Aikome – Arimura Romi Dakimakura Cover

Um, yeah, this was a thing. I probably will read this after I finish all Kuru series. Hopefully next month? Although maybe I’ll read Clarias F first.

Anyway back to this, it’s Romi. Not sure if I like the other side with her facing sideways. No ใ™ใ˜ either which is a bit unfortunate? No knee-socks either although that one isn’t new.

More detailed photo here by ๆ…ˆ่‹ฑ.

Back side of the package.

Oshilove Love or Die

I’m so backlogged in my items post. Not as bad as my eroge reading backlog but still pretty bad. This one was from July release.

I bought it from Amazon for the thin extras book.

Character design and commentary, some sketches (and makings), and lyrics for the main theme song “My Dear My Fave”.

I didn’t pay much attention on the content list but there’s an acrylic figure inside. And that was why there’s some rattling before I opened the box.

From different order but I got the ending theme single as well from their crowdfunding project.

And then lastly the extras from said project.

Weekly Finance vol. 99


Sold quite a few stuff for a lot of loss. Over 70%, that is. Oh well.

Future In

Nothing planned except maybe upcoming release.


The biggest purchase this week was that dehumidifier above. I should’ve done this many months ago. Or even years. At least next year’s summer won’t leave me freezing cold again.

Future Out

I still haven’t budgeted Clarias F.

No other new announcement so far. Next week is probably the time limit for anyone to start preorder for titles to be released this year.

There are Sakutoki and Aokana Extra 2 which haven’t started preorder. The former has released a trial but that’s not really saying anything considering Sakuuta also had trial years before the actual release.

Saga Planets hasn’t announced anything either.

My budget went out of whack thanks to the purchase above and speaker and folding steps some other stuff.

On the brighter side there’s only 11 days left for this month.


35.89%. That’s over half percent lower. It’s been going down the whole week and only recovered a bit on Friday.

iDeCo isn’t much better either at 33.37% (15.88% yield) which is over 1% less compared to last week.

Buying more funds around this time seem like a good idea. Maybe sometime next week.

A.M.R FGO Okita Collection Book

There’s no announcement on her own Twitter account (except the header and icon now) and I only noticed it because it’s tweeted by Melonbooks

Anyway, it’s a collection book containing all the previous books. There’s a few new illustrations here and there although I think they’re all already posted in her Twitter before.

But still, one nice convenient book containing all the Okitas.

Weekly Finance vol. 98


Also nothing. That sucked.

Future In

And so I lowered starting bid of everything. Three items are bid already so that’s nice because I need all the extra money I can get.


So I can fund Clarias F again after wasting spending the budget (which I forgot to actually budget) on FGO.

Summer Event has started and Takeuchi servant this time is Okita Alter. In semi-Lily fashion (and a normal version). Complete with Rengoku personified.

I sure wish the original Okita got same amount of highlight during her release event ;_;

Anyway, that’s all spending I did this past week.

Future Out

As for future spending, as mentioned above it’ll be Clarias F. Considering the spending I done above, I don’t think I’ll be getting Sousaku Kanojo. It’s not like I’m lacking in backlog anyway.

Talking about backlog, I just remembered I’m supposed to get Tamayura Mirai. It just never happened but I guess I should budget it somewhere sometime. I added it to my “unpurchased backlog” for now which existence I forgotten since forever.

Apart of that, I don/t think there’s anything interesting coming up for me. Oh yeah I dropped tapestries for the same reason.


36.52% this (last?) week which is one percent down compared to previous week. It was mostly small increase over the week but it dropped quite a lot on Friday. That sucked.

As for iDeCo… it’s maintenance time again ,_, 34.83% (16.20% yield)… very slightly up. Cool, I guess.

Weekly Finance vol. 97



Future In

Probably still nothing. As mentioned last week, I’m busy with other stuff at the moment and my room still has some space.


Wow nothing here as well.

I did finally place preorder for Apollocrisis at Melonbooks but it’s already budgeted so it doesn’t really count.

Future Out

Info on Primal Hearts Pack is fully out and there’s nothing particularly interesting.

As for Monkeys!, it’ll be on my backlog if I ever get around clearing it. Unless people determine it’s masterpiece or something which then I’ll maybe get it.

And then the tapestries, maybe not. None of them. Not this either.

