dakimakura as I mentioned two months ago. And also mentioned there I half regretted not getting the other one but they somehow did some leftover sale and it was there so I ended up fetching that one as well (arrived already). Wheee ๐Ÿ™ƒ

Eroge January 2023

Slow progress is slow

Current Progress

Finished Natsuyume Nagisa. It was pretty good. I like the Maki route best… I think? It’s overall one big intertwined thing so there’s really not much point looking at one specific route. That said I didn’t like Ayumu. Something with her just didn’t quite click right with me.

As planned, I’m now at Kisaragi Gold Star. I did manage to finish one route (Ichika) but I’m progressing quite a lot slower than I’d like to.

I’ve done a lot of house cleanups though so there should be fewer distraction for a while. Or at least once I’m done with upcoming system upgrade ๐Ÿ‘€

This Month Release

There will be Doutei Shimai package release. Well, it’s just a package version of already released title so it’s not a new release.

And that’s about it.

Next Month and Beyond

Somehow Sakura no Toki will be released next month. That’ll be a bit annoying because my current queue is already filled up with quite a lot of other things when I also planned to reread Sakuuta before reading Sakutoki. It means I’ll be behind everyone else (as usual) during the initial read rush.

On other news, I’ve preordered Tenshi Souzou. Just from official store for now. The normal edition one. I need some budget adjustments and I don’t know if I’ll end up getting Amane tapestries as initially planned. I may just get them separately from Suruga-Ya or something later if I still feel like it.

Mashifoni release date has been announced. Unfortunately (or fortunately) the shop bonuses look more like something for console release with Melonbooks’ Miu and Sana dakimakura cover being the only exception. I’ll probably just get the cheapest release I can find.

Other Preorders

There’s… nothing. My latest journey of collecting Koutaro stuff took a good chunk of my budget. Also unrelated PC related purchases. One of these days I’ll write some more posts…

Eroge December 2022

Current Progress

Uh, I’m still at Natsuyume Nagisa เฒ _เฒ 

At least it’s on the later part of Ayumi route so I should be able to finish it within next week.

Once done I’ll continue to Kisaragi Gold Star. I definitely won’t make it before the release of Hatsusaku 10th Anniversary ๐Ÿฅฒ

Let’s see how far I can go the remaining of this year. At least I should have plenty of time during the day off on last week this month.

This Month Release

As mentioned above, it’ll be Hatsusaku. And just that. Technically it’s not even this month release as it’s just re-release of same thing from 10 years ago. Hopefully without disc protection like last time.

Next Month and Beyond

January will have Sakura no Toki. Uh, yeah, that’ll totally happen.

Apart of that, there will be the package release of Doutei Shimai. I’m getting two from Sofmap and one from Trader. I think I bought the correct version for each. It wouldn’t be funny if I manage to buy duplicate and miss one.

I also somehow bought the Tsuriotsu box ๐Ÿ‘€ Yay backlogs…

Meanwhile on Yuzusoft, they finally announced their next title. I’ll probably get some from stores with Amane related bonuses and also official store for the bonus drama CD. It’s still on April so I should have enough time to save up for them.

Other Preorders

Makulove’s upcoming Takano Yuki illustrated dakimakura may be interesting. I’m still half regretting for not getting the other one. Although I think the upcoming one is potentially better.

It’s doujin but Shiromochi Sakura’s Mochiken(?) is getting dakimakura cover. Her stuff is usually balloons so it’s nice seeing something on smaller side for once. It’s probably not for Comiket due to the design.

DMM’s CGF 2022 Winter has started. As usual there’s nothing particularly interesting but I bought the Anmitsu domino stuff (the ones with Yae and Kaguya) and Kaguya card wallet. I’ve been considering card wallet for a while now so it’s just about right.

