Eroge June 2023

Current Progress

Still stuck at Hokecho 👀 I was away for two weeks and the other two weeks weren’t very productive here.

I think I should be at least able to finish this before end of this week.

This Month Release

Ambitious Mission After Episode 2 for this month.

And then there’s the Mashifoni thing which has been released last Friday. The boxes are mildly interesting although I wish they’re of the same size at least.

Next Month and Beyond

The only thing in my list here is Nekonin Spin planned for September. I may get the dakimakura version this time around. Maybe.

Otherwise nothing else particularly interesting coming up. I think I’ll pass ASa Project for now.

Goods Etc.

Melonbooks UnderWears7 tapestries are up for preorder. I’m getting three of the four I listed last month.

On semi related note I also ended up buying a bunch of nana tapestries.

Oh and talking about budget, Saga Planets 2023 Summer thing is up. I’m getting a bunch of B1 tapestries and then one T-shirt. I’m not getting the Sharu dakimakura though.

All in all, I ended up spending quite a lot more than I should’ve been 😐 At least this motivated me enough to put up more stuff for auction.

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