Eroge July 2022

Progress So Far

Aokana done (again)! I jumped straight to Anmitsu as originally planned. And apparently I never end up posting the new stuff. I’ll get around doing that one of these days.

As for the progress, I’m around halfway Yae route. I did Nijimu first and it was… short. It had some interesting infodump stuff but overall it was relatively smooth sailing.

Current Yae is a bit more involved with multiple layers of problems. I guess it’s a good thing I’m doing Kaguya last in term of overall story reveal.

Once done, I have about five short titles in queue:

  1. Aokana Extra 1
  2. Aokana Extra 2
  3. Hokecho
  4. Pet Jijou
  5. Doutei Kyoudai

Which I’ll probably play in that exact order above. I just need to get rid of finish them already.

This Month Release

Doutei Kyoudai as mentioned above is the only thing I’m getting this month. Thankfully it’s got no DRM crap on it which is the main thing I worried about.

Next Month and Beyond

This is really more like just Beyond since there’s nothing for me for next month.

The closest I may be getting is probably Iroseka HD in September. Maybe.

There’s nothing in October and then Sakutoki in November. Assuming it’s not delayed (ha).

Palette finally announced the Mashifoni FHD remake and Sana Edition. Neither have concrete info so far and there’s some chance they’ll be all ages stuff. Which means run awayyyyyyyyyy.

Zwei Trigger is a thing but I don’t know if I want. I don’t find the character design particularly interesting but it’s written by Kazuki Fumi from 9nine (among others).

Hokenshitsu no Sensei to Gothloli no Koui

And then the other eroge released this month I got. I don’t know why she’s naked for the cover when Hokejo was relatively wholesome. On semi related note the cover for next chapter (student council president) is only half naked instead.

I’m still reading through the first one so it’ll take a few more days before I start reading this.

As can be seen from the photo above, bought from all the stores (which I should get around posting the tapestries soon).

Also got one dakimakura cover. Although as I mentioned elsewhere, I’m not sure if I like the overall design here. The front side is too covered and the other side is not the front but back pose instead. Why :(

I’m holding my decision so the full photo will come later (or never). Or maybe just check here.

Unless Terminalia

And I haven’t even started on pieces yet which apparently related to this series as well. It will take a while until I finally read this…

Bought from all the stores which have voice drama DLC.

For some reason I didn’t get the shikishi from the two physical stores. Either that or I got them but forgot where I stored them. That said the shikishi was printed in interesting way – the paper is way smoother than the usual paper used for shikishi. The closest thing I can think of is sticker paper.

Oh well, not like it’s got that much additional value anyway. Also it’s easier to sell just the game package especially as the box is small enough it fits the cheaper shipping method.

Senkou no Clarias F

Another late post, this one is from November. The expansion pack (?) for Senkou no Clarias. It’s a pretty expensive one all things considered.

A good chunk of the cost went to that acrylic block thing, I bet.

And then there’s the bonus shikishi. I think this is the only R-18 shikishi so far?

Compared to the original, the cover for this one is quite plain especially with that white background.

Fuyukara, Kururu

Happy new year and here’s the first (scheduled) post for this year.

Now I think about it, I should’ve posted this one before that soundtrack CD.

Oh well. It’s the Specialite edition just because. And then there’s the bonus CD from Sofmap and Getchu and Official Store. I think the Official Store one is made redundant by the soundtrack CD but I haven’t checked it (and can’t check since I’m currently migrating data and they’re inaccessible until it’s done). Yep it’s redundant. Good job me.

The content. Also has another drama CD.

And lastly the bonus shikishi. I don’t know why there’s a Natsukuru shikishi in it but sure, fine. Better than balloons of Akikuru at least.

Another weird thing is the Fuyukuru shikishi themselves are B5 sized instead of usual shikishi size.

Yuzusoft Pentabox

Here’s how I drowned myself deeper in my backlogs. Five (four if excluding one already in my backlog) new titles. All in one convenient package, complete with soundtracks.

Each are in their own case with booklet on one side and the discs on the other.

Unfortunately two of the cases have their booklet holder slightly teared up. I’m not bothering getting them replaced since I don’t really care that much about the packaging. Although I’ll end up keeping the box just because they’re convenient.

And lastly the bundled calendar from official store. Upon a quick glance it’s clear the images are original cover then the newly drawn image for each titles. But being penta means five means only 10 images available is what I thought. Then I realized they cheated Tenshin Ranman by including both original and the non-ero edition images of it.

At double height A4, it’s pretty large. It sure would be nice if they also label the public holidays instead of just marking them red.

ef series

As it turned out I’ve never bought the game at all. And now I have. The bottom right one isn’t a game box but just a booklet.

Bought them for rather cheap from Suruga-Ya.

That’s a nice choice for manual cover.


Full title is Hokenshitsu no Sensei to Shabondama Chuudoku no Joshu which is a bit too long.

Another thing added to the backlog. At least this one should be pretty short being single route and all. And then another route coming up next year.

I try reading this before the second route is released 👀

The large box contains a tall slim DVD case which contains one disc and manual booklet. The inside background is covered but it’s the dakimakura cover image bundled in different version of this which I’m not getting (and is pretty expensive at the moment). Not that I’m planning to get it anyway.

