Kakenuke seishun sparking! done

Took me almost exactly two months! I sure took my time reading this. Or maybe because I was distracted by various other things along the way.

Spoilers ahead. Also spoiler on Kinkoi.


Keeping same system as Kinkoi, prologue (common route) is its own thing which choice doesn’t matter. Not that there’s any choice here so lol.


As for actual routes, I started off with Nagiko route.

It’s been so long ago I don’t actually remember but I think it was more or less slow buildup from the MC discovering Nagiko’s surfboard which then lead to confession from… the MC was it?

Nothing particularly outstanding here apart of the part where they literally かけぬけ their problem off.

The hscenes are fairly okay. Not really my type but it’s not bad.


Second off is Ritsu because I like her design the least which is a bit unfortunate.

Story-wise though, this is the one involves the MC most as we got to learn his past and even the future of her mother. I like the way they met at the end in the hospital.

As for the hscenes, it ended up better than I expected. It was mainly thanks to her expressions along the way where her eyes are not fully “open” for almost all of the CGs so they ended up closer to my preferences. Being flat also certainly helped.


Third off was Hibiki. There sure were a lot of “Seishun sparking”s in this route. The most organized as well in terms of actual “seishun events”.

This is also the route where the MC is mostly timid. I’m not sure if it’s because of himself or just because Hibiki was just so active.

I think it’s also the only one where the heroine did most of the jobs in term of their relationship.

I have not much opinion on the hscenes apart of they’re fine.


All the volunteering.

Also lol the MC licking graze wound on her knee.

There’s one weird thing about her volunteer activity though. At one point it seemed like the activities were because she was told so by her parents but the final part clearly said it’s from her own initiative and somehow it looked like her parents didn’t know the background story behind that either. Weird.

As for hscenes, she’s a bit too big for my liking. The bunny outfit was nice surprise though lol.


VTuber thingies. I’m not actually sure why they think being able to talk to random people is needed to solve their problem but whatever, I guess. It also felt longer than it should’ve been.

The encouragement messages from everyone was a nice touch though. Also pretty much confirmed that there’s something with Kikka.

The hscenes are undoubtedly my favorites though. Surely one of the better hscenes I’ve seen recently. Shiori being more proactive here also nice. The cosplay play in the extra was extra good =)

10/10 would fap again.


Until reaching her route, the writers have dropped a lot of hints that:

  • she’s the miko-san Hibiki and MC used to play with
  • she rescued MC somehow
  • she’s a ghost and can’t be captured with camera
  • she doesn’t have proper house (because ghost)

That said, the remaining parts were still plenty interesting. I like the part where MC told Kikka that her mother knew that her felt something about the trip and how she’d react to the accident. Too bad it took years until her mother words reached her proper.

I cried when Kikka got the tablet and saw the Inista photos and saw the messages, especially during the line 最愛の人、橘花へ贈る. It was so good :’)

I saw it’s coming but the impact is still great beyond my expectation.

Although I don’t quite like the fact that MC was completely down until he learned Kikka still alive. It’s understandable but still.

It’s also interesting the MC ended up taking the inheritance for all the trips. That kinda lowers the effort point for him but I guess that’s the easiest way to fund the trips.

As for the hscenes, it’s mostly good but there’s glaring omission of fellatio scene. Just why. The scenes are good otherwise.

Also 10/10 would fap again.

Extra: System

It’s still missing:

  • flowchart (or at least ability to jump between scenes)
  • climax countdown

I think those two are the only main functions I find missing.


It’s no Kinkoi. But Kinkoi kinda cheated by using death heroine trope so with that factor removed I think they are both relatively equally good.

Up next

Magicarat radiant! It’s Chikotam but it’s pretty old. I just hope I can finish this before next year.

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