Eroge March 2024

As it turned out she is on the dumber side

Current Progress

Playing Koiimo instead. Yay. It was mainly to decide whether or not I want a second Akane dakimakura cover. I did.

And then I figured I should just go on and finish this. First route is the one that’s not by Chikotam. It was fine if a bit short on the actual story. The remaining of the route is very long though. Most of them is just random fluff. And I still haven’t cleared it yet even though the story was pretty much long done. Unfortunately the 3P didn’t go all the way for sub characters. Makes sense but still a bit sad.

I got even more distracted these past weeks and I don’t know if I can finish this before end of next month.

This Month Release

Unravel Trigger for this month. Or more like today because I ended up delaying off writing this for way too long.

Oh and the Ambitious Mission (Switch) from Sofmap. Not really for the game itself though.

Next Month and Beyond

Select Oblige store bonus info is up. If I’m going with this I’ll probably get the four stores with drama CD bonus and then one extra from Gamers. It’s been ages last I bought anything from Gamers.

On the other news, Nukitashi is getting a “remaster”. Or more like rerelease with some new engine features. I don’t know if I’ll jump into this yet though. Getting all the store bonuses will be a very expensive endeavor. I’ll decide sometime next month maybe.

There’s still no update on Otome Sekai no Arukikata… I wonder if they’re doing all right. Similarly with Glovety’s Mahoutsukai no Hajimekata. Wow now I wrote them in a line I noticed the title is pretty similar.

Goods Etc

Moeoh’s Pan tapestry. It’s a bit hard to justify with it being kinda not quite R18 but I ended up getting it anyway.

Nekorindou’s Tomoo tapestry. Dunno about this but I like her expression and the overall design. My first Tomoo tapestry.

Melonbooks’ Kimishima Ao tapestry. I would’ve gotten the life size one if the background is a bit better. Unfortunately it’s just some generic background so I got the usual B1 size instead.

Ikegami Akane’s Fanbox goods. Too bad it’s all all-ages items but the mug cup is nice. Bought two of each types. Also the tapestry would’ve been nicer if it’s larger. Like B1 large in portrait, showing their full body.

Moeoh’s Takano Yuki tapestry. A second Datenshi tapestry. I think it’s the second one unless I missed something (apparently I did. Twice. Though both being all ages (ish) make them matter a bit less).

That’s quite a few stuff to drain my wallet.

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