Eroge March 2023

It’s ghost time! Or something

Current Progress

Finished Kisaragi Gold Star. Yay. That was quite something. I can use more detail on the MC backstory though which ended up not being told anywhere. Otherwise the story is relatively simple and overall is fine. It probably didn’t help I’ve seen the pattern before but at least this one didn’t drag out the story for too long and usually straight to the point. Kind of.

Natsuyume Nagisa is still quite a bit more interesting. And also way more confusing along the way.

And so I finally started on Hatsuyuki Sakura… a bit over two weeks ago. At least it’s finally less distraction period and I managed to finish one route already. Or at least I think I finished one route. Or two if I count the initial forced route which has some kind of ending.

Annoyingly the story just keep adding more new questions while also slowly answering some. I don’t know which is faster. I just hope everything clears up by the end…

I wondered if I can finish it on four weeks count but I doubt I’ll make it with just 10 days left 🙃

Oh well.

Once this one is done, assuming it’s before end of April, I’ll probably read Aokana Extras next. And then followed by Hokecho.

Once those three done, I’ll need to decide if I want to continue on finishing off sequels (DSIF and Onigyuh) or clearing series which goods I have a bit too many of (Koiimo? Marmalade titles?). It’ll be months away. I’ll decide later 🤷‍♂️

This Month Release

Unfortunately(?) there’s nothing I’m getting for this month which means I’ll break the eroge purchase streak I have since… December last year. That’s not a very long streak, I guess 🙃

Next Month and Beyond

April has Tenshi Souzou – still not planning on anything more than official store.

May and June have Ambitious Mission After Episodes – also mentioned before, it’ll be official store and Sofmap, all preordered.

June will also see Mashifoni (+Sana) which I still haven’t preordered because I just kept wasting money on random things.

And then nothing yet for July onwards.

Other Preorders

Not eroge but I preordered the latest Oregairu game for the OVA. From their official store just because Iroha. Although now I look again I probably should’ve gotten WonderGoo but whatever. I’ll probably not keep it anyway and only keep the blu-ray.

Yometan somehow managed to get a Goto-P R18 tapestry so I preordered one. Along the way I also preordered Tateha tapestry. It’s been a long while since bought anything Tateha.

Oh and I also ended up preordering this dakimakura cover illustrated by Kawauchi.

Those all above combined with some random second hand tapestry and dakimakura cover purchases kind of destroyed my budget…

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