Saga Planets 2022 Winter has also started. I’m only getting Atena & Kaguya tapestry. Obviously the ecchi ver. Bought on DMM because the shipping is slightly cheaper. On related news, too many Riri stuff and not enough Shiori stuff ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Still on Saga Planets, this Midobeyo is doing another Yae only goods. Thankfully the sizing seems correct this time around. The previous one has Yae a bit too small ๐Ÿ˜ข I’ll try getting it from comiket first because it’d be a bit cheaper.

Talking about comiket, I’ll probably go to the event this time around if only just the last day. That’s also if I do manage to get the ticket. I’m not interested in anything particular (well, except the Yae tapestry above) so I’m thinking of just the afternoon ticket.

Although it would be nice if I can get this. It’ll make good addition to my completely SFW stuff collection. Too bad it’s most likely using thin material.

Eroge November 2022

Backlog! Where’s my goods posts… (hint: also backlogged)

Current Progress

I’m still on Natsuyume Nagisa. Finished Haruka and Hitsuji routes. And now I’m currently at Tsukasa route.

The previous two routes were quite something. Especially with either of them having very vague history.

I how the other two will go. And then there’s still the final route.

I’m hoping I can finish this by this week.

This Month Release

Nothing this month! Considered a few things but considering my backlog I figured I should just not.

Next Month and Beyond

Not a new title but Hatsuyuki Sakura anniversary edition will be released next month.

January next year will have Sakura no Toki (ha).

On the goods side, I’ve been getting more B1 tapestries from Melonbooks (Piyodera Mucha Christmas 2021 Revival) and Yometan (Mikeou 1, Mikeou 2, and Nijihashi Sola).

And then also Saga Planets pillow covers and new tapestry. A bunch of them. That said I probably will end up selling some of them. I’ll decide once I finish the game.

Eroge October 2022

Current Progress

Done with Coming x Humming (finally) and thus continuing to Natsuyume Nagisa. This isn’t my first time reading eroge with amnesia MC but not to this extent. The heroines also have their own pretty unique situations. And despite being high school setting, there’s barely any high school thing involved beyond the weird club and questionable student council.

I finished the prologue and currently on Haruka route. While I like Hitsuji design the most I’ll probably do her route second. Followed by Tsukasa and lastly Maki. Sesena Yau design isn’t half bad. In fact, I liked one specific Tsukasa art very long time ago which also put Sesena Yau as one of my very early favorite artists… as far back as 2009.

Only took me 13 years to finally read this ๐Ÿ‘€

This Month Release

Surprise, I’m getting the ASaProject 15th Anniversary Box ๐Ÿ˜Ž Also Drapri Guu-ta-life Complete Pack.

RIP backlogs…

Next Month and Beyond

Sakutoki next month! Delayed! Well, it’s pretty much as expected.

And thus there’s nothing for me on November unless I change my mind and get Zwei Trigger. And/or Hamidashi.

There’s Hatsusaku on December. Well, it’s just the same old version and I already have a copy of it. I don’t think there’s anything else on December.

Nor January apart of Sakutoki (ha). Or maybe Tsuriotsu?

Oh right, there’s that Mashifoni thing except nothing concrete has been announced so far. There’s no news from Yuzusoft either…

Hot Vacation – Koutaro B1 Tapestry

It’s been two months since I made goods post

From Tsukuru no Mori (aka Tora no Ana Group). I’ve been avoiding them because it’s usually censored stuff. Including this one.

But hey, exception exists ( ๏พŸ ใƒฎ๏พŸ)a

This is also my first tapestry illustrated by Koutaro. Quite to my liking. The combination of things – face, expression, post, size, etc. Although it would’ve been better uncensored.

One noticeable thing though – there’s some chromatic aberration effect going on here. It seems to be common thing with the illustrator so I suspect it’s intentional (or that’s the how original data is).

The material isn’t specified on the product page but thankfully it’s double suede. The pipe is a bit thin though which is worrying. It’s already a bit bent even. Otherwise the print is rather hard to judge the actual sharpness. It does seem a bit upscaled so that’s unfortunate.

Eroge September 2022

Uh huh ๐Ÿ‘€

I forgot about this monthly thing.

Current Progress

Still on Coming Humming. Wait, that’s almost two months now. I should speed up my reading. Or at least actually read things.

This Month Release

Oh hey today is release day. And I have nothing here.

Next Month and Beyond

Sakutoki in November is still the closest one. I also still haven’t preordered it.

Kind of tempted with Iroseka HD and ASaProject Anniversary Box. But considering I’ll probably never get around to that I’ll pass on for now and maybe check again once I clear up my back logs.

Just announced yesterday, the detail on Hatsusaku Anniversary Box has been announced. Unfortunately there’s no remaster or anything. If I count the old stuff as costing 8k, it’s 10k for tapestry (not specified but better be double suede here), acrylic panel (missing size detail; I expect at least A4 or B5), and voice drama. The voice drama was unexpected but welcome. Everyone is doing ASMR nowadays it seems. That said, it’s still rather expensive overall. I’ll probably still grab it anyway. I nuked all my Saga Planets budget but it should recover on time for its December release.

Lastly, according to Russel’s homepage, there will be soundtrack box or pieces and Unless Terminalia. And then there’s an accompanying tapestry. I don’t know if I’ll get the tapestry but I may get at least the soundtrack. This one is coming up November.

It’s been a lot of blank months and I would’ve done pretty good in term of budgeting and saving had I not finally decide to replace my rather gross 9 years old futons (three layers of them) with a fancy bed. Not fancy in term of appearance but in that it opens up like car trunk/frunk for more storage \o/ I’m expecting a lot from it to free up my room space.

Eroge August 2022

Horniest heroine in the game

Progress So Far

Finished Ambitious Mission. At a bit over a month it’s still too slow. That said, I’m three weeks in to Coming x Humming and I haven’t even finished a single route lol.

Back to Anmitsu, it was pretty fun. Thankfully I picked what I would consider the ideal route orders. Lots of random references were fun especially the Conan and Kindaichi ones. I should’ve kept count on how many variations of ใ˜ใฃใกใ‚ƒใ‚“ใฎๅใซใ‹ใ‘ใฆ there are. The ability of Sharu is pretty ridiculous as well. Anyone looking for serious story will probably be disappointed but I think this worked pretty well as a gag title. The serious part is relatively well handled as well but I think the whole key thing is a bit too weird. Same with the universe thing. Not to mention they hinted on some story on the other part but it was just left at that. On the brighter side it opens path for fandisk or alternative story or whatever. I’m not holding my breath but more Anmitsu is welcome. Especially more Yae and Kaguya. Also Tsubame and Horoko.

As mentioned above, I’m currently reading Coming x Humming. It was chosen for no particular reason apart of it was chosen at random (like, order by random() on my eroge list table). This will be a very long journey at four whole titles. Once I’m done with this, I’ll have read all modern Saga Planets title. I don’t know if I can handle their earlier titles. I can even barely deal with Coming x Humming artstyle and the earlier ones are even less of my preferences.

This Month Release

Nothing! Yay.

Next Month and Beyond

The closest one is still Sakutoki in November.

And then Palette finally updated the Mashifoni FHD and Sana Edition. Thankfully both are proper eroge so yay. Planned for 2023 so those are still quite far away.

On the other hand, there’s still no news from Yuzusoft…

Ambitious Mission Dengeki Moeoh 2022-02 B1 Tapestry

Back to Kaguya. Another one with her thief costume. This one has got skirt. Still no hat though.

If only she’s got kneesocks…

Otherwise it’s the usual Kaguya goodness. I thought I’d prefer the non-R18 expression on the magazine but looking again, I like her eyes here better. All good, I guess.

Material is double suede. Thankfully no permanent crease which tend to exist on tapestry from Moeoh. The print quality is pretty good as well although I think the source image resolution could be a bit better.

Ambitious Mission Trader B2 Tapestry

Also can use some ironing

And last one from store bonus. This one is from Trader. I think it’s got hanging string at the bottom as per usual of Trader tapestries.

I don’t think this underwear set made appearance in the game? Nor the condoms.

