Hello, congratulation on reaching this site. By arriving here I hope you’re not offended by what I posted.

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  1. Hello! Thank you for this wonderful blog, so rare to see English posts from someone who really loves eroge and uploading photos of new eroge purchased in Japan. I am so weak of physical merchandise, you know!

    I also trying to order something when I can, but because I don’t live in Japan, delivery can be soooo long, and that’s so sad. But anyway, to have something sweet and comfy for feeling it in your hands is awesome feeling!

    What you can recommend as tapestry material? W Suede is the best, right? I just plan to print my own art as tapestry, but I wonder who in Japan can even do such things in small portions (like 10 tapestries). And material can vary, yeah? I remember feeling B2 tapestry material from Getchu eroge order (it was Valet Style by Croixsoft). I was overwhelmed by great quality of such fabric, and I wonder where I can feel it again, huh. Thank you for advices!

    • Double suede is usually pretty good although still depends on source material and who prints it. Anything other than that comes to personal preference (shinier/more reflective, lighter, etc) although it’s pretty rare to have choice of materials for any specific release anyway so it’s usually just down to whether or not the illustration itself is interesting enough to warrant a purchase.

      pixiv factory can print in small batch (or just one) but I don’t know how they handle unlicensed material.

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