Aikome Apollo Crisis

I’m supposed to post this two months ago :D

But yeah, the thing which I haven’t even read the original series yet. I got from Melonbooks for that Romi acrylic stand thing.

The box is uselessly big.

Without that tapestry inside, it’s even more uselessly big.

I haven’t ironed that tapestry yet. It’s just thin material though so that’s mildly annoying.

Oshilove Love or Die

I’m so backlogged in my items post. Not as bad as my eroge reading backlog but still pretty bad. This one was from July release.

I bought it from Amazon for the thin extras book.

Character design and commentary, some sketches (and makings), and lyrics for the main theme song “My Dear My Fave”.

I didn’t pay much attention on the content list but there’s an acrylic figure inside. And that was why there’s some rattling before I opened the box.

From different order but I got the ending theme single as well from their crowdfunding project.

And then lastly the extras from said project.

Sei no Shoujo

The only title I bought this month. Looking again, it sure is huge o_o

Bought from Amazon because cheap. So cheap they sent it using normal mail just padded envelope. Thankfully the shikishi arrived in one piece.

The first one hasn’t even arrived for me so it’ll be a long while until I finally play this…

Senkou no Clarias

It’s a very late post. A bit over a week late.

I’ve actually started playing this and halfway finishing my first heroine route.

It’s from Tora no Ana so there’s that Camus acrylic figure bonus. As for the tapestry, I don’t think I’ve even opened it yet. Much less taking its photo. Maybe I’ll get around it when I enter her route (when).

The main story is pretty good although the romance is a bit lacking. There’s just some short bits here and there and then suddenly things happen.

Senkou no clarias?

I’m not exactly sure why I tried this but it ended up fun. Can only use three units in the trial.

Shelly is currently the most versatile one and Lugh is the most difficult to use.

The battle is fast paced so that’s nice. The problem is the keyboard control is kind of shit. I wonder if I should finally buy a controller. I’m not sure how much better it’ll be but I think it should work better with one. A controller would also be useful for some other games if I ever play some. Annoyingly, the controller I’m considering (Xbox Series Wireless) doesn’t seem to support wireless mode on Windows 8.1 and the compatible adapter is a bit rare.

Story seems fine so far with not much fluff and pretty much straight to business. The MC being voiced is rather interesting. I haven’t seen one since 9-nine. I wonder if he’s voiced in H-scenes as well just like 9-nine lol.

So, um, yeah, I’m getting this. From Tora no ana as originally planned.

Koi to senkyo to chocolate High Resolution Edition

The other eroge I bought this month. Also from Getchu. The box is very hollow and only contains a thin manual leaflet and the game disc.

Also the actually game CGs are only 1920×1080 (or x1440) despite the product page saying “supports 4k”. It does show 4k resolution option but then everything is upscaled, which is just like what every other games are. I don’t have original the game anyway and 1080p is good enough upgrade for me but some people did complain about it.

That said, they cropped the CG from 4:3 to fit 16:9. Extending the sides would’ve been better but I guess they’re not going to do that. Given the full price they demanded, they should’ve done that…

Oh and even the 1080p CGs seem rather upscaled. It’s just on par for a sprite milking release, I suppose =/

Einstein yori ai o komete

Now that’s one heck of eroge box cover. When first seeing it I thought the girls seem quite a lot nicer than I remember. Especially around the breasts area. And then I realized it’s their past. Or something.

The box is big and contains quite a few stuff:

That acrylic panel at top left sure looks rather nice. If only I have space to actually put it on…

The book is only 24 pages so the 7000 yen extra must be mostly went to that panel.

Sakura no kumo, scarlet no koi (game, OST)

New stuff post at last! The photo directory says 2020-10-02, and the actual date I cropped them was 5th. And then it took me another 4 days to finally do this.

So, yeah, eroge I bought last month. And this is only the first one.

I forgot to include this in the main photo above

Bought from Sofmap and only there as I bought this mainly for the story which apparently is good? Well, that’s nice. I’ll probably someday get around checking Amagure as well.

As per the title, here’s the soundtrack which was released the same day. Bought off Amazon as it’s the cheapest one. I think.

Update 2020-10-09 01:39: I forgot to mention but the voice drama is all ages.

Kakenuke seishun sparking! Game + extras

I’m supposed to post this last week.

The game itself and various extras. Sofmap box is big as usual.

And I’m not even sure what the hell with that large circle acrylic key holder. “Yurayura acrylic charm” according to the listing page. I guess that’s a thing.

Special soundtrack is as usual will be rendered pointless once the full soundtrack is released.

Phone stand could be useful if I actually have space on my table.

Shikishi is missing one for Nagiko because I don’t want to buy from official store just for that. That said I don’t even have much use for shikishis to begin with.

The target is to actually play this sometime this month…

Senkou no clarias website updated

After the weird countdown about an update (why), the website has been updated.

Planned for December release and pre-order starts today. Store bonus images are also mostly up although there are still some 企画中 items remaining.

If I’m going to buy it, I’ll probably get from Tora no ana for that Camus tapestry above.

The gameplay intro is still missing though. Which reminded me this will be my first Giga gameplay game as I’ve never played Baldr series before. And also my first Suzuhira Hiro game.

I coincidentally visited the site two minutes before it’s updated and after reloading right on time, they missed the update by few minutes and I was greeted by this instead: