Maitetsu Last Run!!

And here’s the last eroge I bought this month. I really have no idea when I’ll finally get around playing this. Maybe I should push it from my backlog queue a bit? Mainly due to the sheer number of goodies I have.

That shikishi on the left is actually a bundle of 6:

Complete opposite compared to the original, the shikishi bundle this time is 100% wholesome.

Oh, and I also got the vocal album thingy.

And because I bought from Suruga-Ya, I also got some stuff DVD:

Game CG cut-in gallery, opening movies of various versions (Chinese and Japanese), background CG gallery, and voice drama.

Not sure if there’s anything noteworthy about the galleries.

As for the voice drama, it looks like just a normal scene in a classroom. Her voice style very much reminded me of Nanaka. I wonder if it’s also the case in the game.

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