Eroge May 2023


Current Progress

A bit too distracted these past week I haven’t even got past Hokecho’s common route ๐Ÿ‘€

I hope I can finish this before Anmitsu release (probably not).

This Month Release

Ambitious Mission After Episode 1 will be released this Friday. I’m getting my copy from official store and Sofmap.

I kinda considered Hapymaher and PriministAr remake/rerelease but I figured I’ll just grab them later if I ever get around to actually clear up my existing backlogs.

Next Month and Beyond

Mashifoni Remake and Sana Edition will be released next month. It’s been a long while since Palette last released eroge. Even this one is not quite a new title with both being remake with new some H-scenes for Sana Edition. A full redraw would be fun but it probably doesn’t make business sense. Whether they’ll do any more new full priced eroge titles is still unknown.

In same month Ambitious Mission Episode 2 will also be released. I wonder if there will be more routes than the ones already announced.

There’s nothing for July and later. ASa Project’s Koibana Ren’ai is scheduled for September but I don’t know if I’ll get it at all. All of their titles are backlogged at the moment. I also didn’t help I ended up buying Futamata Ren’ai a few weeks ago thanks to them being available for cheap.

While the lack of upcoming titles is a quite worrying/sad, it also means my backlog isn’t getting much longer…

Goods etc

Melonbooks UnderWears7 lineup has been announced. Here are my picks.

And lastly, the cover image at the start of this post is from akane ikegami fanbox. It hasn’t been formally announced yet but there’s no way I’m waiting to subscribe there. I just hope it’s not strictly all ages stuff. I also wonder if it means some other changes on her activities. Her doujin side has been inactive for a long while though so we’ll find out soon I guess.

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