Eroge November 2023

Exactly what I need – more backlogs

Current Progress

Looking at previous month’s, I sure was confident 😎 Still need a bit more time, maybe a week-ish.

Next Title

Once done, I think I’ll go back to Aokana and finish the two extras. I plan to redo the original again though because I managed to not apply the extra scenario correctly.

This Month Release

Still nothing! I don’t think there’s anything else new I’m getting this year either.

Next Year

As per mentioned before, there’s Hajimeru Sekai no Risouron. All the DLC as usual. I’m not getting any extra tapestries this time around.

And then the newly announced Unravel trigger. Probably just from Sofmap.

Goods Etc

Kinda considering this DeepOne’s Rosette. I do have some extra DMM points but I can also use them for ero manga in my wishlist…

Otherwise there’s no pre-order or anything like that at the moment.

There may be something from next month’s Denkigai. There’s at least Whirlpool, Makura, and Saga Planets. I just hope I don’t go too far on this year’s already negative budget. Only need to hold out for a bit more.

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