Kinkoi – Eru, Sylvi done

>o< This game has so many good expressions

I think I’m supposed to write one post per route but then I managed to finish another route before writing the first one.

Spoilers ahead.


Her problem with choosing between family and personal improvement is pretty basic. Nothing bad, just nothing too exciting either. It’s almost pretty much just that, even.

She’s got some anal sex scenes as well. I still don’t quite like it but Eru isn’t my favorite so whatever, lol. The 3P with Sylvi was a nice addition though.


Unlike Eru, this one is quite eventful. Starting from our MC having problem with inferiority complex which then goes on to kind of solve it by himself which is pretty nice. The closure to his extracurricular secret was perfectly revealed at the end.

Then the trouble with, uh, what’s his name again the sponsor for Ria. That it ended up with MC kissing Sylvi was shocking (for that guy). Talk about plan going completely awry. Them having outdoor sex afterward wasn’t quite expected though lol.

Oh yeah the Iroe (MC side) and Chieka (Sylvi side) case were pretty interesting as well. The writer sure did well hiding those facts until last minute. And even put pretty good reasons for that and keep using it consistently. Including during Mina scene.

I wasn’t expecting for that 3P with Mina to happen during this route. Even more unexpected for that specific period, so many H-scenes are jammed in. Not only 3P but the other route where the meal didn’t go well, they throw in another scene with just Sylvi. Similarly during their date in hotel where two different choices ended up with two different H-scenes. I don’t think I’ve seen anything like that before.

In the end, there’s no problem with Sylvi herself so instead she solved MC problem. I didn’t expect for the route to end with Sylvi singing together with Chika’s band as well.

Lots of nice surprises and pretty well done, I must say. The only remaining case is with Ria which is expected and will have to wait until her specific route.

And next

With first two routes I went to heavily involve his childhood friends and memories, I’m a bit worried if Reina route will end up lacking in term of story. I’d be happy to be proven wrong though!

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