Love Me Kaede and Rin The Animation 1

Well that was a thing. I didn’t actually plan on getting this but I ended up linking the art style for the anime better than the original manga. Also yuri actions are always welcome. Interestingly only Kaede got actual sex this episode with Suzu main assisting (although technically she started both parts).

As usual with this kind of release, the total runtime is 56 minutes with half of it are just ads. Actual thing only go for like 25 minutes.

The thing! It comes in usual DVD tall case except that’s mousepad functioning as overlay cover. The actual thing is underneath it and the mousepad itself is, well, mousepad. A bit too tiny.

Also, it’s 2022. Why are they still releasing it on DVD.

Onigyu Sumi Chapter H-anime

And finally the last chapter of Onigyu anime. As usual, it’s direct to the scene and nothing else.

Even among h-anime, this sure is the one of the few that makes least sense if you haven’t played the game. It’s fine if all you want is just ecchi video.

Together with this being the last chapter, this is probably the last Onigyu related release.

Onigyu H-anime – Sora route

Finally arrived after getting delayed last month.

It’s got game BGM and music. Although not Sora ending music but the opening.

As for the content itself, it’s just sex scenes and nothing much else. It starts with the imoutos reciting the hug rules… and then immediately jump to the hug scene which escalated right away.

Thanks to that, the h-scenes are pretty long. And at least they also included one short pillow talk at the end.