Eroge February 2024

Current Progress

My plan of finishing reading Imokano didn’t quite work out 😬 It didn’t help I got some flu for a bit over a week earlier this month.

This Month Release

Whirlpool latest title, Hajiron, is this month! Or more like tomorrow! Yay backlogs! I haven’t even read their previous full price titles (piece series).

Let’s see if I can speed up my reading 🤔 (probably not happening)

Next Month and Beyond

I don’t think there’s much update from last month.

Kocha’s illustration didn’t help. Probably because they both big and one of them has horn.

Goods Etc

Umbrella is back with a new Chikotam tapestry. It’s looking pretty good. A dakimakura of her would be welcome.

There’s nothing else in term of goods which is a good thing since I just wasted some money getting new laptop and the related gadgets.

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