Mamiya-kun – all done

I finally finished reading all the routes and stuff. I started August last year so overall it took me almost a year to finish. I finished several other titles in between though. Strictly counting, I think it took me about a bit over 5 months total.


After finishing Moeri last year, I continued from Ririka route. I wished she fess up her lies herself instead of being forced by other people. Otherwise the story itself is pretty simple.

I’ve never liked anal scenes much so it’s a bit less interesting as they included it.


There’s even less thing here considering it’s just a sub route.

Interesting they ended up with another quintuplets though. In similar 1 boy 4 girls arrangement.


So, uh, she ended up being the oshikko-ko role. That was eh 😐

Once or twice is fine but peeing in every single scenes is a bit much for me.

Oh and she’s also got anal scenes 🙁

The story itself is nothing grand but hey it’s nukige; I shouldn’t expect anything story-wise. And I didn’t. At least there’s nothing overly stupid or irritating so that’s nice.


Poor Ririka being excluded from harem route. That kind of makes sense. Unlike Kurafuta, the one here is completely dream world and there’s nothing story-wise. I find it a bit regrettable.

The h-scenes are just 5P every single time. Sufficient to say it’s quite lackluster compared to Kurafuta. Heck, I think even the ones in Invisible are better than this.

Closing words

Unfortunately this title didn’t manage to top its predecessor for me. Both story-wise and h-scenes-wise. The heroines themselves are mostly fine though.

With this done, my next title is Kinkoi. I just checked its release date and it was three years ago. My backlogs…

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