I like this better than the other one mainly for the underwear and expression although kneesocks would be even better.

Same print and material quality. If only all tapestries are double suede…

Ambitious Mission Suruga-Ya B2 Tapestry

Can use some ironing

It’s Yae time! In her, uh, does this still count as ninja costume. I guess it does with bandana and muffler. And the kneesock on one side and bondage on the other.

I think her expression could be better but otherwise I like it.

Just like the other two, no problem in print quality and also uses double suede material.

Ambitious Mission Sofmap (Kaguya) B2 Tapestry

Another one. I thought it’s the same lewder version of the official one but this one’s got panties, nipple cover (except slid up), and gloves (yay). Gloves are good mmm. No hats here though.

And as I write this I realized both of her tapestries are of her in thief costume.

Still on double suede (thankfully, as the other one from Sofmap which I don’t care uses thin material), and pretty good print quality. And as mentioned in the other post, this one is a bit more saturated.

Ambitious Mission Official Store B2 Tapestry

I guess I should start doing this post.

It’s from Anmitsu. It’s Kaguya. I think it’s been since Workspring I actually want the main girl stuff from Saga Planets title (although I did end up selling most of Inori stuff in the end ๐Ÿ‘€).

But anyway, it’s Miss Arte except lewder than usual. Just like her other tapestries.

It’s double suede material and the print is pretty good. Interestingly it’s less saturated compared to other tapestries of her.

Eroge July 2022

Progress So Far

Aokana done (again)! I jumped straight to Anmitsu as originally planned. And apparently I never end up posting the new stuff. I’ll get around doing that one of these days.

As for the progress, I’m around halfway Yae route. I did Nijimu first and it was… short. It had some interesting infodump stuff but overall it was relatively smooth sailing.

Current Yae is a bit more involved with multiple layers of problems. I guess it’s a good thing I’m doing Kaguya last in term of overall story reveal.

Once done, I have about five short titles in queue:

  1. Aokana Extra 1
  2. Aokana Extra 2
  3. Hokecho
  4. Pet Jijou
  5. Doutei Kyoudai

Which I’ll probably play in that exact order above. I just need to get rid of finish them already.

This Month Release

Doutei Kyoudai as mentioned above is the only thing I’m getting this month. Thankfully it’s got no DRM crap on it which is the main thing I worried about.

Next Month and Beyond

This is really more like just Beyond since there’s nothing for me for next month.

The closest I may be getting is probably Iroseka HD in September. Maybe.

There’s nothing in October and then Sakutoki in November. Assuming it’s not delayed (ha).

Palette finally announced the Mashifoni FHD remake and Sana Edition. Neither have concrete info so far and there’s some chance they’ll be all ages stuff. Which means run awayyyyyyyyyy.

Zwei Trigger is a thing but I don’t know if I want. I don’t find the character design particularly interesting but it’s written by Kazuki Fumi from 9nine (among others).

Chocolate Cube 2022-07 Maina and Miyuki B1 Tapestry

Full title is “Maina to Miyuki no Naisho no Houkago”

And then another one! This time with Miyuki for semi docking position. Too bad kneesocks are missing this time around. Inviting look is just my favorite expression ๐Ÿ‘Œ Combined with skirt lifting and nopan, making them most excellent.

The rest is the same deal as the other tapestry in the batch.

Chocolate Cube 2022-07 Maina B1 Tapestry

Full title is “Maina no Akai Ito”

Wow actual goods post for once ๐Ÿค”

After reading the title and looking at the image, I noticed that the “red thread” is a leash instead of ribbon on pinke ๐Ÿ™ƒ

Also the photo is kind of blurry after looking it closer. The creases aren’t going to be gone because I’m not ironing B1 tapestries. Or maybe I will if I get annoyed enough by it.

Back to the image itself, it’s been a very long time since my last tapestry by Miwa Futaba. The previous one was in 2014 for Hakoniwa Logic Goodwill tapestry (since sold). It’s also her last eroge title she did.

