Eroge April 2023

Current Progress

And done with Hatsuyuki Sakura! At a bit over a month, it’s the fastest I read I’ve done in a while.

It sure is popular for a reason. Or many reasons. That said, I think the whole premise is kind of sad if not outright stupid. This sure has one heck of unfortunate MC.

And with this I’ve read all Saga Planets title since Coming x Humming (。・∀・)ノ

I may or may not come back again and do their earlier titles. Maybe not.

With the Saga Planets Four Season curse project over, it’s back to finishing sequels. I said Aokana Extras last month but I’m going with Hokecho first instead. I figured I needed to do a quick rerun of the Aokana again due to missing scenes so I just go with the shortest possible one for now.

That said, the one months I spent reading Hatsusaku caused some massive backlog on unrelated stuff so I’ve been slowly catching them up while rereading the “common” route. I could just skip the whole route but I’ve forgotten a lot of it anyway since reading it last year. Also they included new event cg while at it 😐

This Month Release

There’s Yuzu Soft Tenshi Souzou Re-Boot this month. I ended up only getting from one store this time. I’m still not sure about the style change they had.

Next Month and Beyond

No change compared to last month. Except for I finally preordered Mashifoni.

There’s an upcoming ASa Project title but no details on it yet.

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