That left me with…

…uh, I don’t know, Clarias F, and maybe Sousaku Kanojo (60% likely at the moment).

I don’t think I’ll get Kunako Kokuki. That it’s not actually historical Japanese but very far future with rolled back civilization is rather interesting. There’s only one route for the non-balloon heroines so that’s sad. The non-Koku heroine isn’t interesting either.

Unfortunately there’s still no announcement from Saga Planets ๐Ÿค”


37.59%. That’s a lot of up from last week.

Similarly for iDeCo, 34.63% (16.10% yield). Not as much but still up. Too bad the yield is down. Not sure why.

I also checked how I managed to save the amount I invested last year and the answer is I didn’t. I simply went over and ate up savings carried over from previous years.

And now the savings are empty so I guess I should just aim an easy target for this year. The additional obligation I made starting this year isn’t helping either.

Dengeki Moeoh 2021 Summer Muririn B1 Tapestry

This arrived few days ago. I didn’t know when it’s supposed to arrive and just assumed it would take few months just like usual Moeoh stuff. Except it’s not because probably it’s closer to Comiket goods, except online.

So, yeah, here it is.

The material is double suede… the lower quality one just like their other tapestries. That said, I think it seems a bit better lately? Or maybe just the B1 version? I’m not sure but I don’t hate the quality. I actually did check their other tapestry of this size and it seemed good enough which is why I ended up getting this one.

That said, there’s a permanent fold mark which I tried to iron out and failed. At least it’s not obvious unless I look closer. The print quality still could be better – a more uniform color and slightly sharper image would be nice. And the weird border… they need to stop doing that.

The image itself is pretty great. It hits a lot of my fancy – playful expression, naked bowtie, useless skirt and nopan, and knee-socks (or is it stockings). With garter belt. Would be better if her breasts are smaller and also shorter hair. But still very good overall.

Also I don’t have many tapestries of heroine with glasses. Actually, let me do a quick check…

There are two total it seems. One is Kokoiro bonus and the other is from Under Wears series drawn by Natsume Eri. Both of mine are sold already though so there’s none which I have at the moment.

As a fun side note, she’s almost similar to Tsubasa from Parquet.

Another side note, she’s also almost similar to the one Muririn drew two years ago. Or here’s the better quality photo; ironed and stuff.

Interestingly it suffers similar permanent fold mark at similar location except worse. Also while the print detail is fine, I hate the color. It’s lacking contrast and can be more saturated especially compared to the magazine version. Sold it a long time ago.

Weekly Finance vol. 96

Connecting Xbox Wireless Adapter through external USB hub causes crashes it seems


Sold three things. One of which quite a lot more compared to the original cost. The other one is Kakenuke Switch Edition for price that’s pretty close to new price in Amazon for some reason. And last one is just an old tapestry… at a bit of loss.

Future In

I also put up some more tapestries. The ones I sorted out last week.

I don’t think I’ll be doing anything with the doujinshi for next few weeks. I’m a bit busy with other stuff.


Nothing this week.

There’s one big purchase on PC side though. A pair of speakers. This will be the first speaker set I bought that costs over 20k yen. No idea if it’s any better than the current cheap one. It may even produce some annoying hiss based on some reviews and comments over various forums. I can’t find similar complaint in Japanese though. I wonder if it’s some kind lucky draw or just Japanese 100V electricity doing something different. I’ll find out soon.

Future Out

I don’t know about Kunako Kokuki and Sousaku Kanojo. Maybe I’ll skip them…

Similarly about Primal Hearts Pack. Not that I’m missing anything in term of the games themselves. I’m still watching it for the bundled tapestry since it may be of my interest.

Oh yeah, there’s also Monkeys!. Kiritani Hana voicing the MC is quite interesting… but I don’t like the character design. I do like the short clips from Noratoto and it’s the same writer. Maybe I’ll check it after I clear my backlog.

On random goods, Takano Yuki new tapestry seems kinda nice. It’s not R-18 though.

There’s also Melonbooks Under Wears 5 tapestries. I don’t think I’ll be getting anything but Piyodera Mucha, Suimya, Kimishima Ao, and Mignon are rather tempting.

