Eroge August 2023

I forgot to do this last week ( ゚ ヮ゚)a

Current Progress

Finished both Ambitious Mission After Episodes. They were overall quite short. More Yae and Kaguya is welcome though.

Then I went on to read some FGO. The summer scenario was quite long and actually took me a whole week to finish.

I’m currently reading some undisclosed eroge and this one shouldn’t take more than four weeks. I think. Maybe.

This Month Release

Oh hey it was few days ago. Anyway, there’s nothing this month.

Next Month and Beyond

As mentioned last month there’s Nekonin Spin for next month.

Apart of that, there’s nothing as of yet. And it’s not like I’ll run out of backlog anytime soon anyway.

Goods Etc.

I ran out of budget for this year. I need to sell anything before I buy anything that’s not of highest priority. That said, the above new An Kua (or whatever her romaji spelling is) from Aku no Onna Kanbu PNM may cost me quite a bit. I literally started this game last year just for her m( ,_,)m I just hope she’s not some Fes limited BS which requires paid gems. I do have quite a few free gems piled up so it’ll be nice if I can get her without spending actual money.

On other news, there’s some new Ambitious Mission tapestries from Pikatto Anime. My curent plan is one newly drawn, one from shikishi, and one different version of Arise sisters. The last one is kind of interesting because I just sold the original version of that mainly because the characters are a bit too small. This new one zoomed in a bit so it should look better (inb4 I sell it again anyway).

There’s also Melonbooks usual monthly tapestries, with the interesting one being Takano Yuki’s.

I should probably get around doing goods post again 👀 There’s comiket a few weeks ago. And then just a bunch of random stuff some of which I shouldn’t have bought but I did anyway and now kinda regretting it. But that’s for another time (if ever).

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