Eroge January 2024

Current Progress

…for some reason I ended up playing that Imokano above. And I think I’m at like 20% of the first viewpoint. I hoped I can finish it this month but there are a bit too much distractions 🙄

This Month Release

Nothing! Also it’s today.

Next Month and Beyond

As mentioned before, I’m getting Hajiron next month. I ended up preordering most of them last month (year) so I can have incorrectly larger budget this year.

There’s Unravel Trigger on March. I think I’ll only be getting from Sofmap.

Another one for March, not really eroge release but I’m getting Anmitsu all ages from Sofmap for the tapestry.

Apart of those, there are only a few more things I’m kind of looking at at the moment. One of them is Madosoft kuwa games’ Select Oblige. I’m so far behind on Madosoft titles so maybe a relatively fresh title would be a good point to start? 🙂

The other one is Waffle’s Dokuzetsu something. Mainly just because of it’s Windmill illustrator. More details should come later today.

Lastly there’s Otome Sekai no Arukikata from Orthros. It’s mignon eroge. Also the writer did Otome Domain before. And the trap MC voiced Minato. It’s like a differently themed Otome Domain.

…wait, I just remembered there’s another one. It’s a new title from Glovety. Too bad the illustrator isn’t Kimishima Ao for this one 🙁

Goods etc

Comiket and Denkigai happened. I think I planned to make stuff post on it but never gotten around to do so.

In term of stuff preorders, I’m getting tapestries from Koutaro and Shino from one of Melonbooks things. There’s another one from Koutaro but it looks kinda derp (and horns) so I skipped it.

mignon upcoming eroge is getting a tapestry from BugBug. I think I said this before but it sure is nice not having to deal with paper based mail order anymore.

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