Oh, I haven’t decided on Mafuyu tapestry either. Though at current rate I may be skipping it. Or maybe not. Probably depends on how gacha roll on FGO summer event goes ๐Ÿ‘€


35.05% this week. It didn’t go down as far as I thought. It looked like it just keep going down this whole week.

iDeCo is 33.40% (16.33%) this week. Interestingly that’s a bit up compared to previous week.

That reminded me the funds I bought earlier this week. It ended being bought at slightly higher cost than when I placed the order. Thankfully it overall went up at the end of this week.

I still need to buy some more to reach my goal for this year…

Date a Live Tobiichi Origami Sukumizu Wanko ver. B2 Tapestry

It has been ages since I bought anime tapestry.

The background could be better but it’s Origami. And Sukumizu. With undressed skirt and shirt. Nice.

The material is thin suede and the print… could be better. It’s on the slightly blurry side. As it’s originally for book cover I suspect the original source just isn’t large enough in the first place.

Kakenuke Seishun Sparking! CS Animate B2 Tapestry

The photo ended up looking way crappier than I expected

It’s a thing. I went to the closest physical store because otherwise shipping fee. That said there’s parking fee involved so I didn’t end up saving that much.

Not only that, there’s a small damage on the middle right side. Thankfully it’s hard to spot from the front side. I considered going back to the store to at least attempt getting replacement but figured it’s not obvious for normal display and I don’t want to go out especially at current situation.

The material is usual thin suede but at least the print is good.

It’s Shiori. I don’t think the underwear appears in the game. Too bad no knee-socks.

Weekly Finance vol. 95


Still nothing this week.

Future In

Sorted my room a bit. Precisely the tapestry boxes. I’ve pulled out a few I may want to sell and managed to reduce number of boxes to three. The boxes are pretty full at the moment so I think I’ll need to sell a bit more.

That said, I’ve only put them aside and haven’t done anything with them. Probably sometime this week.

As for doujinshi, I haven’t touched them at all. I’ve been rather occupied with other stuff and sorting them takes too much time I don’t really want to set aside just yet.


I spent a bit too much on FGO gacha. I ended up rearranging existing budget for eroge and stuff and managed to not overbudget this month. That said, I’ll probably need to set aside some more for next month because summer event.

Future Out

Ainolinks Seisaku Kanojo HCG has been published recently and they seem nice enough I may end up getting it? Not quite sure yet though.

On another eroge news, Giga announced Clarias fandisk, Clarias F. New Chris route is welcome and so are the other extras. But the package version cost so much more compared to the digital one with the bonus being rather questionable in value. The tapestries better be double suede at least. Preorder isn’t up yet so I can’t confirm that part. I’ll probably still end up getting the package version anyway…

And then even more eroge news, Purple Software announced their new title, Kunako Kokuki. …dunno if I’ll get it. I’m not particularly interested in historical Japanese setting.

On related note, Saga Planets should be announcing their new title soon as well…


35.82% this week. That’s a lot of drop compared to previous week. It went constantly down for the whole week. I hope it gets better next week…

iDeCo is the same being down to 31.15% (15.32%).

It’s probably a good time for me to buy some funds.

Actually, I’ll just do that now.

…and done.

That said, I’m still off from my target for this year by a lot. As long there isn’t sudden big purchase, I should be able to hit it by the end of the year. Hopefully.

Weekly Finance vol. 94


Nothing this week. I kind of expected it.

Future In

Not sure if I’ll do anything this week. Maybe Suruga-Ya stuff if I feel like to.


Kakenuke goods were rather unexpected. Bought Shiori tapestries (both versions) and some clear bottles. I can use the bottles when going out instead of just reusing disposable pet bottles which isn’t quite recommended. At least budget-wise, I took it from the existing Saga Planets budget wallet.

I also preordered the Muririn B1 tapestry I mentioned last week. It sure is expensive. I probably should just take the budget from Yuzusoft budget. I’ll adjust accordingly by the end of this month as needed.

I also bought a bunch of doujinshi, both digital and physical. The A.M.R doujinshi was surprising. Interestingly there’s no announcement from her twitter account…

Future Out

This tapestry is rather interesting… I’ll decide on this sometime later.

Saga Planets new title announcement may come anytime soon now.

Sakura no Toki on the other hand, the official site is finally updated with a release date… for trial version.

I think that’s it for the upcoming stuff?


38.82% last week. Another one percent increase. Nice.

As for iDeCo, it’s currently at 33.09% (16.19% yield) which is up for both compared to last week (finally).

