Unless Terminalia

And I haven’t even started on pieces yet which apparently related to this series as well. It will take a while until I finally read this…

Bought from all the stores which have voice drama DLC.

For some reason I didn’t get the shikishi from the two physical stores. Either that or I got them but forgot where I stored them. That said the shikishi was printed in interesting way – the paper is way smoother than the usual paper used for shikishi. The closest thing I can think of is sticker paper.

Oh well, not like it’s got that much additional value anyway. Also it’s easier to sell just the game package especially as the box is small enough it fits the cheaper shipping method.

2 thoughts on “Unless Terminalia

  1. Small enough? But eroge packages are so big! Especially for this, I see on the photo how thick this package of the game…

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