Love Me Kaede and Rin The Animation 1

Well that was a thing. I didn’t actually plan on getting this but I ended up linking the art style for the anime better than the original manga. Also yuri actions are always welcome. Interestingly only Kaede got actual sex this episode with Suzu main assisting (although technically she started both parts).

As usual with this kind of release, the total runtime is 56 minutes with half of it are just ads. Actual thing only go for like 25 minutes.

The thing! It comes in usual DVD tall case except that’s mousepad functioning as overlay cover. The actual thing is underneath it and the mousepad itself is, well, mousepad. A bit too tiny.

Also, it’s 2022. Why are they still releasing it on DVD.

One thought on “Love Me Kaede and Rin The Animation 1

  1. >DVD
    Japan’s just still living in the past, I guess.

    Good to know you liked it, though. kyockcho seems to be really pleased with it, just going off their tweets.

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