Weekly Finance vol. 93


Finally got rid of the old monitor. Hopefully it arrives at destination in one piece. Also sold two other things for some 50% loss.

Future In

I guess I should move on to sorting out stuff for Suruga-Ya now. Or soon. Or later.

There are still a few more tapestries and covers I may want to sell as well.


Bought digital version of some older doujinshi… and not much else.

Future Out

Nothing particularly interesting on summer doujin thingy so far.

As for FGO, there’s nothing interesting.

Preorder (?) for Moeoh tapestries should be up tomorrow but I’m not sure if I’m going forward with getting Muririn tapestry.


37.64%! That’s some increase. It also broke some nice number for me. And it’d look even better if I throw in some more sometime this month (imagine 2.7M, and throwing 300k would make it nice 3M).

As for iDeCo, it barely went up at 32.32% with the yield actually went down to 15.51%.

Weekly Finance vol. 92


Sold three things! The loss isn’t too bad either at around 20%. Could be worse.

Future In

I put up more tapestries last week. Some of them are sold already which is nice.

I still haven’t put up the monitor though. Hopefully this week.


Accompanying the writing of Melonbooks ripping tool I did last week, I ended up buying quite a few doujinshi and eromanga last week. The nice thing about Melonbooks web reader is it seems like they provide the best quality they have. And without the stupid black border to fit the image in multiply of JPEG blocks.

There was also this Yuzusoft ASMR brand new title.

Future Out

Even after all those crap, thankfully my saving target for last month was safely achieved.

It looks like Yuzusoft won’t be releasing eroge anytime soon. That was a disappointment.

Up next would be Sagaplanets. Announcement sometime this month maybe?

There’s also Whirlpool but I have no idea when they’ll do another full price title. I don’t think I’ll get their upcoming Shiromochi one. I’ll just get them sometime later once I clear my backlogs. Or if they release a bundle pack containing that and all the following fandisks and sequels (like Nekonin).

FGO goods full lineup will be announced soon. My main hope is a new servant tapestry series, specifically Saber Alter (Shinjuku ver.).

It’s also August which means usually summer event. The closest thing I may be interested in getting is Muririn tapestry from Dengeki Moeoh. There’s nothing interesting from doujin side yet.


36.51% closing last week. It felt like it was a lot of downs during the week but apparently it ended up going up quite a bit over previous week? It guess the jump on Monday covered the downward trend over the week.

Similarly for iDeCo at 32.11% (16.15% yield).

It’s August already and I’ve barely done any additional purchases.

Weekly Finance vol. 91

Still need 3 more grails


I put up four more stuff for auction and sold two of them. Both at loss at around 40%. I probably should’ve set at least one of them a bit higher.

Future In

I still haven’t gotten around preparing to get rid of the monitor. I don’t know about next week. Maybe the following week. FGO 6th Anniversary is coming up.

…similarly for other things.


I bought a bunch of doujins that’s on discount on DLsite.

I also ended up preordering Date A Live Tobiichi Origami Tapestry ๐Ÿ‘€ I feel like it’s been ages since I last bought an anime tapestry. Unless I count FGO in ๐Ÿค” Even then they haven’t done their Premium Tapestry series for quite a while either.

Future Out

July is ending soon and I still have quite a bit left in my random spending budget. That said, next month is August which means some kind of Comiket stuff. I probably should save some more and prepare for it.

That said I haven’t bought much from recent doujin events. Mainly because of space consideration. It sure would be nice if more circles also do digital release. Preferably not on Melonbooks because of their DRM Nevermind I ended up writing a downloader for Melonbooks browser viewer. It ended up better than DMM because there’s no stupid black border and the size seem to match full download size. Whee.


Latter half of last week was holiday so the number is probably off but it’s 34.22% which is down by over 1% compared to previous week. It’ll be rather interesting seeing how it goes by the end of Monday.

Even worse for iDeCo at 28.56% (14.51% yield) which is 3% down.

Oh well.

I also should throw more money… maybe next month.

Weekly Finance vol. 90


Finally got rid of the old wifi router and unused blanket. Both for quite a bit of loss as usual but they’re pretty low value to begin with.

Future in

I only have 6 items up for auction now.

I’ve made box for the large monitor so all that’s left is checking the final condition of the monitor, maybe recondition a bit, take photos and stuff, and finally put it up for auction.

