Yuzusoft Pentabox

Here’s how I drowned myself deeper in my backlogs. Five (four if excluding one already in my backlog) new titles. All in one convenient package, complete with soundtracks.

Each are in their own case with booklet on one side and the discs on the other.

Unfortunately two of the cases have their booklet holder slightly teared up. I’m not bothering getting them replaced since I don’t really care that much about the packaging. Although I’ll end up keeping the box just because they’re convenient.

And lastly the bundled calendar from official store. Upon a quick glance it’s clear the images are original cover then the newly drawn image for each titles. But being penta means five means only 10 images available is what I thought. Then I realized they cheated Tenshin Ranman by including both original and the non-ero edition images of it.

At double height A4, it’s pretty large. It sure would be nice if they also label the public holidays instead of just marking them red.

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