Eroge September 2023

Current Progress

Still doing the one undisclosed thing. I kinda hoped to finish it this month but I don’t think that will be possible. Oh well.

This Month Release

Nekonin Spin! Yay. I’m still behind on the original. Just getting one from Sofmap, the complete version.

Next Month and Beyond

There’s still nothing after this month. Maybe Imouto to Kanojo but that can wait.

So, yeah, nothing 🤷‍♂️

Goods Etc.

I got some extra budget but there isn’t much in sight at the moment. I did end up ordering the Takano Yuki tapestry from last month.

There’s also suddenly a new book from nijiiro-zakura. Not sure what the occasion is but new book is always welcome. Most of the stuff are from Twitter/pixiv and one Tora no Ana and two new drawings? Or at least I think the other one is new and not just me missed it.

Pre-order for Tenshi Souzou Re-Boot OST has been started. I’m getting the one with box just because.

Back to doujinshi (I’m just tracing my spending list here), there’s the latest Ice to Choco book. Usual stuff.

Oh, and the new Pikatto Anime Ambitious Mission tapestries. The Arise Sisters rehashed tapestry didn’t end up happening for some reason and replaced with tapestrified shikishi just like the other two heroines instead. That makes more sense I guess? I bought Yae and both Kaguya tapestries. There sure are a lot of tapestries from this series…

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