Apart of that, I also need to finally do something about the dakimakura covers I separated out for sale a while back. The photos are taken, I just need to actually put them up.

As for doujinshi, maybe for yet another time. Probably after selling the monitor.


Didn’t spend anything last week.

Future out

As mentioned last week, I’ll be buying Natsukuru and Akikuru… soon? One of them should be available at Sofmap nearby so maybe today if I can actually wake up on time.

On other news, Shiromochi Sakura is drawing for Whirlpool next title. That seems interesting although there’s no indication whether it’ll be a full price title or not.


35.51% last week. I noticed a bunch of up and down though thankfully it ended up a profit overall.

Also interesting my iDeCo went down at 31.69% (15.97% yield) which is the opposite from last week.

Weekly Finance vol. 89


Sold some PC stuff. It was at quite a lot of loss but more than I actually expected. I just hope it’ll go well.

My room got some extra space now. Yay.

Also one last copy of eroge (also at loss).

Future in

I probably should start selling more tapestries. And other stuff.

If the monitor I just sold arrived without problem, I’ll start looking into selling the larger one. Still not sure how to actually pack it though as I have no box with correct size.


Sale of latest Eshi100 books have finally started. Good thing I accounted for the shipping cost already.

As I finally finished reading Amakoi, up next is Harukuru… which I needed to buy first. Hopefully this one won’t take forever to read.

Future out

I’ll eventually need to also buy Natsukuru and Akikuru…

Melty Blood bonus seems to be mostly up but nothing interesting so far.

I don’t think there will be anything for the rest of this month…?


34.60%… o_O That’s a lot of drop.

Interestingly for iDeCo it went up a bit closing at 32.90% (16.14%).

I need to get around buying some more index funds…

Weekly Finance vol. 88


Put up two dakimakura covers and one of them was sold for quite a bit more than the original purchase price. That’s a nice change.

That’s it for this week. Oh and last week’s was completed without problem.

Future in

Maybe will put up a bit more covers along the week.

I’ve also emptied a box for shipping one of the monitors. I still need to do a final check on it and then actually make auction page…

As for doujinshi for Suruga-Ya, hopefully will be done before end of this month.


Pre-ordered Romi cover. The shipping is kinda expensive.

Kinda interested in this Imosucc but I figured better not to as I’ve already gotten fuckload of backlogs.

Future out

It’s July and there’s still no announcement from Yuzusoft.

I don’t think there’s anything else interesting coming up anytime soon. Although I still need to finally get around buying and reading Harukuru etc.

My budget for this month is kinda dried up already. Preparing for unknown stuff costs money.

On semi unrelated note, I did manage to reach my saving target for last month. Hopefully it goes well this month as well.


37.15% this week. That’s a lot of percents in span of a week. I just hope it doesn’t drop right on the start of the week. Or at all.

iDeCo 32.58% (16.00% yield). Unlike normal account, it’s less than 1% from last week and the yield is actually lower.

Weekly Finance vol. 87


The previous week’s transaction went into slight problem with the buyer trying to troll me by saying the thing isn’t working and proceeded to give me negative review right away and ended up with accusing me doing stupid shit like re-shrink-wrap the thing. At least they did complete the transaction anyway so the only damage I had was just the negative review.

Meanwhile sold two more things this weekend. Hopefully no problem this time around.

Future in

Hasn’t done anything yet. Lazy etc.


Pre-ordered Oshilove FD and Sumi chapter of Onigyu Anime. Both were budgeted and all so there’s no impact.

Future out

Aikome’s Romi dakimakura cover. That wasn’t expected and I didn’t put any budget for it. It seemed nice enough I’ll place the order early next month.

More on Aikome, the append Apollocrisis ended up getting an early release as part of goods bundle being sold for around 6k. The goods themselves seem rather interesting although it would be nicer if the tapestry is R-18. Also double suede. None of either is confirmed but at that price I think I’ll just get it anyway.

Info on Melty Blood remake is also out. As expected (but not wanted), the PC edition isn’t getting any physical release and only on Steam. Just like Tsukihime, I’ll just get it for the tapestry if there’s anything interesting.


35.88% last week. Over one percent increase compared to previous week. I think it dropped quite a lot on Monday which was continuation from Friday. Thankfully everything recovered along the rest of the week.