I just like the overall composition. Especially her expression, the heart on her eyes, the mysterious liquid on her fingers, and of course kneesocks. It’s being quite explicit also helped.

There are quite a few variations of this although there’s only one for B1. I think this is the best one which has the important bits exposed but still “wearing” sweater. I also prefer B1 size so it works out all right.

The material is double suede and the print quality is pretty sharp ๐Ÿ‘Œ

Eroge June 2022

Progress So Far

…I’m still at Aokana. Whoops. I’ll get to Ambitious Mission once done and then back to Aokana Extras.

I was hoping to clear Anmitsu before end of this month but that probably won’t happen. It’s mainly so I can better answer the survey things they’re having.

I should also get around posting the new stuff from last month. Probably around end of this month.

This Month Release

Nothing for this month. There’s the new title from Lump of Sugar but I don’t think I need to rush getting their stuff anytime soon.

Next Month and Beyond

Sister Position first release is planned for next month. Unfortunately there’s no information whether or not it’ll involve PlayDRM or other kind of DRM. I hope there’s none because otherwise I may not be getting it. Which would be mildly annoying as I bought the just-released voice drama of it. Maitetsu didn’t have any but the previous two did so there’s no clear pattern here.

On other news, Saga Planets is having poll for Anmitsu dakimakura cover. Uniform and costume would be nice so I hope those two get chosen for both Kaguya and Yae.

Still on Saga Planets, Anmitsu Complete Soundtrack has been announced as well. Release date will be end of August and the cover (and probably tapestry) will be of Kaguya and someone else yet to be announced (considering the previous ones). Yae would be nice although in the end it’ll depend on the image regardless on which version I’ll be getting.

Eroge May 2022

Progress So Far

Done with Clarias F. It turned out the skip history is still there, it just didn’t work on new/modified sections as expected. The extra story ended up being quite a thing. Especially the last hidden route.

There’s still the extra thing to be cleared but I don’t think it involves any kind of story. It’s also pretty difficult.

It just hit me but Asuka’s mom is kind of ใƒคใƒใ„

With that done I was hoping to finish Aokana Perfect Edition and Aokana Extra 1 before the Extra 2 release next week but I have my doubt on me finishing it on time. I just hope I can at least clear Aokana before Friday and do the rest next month or something. Ambitious Mission will probably take priority.

This Month Release

Aokana Extra 2 as mentioned above. No interesting store bonus so I’m getting mine from Amazon.

Similarly for Hokecho. She’s just too big. On related note, it’s only two months apart from Hokeloli whereas Hokejo was released November 2020 which is over one year apart.

And lastly of course Ambitious Mission. I’m getting it from a few stores for all the Kaguya and Yae. I just hope the story won’t be too boring. I don’t expect it to exceed Kinkoi but it will be a nice surprise if it does.

Next Month and Beyond

There’s… nothing. Well, almost, there’s Sakutoki but it’s not only still half a year apart (and that’s before including potential delays), the bonus illustrations aren’t up yet either so there’s no way to decide which store to buy it from.

I don’t think there’s anything else interesting to me coming up. Maybe the Cabbage Soft’s Jewelry Hearts Academia but I should finish Sakuretto first and then Amazing Grace before even considering the upcoming title.

Fuyukara, Kururu Chiemi & Touko B2 Tapestry

I actually completely forgot about this one. According to how the plastic bag it comes in, I tried opening the seal but gave up halfway as I needed to cut it with scissors or knife if I want to keep the bag. Welp. I haven’t even added the entry to my tapestries list.

So here I opened it finally. Only took a bit over two months.

It’s Chiemi and Touko. My favorite couple in the series. Now I look closer the background doesn’t quite make sense if it’s an actual city. Whatever, lol. I hope they’re not frozen to death with that kind of clothing. Maybe the heat they’ll generate is enough to compensate ๐Ÿ‘€

Ameto Yuki needs to draw more less balloon characters…

As for print quality, it’s pretty good. And the material is double suede.

D.C.4 Sweet Harmony Melonbooks B2 Tapestry

And here’s the reason I bought the game. I don’t know when I’ll get around actually playing this ๐Ÿ‘€

Nice pose, with fingers covering thing. I do prefer her to wear kneesocks on both legs instead of one but that’s her design so there’s no way around that, I guess.

I just like this kind of face especially when drawn by Takano Yuki. Similar reason for the other tapestry I bought few weeks ago.

Print quality is good and with double suede material which is quite rare for a Circus release if I remember correctly.

Hokenshitsu Sensei to Gothloli no Koui Sofmap B2 Tapestry

Only a bit over a month late =] Also I should iron this beforehand but it’s not too bad.

Almost same getup as before just different pose. This one is covered using finger.

Now I look again, the room is the same with that curtain, just this one is on bed instead of sofa.

Print quality is the same as the other one as also mentioned in there.

Eroge April 2022

Progress So Far

Finished Shugaten! That was quite something. Mainly the Koori route. And the epilogue. I sure wish I realized the final reveal way earlier because it was so stupid ๐Ÿ˜‘

Afterwards, I went on to Hokejo as mentioned last month. I finished it in a bit less than two weeks and then Hokeloli in around two weeks.

Hokejo/Hokeloli when not in story mode. Too bad next one won’t have this anymore

Hokejo had some surprises in term of how the route is structured. I also quite liked the latter part.

Hokeloli continued with similar formula but there’s fewer surprising reveal towards the end due to having seen how Hokejo worked and there were just way more hints spread out in the earlier parts. Still pretty good overall I think.

Hokecho is coming out next month. It’ll probably be the shortest of the three.

With that done, I decided to finally check Senkou no Clarias F. Unfortunately the read history is missing so skip function doesn’t work but I think I’ll just go over them all again quickly or something. I did finish reading the extra H scenes first. Those were pretty short with no extra story. Still a nice extra though ๐Ÿ‘Œ

This Month Release

So I ended up getting DC4SH. I bought the DC4PH as well for rather cheap. Bought the SH from Melonbooks. The tapestry was the main reason I got it in the end.

On the other hand, RIP Futakoi. Maybe once I cleared my backlog more.

Next Month and Beyond

Aokana Extra 2 and Ambitious Mission next month. Both are still waiting for RTM so there’s still possibility either of them being delayed. That said, Aokana Extra 2 dev team said they’re aiming for it sometime next week and Saga Planets don’t usually delay their releases. We’ll see.

Oh, right, there’s also Hokecho next month. I guess I should place preorder sometime soon. I don’t know where to buy them from yet though. Amazon is the usual place when I’m not getting any bonuses but they don’t have any discount for it… yet? I’ll wait one or two weeks, otherwise I may just get it from nearby Sofmap.

Now I think about it, I should check Aokana as well. And its soundtrack (also Hokejo’s).

After May, there isn’t much yet. Sakura no Toki is supposed to be out in November but it’s still so far away. Not to mention it’ll probably be delayed even further.

There’s also Jewelry Hearts Academia thing from Cabbage Soft. I don’t know about that one yet. Maybe if I manage to finish Sakuretto first. And Amazing Grace.

Dengeki Moeoh 2021-12 Takano Yuki B1 Tapestry

This was partially an impulse buy. That expression is just too good for me ๐Ÿ˜˜ I saw it on Twitter (as it’s finally the release day) and fortunately (or unfortunately) Amazon still had some in stock so I decided to just finally buy it.

Makes a good pairing with this one except I don’t have actual space to put them side by side. I’ll have to figure out that one for maximum goodness.

I noticed it a bit later but her right leg doesn’t seem quite right because the folded lower part isn’t visible anywhere but I’ll let it slide (also I hope I didn’t destroy the image for you too much ๐Ÿ‘€).

It’s double suede with relatively okay print quality. I’ve gotten around accepting this after a while with the similar quality Muririn tapestry. Unfortunately there’s a slight fold mark here as well but at least it’s not easily visible.

Now if only she wears kneesocks…