Eroge December 2023

Current Progress

I finally restarted Aokana except I didn’t really manage to get around reading much of it. I just hope I can finish the whole thing before end of New Year vacation…

This Month Release

I said nothing more for this year last month but that ended up being a lie. I ended up getting this. Dunno when I’ll get around to actually read it though.

Next Year Etc

Nothing new here, still the two titles I mentioned last month. I still need to do additional preorders on the Hajiron but it’ll be on new year due to budget constraint.

Goods Etc

Saga Planets 25th Anniversary goods. Yay. I’m getting Inori dakimakura cover (and repurchasing her older one) and maybe Koyomi life size tapestry. And maybe some other stuff. Also on Saga Planets, Ambitious Mission is getting all ages port. I’m getting Sofmap and WonderGoo.

There’s also Melonbooks new thing. I’m mostly interested in Koutaro stuff as usual.

Talking about Koutaro new stuff, there’s also a different new stuff that’s already up for preorder. I got the B1 tapestry.

I didn’t plan on getting Tenshi Souzou dakimakura cover at all but Amane’s is looking a lot better than I expected so I just had to get it.

And lastly Comiket and Denkigai are next week so it’ll be fun… (or freezing)

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