As for iDeCo, I forgot to check the numbers on Monday last week so the comparison will be further back… which is 31.83% (16.42% yield), barely up from two weeks ago.

Weekly Finance vol. 86

What am I doing, even


Sold one thing! Yay. That was at 60% loss. It’s actually slightly less loss than I expected.

Still no bid for my old PC ;-; I lowered the starting bid so hopefully someone will finally buy it. It’s taking some space in my room.

Future in

Talking about taking space, I still haven’t done anything with the two unused monitors. I had some idea on the box for the smaller one but the box itself is being used for something else so I’ll need to figure out where to move them to.

Now I think about it I probably can put them in the empty container box I have. Hopefully I’ll be motivated enough to finally do it next week.

No plan for the Suruga-Ya thing at the moment. I also haven’t started putting up the dakimakura covers I sorted out for auction.


As can be seen above, I ended up spending some more for Morgan. 10k more to be exact. Thankfully it’s not more than that.

I finally bought the Maitetsu thing. And yeah, the Monobeno one requires PlayDRM thing to play but Maitetsu (Last Run) itself doesn’t. There are a lot of things to be downloaded and I think I’ve downloaded the important ones. I still need to sort the files out though.

With that I got 90% discount on Whisp items. I have some on my wishlist so I’ll put that to good use.

I also ended up backing this Oshilove FD Ending Single Project. Not too expensive but still something. I haven’t gotten around pre-ordering the game itself though.

Future out

There’s one unexpected potential pre-order coming from Aikome extra route. I didn’t expect for it to be also sold by itself. Well, the new route is (supposed to be) free but there are a few extra goodies they’ll be selling as companion to that. I just hope there’s no store bonus involved this time. No dakimakura cover at least judging from the price.

Interestingly it’s also slated for September.

Still no news on Yuzusoft.

My budget for this month is looking rather okay so far. I had to readjust the target because the tax increase is a bit higher than I expected. The end result is I still have quite a lot of extra budget remaining. Unless something unexpected come up, I should be able to close this month in pretty good state.


34.17% last week. It went up most of the week. Except then it closed at some rather big negative number on Friday. Welp. At least it’s not down to below previous week.

As for iDeCo, it’s currently under maintenance… I’ll need to remember to update this section later today.

…and I forgot to actually do it. Whoops.

Weekly Finance vol. 85

That was a lot of money for what essentially some database entries and jpegs

I actually almost forgot to write this. I remembered about it during the whole weekend but kept putting it off.


Nothing here. At least the ones from previous week completed without problem.

Future in

I need to finally get around selling the two unused monitors. They’re rather uselessly just filling up my precious room space at the moment. Packing those will be quite a bother though.

Still no progress on doujinshi and tapestries and dakimakura covers.


I spent 20k to get Morgan. I rolled for about 176 times until I completely ran out of free SQ from unfinished quests, interludes, bonds, etc. It was pretty annoying and I ended up wondering how much do I need to roll this time to actually get her. My last notable failure was Skadi with 242 rolls. I ended up allocating 40k and thankfully only had to use half of it. Still a very bad idea. I hope I don’t do this again at least for this year.

Nothing else major otherwise. I still haven’t bought the Maitetsu/Lose packs either.

Future out

None of things I mentioned last week have any updates.

Or almost. There’s news on Tsukihime at least. It’s not really all that enticing though. The one I like the most is Sofmap but I think I’ll pass this time.


34.66% this week. That’s barely an up compared to last week. The whole week was just very slight changes on both directions. Still better than going down, I guess.

31.21% (15.79% yield) for iDeCo. Similarly tiny increase. But hey, still, up is better than down.

Looking at the numbers I have for this month I think I can start buying more funds around end of this month.

Or maybe I should just start now… if only the system is not currently under maintenance. That was a weird timing. Oh well.

Weekly Finance vol. 84


Managed to sell some old PC parts which I should’ve done weeks ago. Sold for quite a bit as well. Not enough to cover the whole price back – only about 30-50% – but those are all over 4 years old. An ssd, an hdd, and a graphics card.

Future in

Finally preparing to sell the unused PC. And maybe finally some dakimakura covers and tapestries.

Not sure about doujinshi for Suruga-Ya yet…


Nothing here.

Future out

Still haven’t bought the Maitetsu pack thingy I mentioned last week. Probably next week.

