Eroge November 2022

Backlog! Where’s my goods posts… (hint: also backlogged)

Current Progress

I’m still on Natsuyume Nagisa. Finished Haruka and Hitsuji routes. And now I’m currently at Tsukasa route.

The previous two routes were quite something. Especially with either of them having very vague history.

I how the other two will go. And then there’s still the final route.

I’m hoping I can finish this by this week.

This Month Release

Nothing this month! Considered a few things but considering my backlog I figured I should just not.

Next Month and Beyond

Not a new title but Hatsuyuki Sakura anniversary edition will be released next month.

January next year will have Sakura no Toki (ha).

On the goods side, I’ve been getting more B1 tapestries from Melonbooks (Piyodera Mucha Christmas 2021 Revival) and Yometan (Mikeou 1, Mikeou 2, and Nijihashi Sola).

And then also Saga Planets pillow covers and new tapestry. A bunch of them. That said I probably will end up selling some of them. I’ll decide once I finish the game.

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