Hot Vacation – Koutaro B1 Tapestry

It’s been two months since I made goods post

From Tsukuru no Mori (aka Tora no Ana Group). I’ve been avoiding them because it’s usually censored stuff. Including this one.

But hey, exception exists ( ゚ ヮ゚)a

This is also my first tapestry illustrated by Koutaro. Quite to my liking. The combination of things – face, expression, post, size, etc. Although it would’ve been better uncensored.

One noticeable thing though – there’s some chromatic aberration effect going on here. It seems to be common thing with the illustrator so I suspect it’s intentional (or that’s the how original data is).

The material isn’t specified on the product page but thankfully it’s double suede. The pipe is a bit thin though which is worrying. It’s already a bit bent even. Otherwise the print is rather hard to judge the actual sharpness. It does seem a bit upscaled so that’s unfortunate.

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