Eshi 100 online order should be up soon as well.

No news from Yuzusoft yet. If it follows their release pattern so far they should target for September release. Or maybe October. With initial announcement sometime this month.

Meanwhile there’s still no news on Sakura no Toki. Nor the store bonus for Tsukihime.

There are still a few doujinshi I’m planning to buy but I’ll wait until a bit later. Sometime around end of this month, most likely.


34.11% closing last week. Up a bit over previous week. I think it went up and down over the course of the week.

30.77% (15.61% yield) for iDeCo which is over 1% up over previous week but lower yield.

I need to get around buying more funds as well. I haven’t even reached 10% of my yearly investment target even though first half of the year is almost over…

Weekly Finance vol. 83


Sold one thing for very cheap which is just about right because it’s just an old tiny adapter thing.

Future in

Still haven’t bothered to put up anything…

I’ll look into it this (hopefully) weekend.


Nothing here either although I did buy some SSD to replace the broken one and new keyboard keycaps as the current one is looking kinda terrible with scraped surface and all.

Also I found a retro-looking set so that’s nice. And another one for office, a “robot” (Gundam) colored one (blue, red, and gray).

Future out

Oshilove FD store bonus info is out. I’ll probably just go with Amazon for that settings book thing.

On non-pre-order news, Maitetsu won 2020 Moegame Award and they’re having a big sale for their download edition titles. Gothdeli and Monobeno are DRM-infested but Maitetsu itself seems fine. I’ll probably grab some of them to complete my voice drama collection although apparently it still doesn’t include Last Run store bonus voice drama.

I’ll also be checking Melonbooks later today to see if there’s anything I want from latest Comic1 last week though I probably won’t get anything. I’ve got enough space problem as it is now.

This month is ending in few days and my savings state is… not really good. It’s not really much different compared to last week but I decided to remove the stupid spreading of cost way far to the future. They were previously filed under “budget” and pre-allocated for next few months but that’s just wrong. Budget shouldn’t function like installment payment.

I’ve removed them and correctly adjust savings target for the remaining of this year instead. I’ve also allocated actual “budget” for next month hopefully they’ll stick this time although looking at the remaining budget it’ll probably need some adjustments.


33.77% this week. Another upward week. I think there’s one or two days of slight dip but overall it’s a pretty good gain for this week.

As for iDeCo, it’s 29.45% (15.71% yield).

The main account is now completely recovered from the drop last few weeks. iDeCo still needs a bit more time to regain all the losses though.

I sure can use properly input data of this weekly fluctuations. That could be interesting even though isn’t really meaningful.

Weekly Finance vol. 82


Apparently the thing I sold last week arrived in one piece and everything ended up without problem.

Future in

It doesn’t seem to be there will be anything for this week so there’s that. I finished wiping my drive and maybe will finally sell it later next week.

Afterwards I still have one desktop PC and two monitors to be sold.

And tapestries. And doujinshis. One day I’ll have a clean room. One day.


Finally preordered Onigyu anime and FGC. I budgeted the first one except it wasn’t actually enough with shipping cost. Whoops. Oh well.

Even worse is the FGC wasn’t budgeted at all. That’s another 10k off for this month.

Those alone would’ve been fine if not for me updating my kitchen situation. My existing rice cooker proved to be too annoying (especially to clean after use due to it leaking muddy water like stupid) so I ended up getting a new one. And then following by buying some cookware because they’re like over 7 years old and probably slowly giving me cancer. Or maybe not but they look kinda disgusting anyway.

And that’s how I ended up with 10k below my target for this month. I’m still a few thousands above my hard limit for this month so hopefully I can get by this month without crossing that.

Future out

Oshilove fandisk has been announced to be released in July.

I think that’s all upcoming stuff that I haven’t budgeted yet… excluding the upcoming Comic1 tomorrow.

I didn’t pay attention to it and only learned it’s an actual offline event (nearby Big Sight) very recently. Not that I’m going to go there because that seems rather dangerous but I may end up buying some doujins from nearby Melonbooks?

On the unknown side, there’s D.C.4 P.H. coming up this August. I haven’t played any of the previous ones so it’s kinda difficult to justify but I’d get the Getchu one if I actually end up getting it. There’s also Tsukihime which illustration for the tapestries is still not up…


31.17% this week which is up a lot from last week. That’s nice although there was still a lot of down during the week. Well, such is stock market, I guess. Still not back from two weeks ago though.

