Magicarat Radiant Done

Only took me three months but I finally finished it. Last month, that is, as I just kept pushing back writing this.

Spoilers ahead.

Main story

Common route

I don’t think there’s much about “common route” that’s common. It feels like heroines route interleaved all together until the time is right and then off to the route.

I don’t remember if there’s any major story in the common route. Maybe there’s something but I clearly have forgotten about it and I’m not going to make effort remembering what it was.


Akina was my first heroine route. The reason was first because she’s big and then she ended up also rather annoying.

Apart of the story taking rather long to finally progress, I think her route is pretty okay. Being childhood friend with mc also means they’ve got plenty of things to tell and thus kept me relatively interested.


This one is weird. It involves magic. A bit too much magic with all the mc being played around by Suzuri’s… other personality. I was a bit confused on this one.

The hscenes made up for the confusion at least.


Her route is probably my favorite for this title. It deals with the very reason she came to the town and completing it.

She’s pretty much self-sufficient and the overall route felt pretty clear and simple. I actually kinda like plot-driven hscenes so there’s that.


I like her design most but the story I find rather annoying.

Time travel is usually confusing and this one isn’t exception. I find the involvements of the key items rather annoying. It’s also not clearly explained.

Nano’s behavior didn’t help either. And it wasn’t clear till the end why she behaved the way she did. Or maybe she’s just actually way smarter than she seemed to be?

The situation with Ryshell’s family was also weird. In few occasions the two heroines did mention their difficulty on learning Japanese but somehow Ryshell’s parents were able to speak it just fine? Did they learn it together or what.

Oh, and the first time being done twice… I don’t know, it just felt wrong.


At least it’s mostly fine in this area. It’s Chikotam so I kinda already know what to expect. Although it’s also Parasol so the dialogue was exactly that interesting.

Faux twin play for Suzuri was a nice surprise though.

Slice of life

This game contains a lot of slice of life parts. Way too many to my liking. I didn’t find them particularly amusing. MC constantly getting bullied by several heroines and sub characters got pretty old pretty fast.


It’s an old title. And not only old, it’s also Parasol. So it’s both tiny (800×600) and the window can’t be resized (short of full screen).

Nothing fancy about the system either which is probably on par for a 2010 title.


Okay main story (except Ryshell), as expected hscenes and game system, and awfully boring and long slice of life parts.

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