Kinkoi GT – all done

I jumped this pretty much blind. I just wanted some more stories on at least Ria and I sure did get what I wished for. Or did I?


The main route was pretty much as expected, I guess? I thought it would be rather interesting how they would reconcile the story if Ouro’s past was ever revealed but they never did. Reading the interview in VFB they figured it doesn’t quite work so it’s not there.

The append though, it was quite a thing. Breaking fourth wall and ending with Ria and Sylvi 3P was just amazing. They did end up adding in Ayaka’s H scene afterwards though.

The other append was pretty standard stuff. That they booked a whole pool was as expected from Ayaka, I guess.


Moege usual route. Nothing much here although it’s unfortunate the Sylvi fan club was never brought up ever again.


Pretty much nothing here. Let’s move on.


Uh, also equally nothing.


That baseball match was quite fun.


Nice, simple append. Also pretty much nothing but the initial mention of green flash was here. Of course it ended up being kinda key part to main story.


In the append, they mentioned the folklore on shell god and stuff. Or something. It already hinted healing and stuff. They also touched a bit more on the sending letter to the past although it ended up never going anywhere.

As for main route, they did pretty well on the second wave of emotional ride after the one in main title. Ria being saved in the end was also nice overall although I wish they write the process in more detail. The extent of her disease and stuff. It’s just not enough for me.

I did guess she’s gotten her period but I didn’t expect the first H scene to be actually productive.

I also learned later (as in few minutes ago as I’m writing this) that this route really is intended as her survival route. Pretty well done, I must say.

Just needed more details for the epilogue.

The extra scene was just a bit puzzling with Sylvi saying there’s no need to be sad or something in that effect. Her hair is short so it must be from the initial world after Ria’s death ┐( ・_・)┌

And in the end, Sylvi’s tears in the prologue was never properly explained apart of it being potentially time rewind after Ria’s route where they threw the ring box containing gold loveriche mark.

Extra bits (again)

That was long. I did hear good things about this series and it delivered. I don’t think I’ve felt something like this since Haruno. Or maybe Sakuuta as well but the former hit me harder from what I can vaguely remember.

Up next

As planned, I’ll be reading Kakenuke next. Only one month late. Almost exactly one month, actually.

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