Eroge October 2023

Current Progress

I was hoping to finish the undisclosed title but I’m still at about a bit over halfway. Yay. I should be able to finish this in two weeks at the latest.

This Month Release


Well, I did get that Seisaku Kanojo thing above. Found one for not stupid price at almost 20k. It’s still quite a lot and the box is slightly damaged and the pen is missing and there’s no store bonus but at least it’s still better than the usual 30k+.

Next Month and Beyond

Whirlpool has announced their upcoming full price title, Hajimeru Sekai no Risouron. Too bad the smallest heroine has got horns which I don’t quite like 😦

Planned for February next year, it’s still quite a bit away. I should start arranging budget for it.

Goods Etc.

Saga Planets is having some sort of Tsubame Fes. The top left looks like a pillow cover so even just that is interesting lmao. Full lineup coming later today.

On the other hand the Ambitious Mission collaboration cafe goods was up for order but a good number of stuff are gone now. Most of them are all ages stuff anyway.

Also coming later today, there’s preorder for new original goods from Ikegami Akane. I’m getting the full lineup here.

Denkigai 2023 Winter will have Saga Planets and Whirlpool. I don’t remember when the last eroge event I went to. I hope they manage to actually do it this time.

Goto-P Yometan pillow cover. Hmm.

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