Similarly for iDeCo, it’s at 27.36% (14.69% yield) is higher than last week but not completely recovered.

Weekly Finance vol. 81


The two things I put up are sold for pretty nice sum which is weird because those are way beyond what I expected. I just hope the things arrive in one piece.

Future in

I mentioned two things last week but apparently I put up three. There’s the unused wireless router.

I don’t think I’ll put up anything new this/next week even though the unused monitors are really taking up space in my room…

I probably should at least get around wiping the last unused hard disk and cleaning up the unused desktop PC.

I did pull out some tapestries I may be selling but I don’t feel like checking them up etc to sell them yet. Maybe in two or three weeks.

Still no progress on selling doujinshis…


Bought one voice drama from Whisp. It felt like a very long time last I bought anything from them. Their recent works have been misses for me.

Future out

Interestingly there’s still no announcement from Yuzu-Soft.

I probably should get around finally pre-ordering FGC and Onigyu Anime which I still haven’t.

Things have been pretty quiet especially after the Golden Week releases (which I bought nothing from so far although I probably should).

That does help though because I need to save quite a lot of money recovering from my recent purchases.


27.23% this week. That’s a lot of downs. It’s been downhill this week. I did buy some more funds though during the time. Hopefully it works out fine just like last year. I’m still quite far from my target for this year despite it’s past first third already.

As for iDeCo, it’s 26.72% (14.07% yield) which is also down quite a lot compared to last week.

Weekly Finance vol. 80

Forgot again last week.


Still nope.

Future in

Finally gotten around to put up some unused hardware. Interestingly both of them are already bid on.

There are still one more hard disk, one PC, and two monitors to be sold. First two will be on auction but the last one will probably sold to Sofmap.

I don’t think I’ve ever sold anything to Sofmap before so this may be interesting? I don’t know how much they’ll be sold for.

…or maybe all auction if their online price is any indication. Packing them will be annoying though. I may even end up just disposing them if I can’t figure out how to pack them easily.

No plan on doujinshi and tapestries and dakimakuras yet. I’m not even going to pretend to try.


I think I bought some manga and stuff. Nothing major because there’s just no budget left.

Although I just remembered I haven’t budgeted Fate/Grand Carnival.

Future out

See above about FGC. And then there’s Onigyu anime. Nothing else planned otherwise, I think.


32.6% last week. Down a bit on first day market was open. And then back up the second day. Not enough to recover the down from first day though.

Interestingly iDeCo is up a bit to 30.1% (lower yield though at 15.65%).

Weekly Finance vol. 79



Future in

Also nope? Or maybe I’ll finally get around selling some unused computer hardware sometime this week.


I figured I should just preorder Fuyukuru for now and that’s what I did.

Meanwhile on computing side, I bought a new monitor to replace my starting-to-fail 8 years old monitor. It’s very much overpriced but I hope it’ll be a significant upgrade.

Combined, I sure have cleared my monthly budget pretty quick. Or I didn’t because I spread the accounting for those purchases over several months in the future similar to NAS upgrade I did a few months ago. The downside is of course available budget for next few months will be less.

Future out

Despite all those rather big spending, I still have a few more things I probably should preorder sometime soon. Namely Fate/Grand Carnival (FGC) and Onigyu Anime.

For FGC I may end up buying from Amazon because it’ll be cheaper there. Or somewhere else if I can find better deal. The tapestry from Tora no Ana seems pretty nice but I don’t think I need anime art tapestries. Or maybe I’ll change my mind once they publish the colored version of the bonus.

As for Onigyu Anime, on similar vein with FGC, I’ll probably buy from the cheapest store I can find… unless I change my mind and buy from Tora no Ana (again!) for that Sumi tapestry. That said, even though it’s better than the FGC one, I don’t think it’s better than my favorite tapestries I currently own and I really need to hold back on piling up tapestries.

I think I keep saying that every now and then still end up buying more tapestries anyway ๐Ÿ‘€

While writing this, I remembered about the Kakenuke console port release coming up this August. I’ll probably buy one from Animate. Or will I?

And lastly which I also just remembered, there’s that Tsukihime thing coming up (also August). I’m not going to play on console (as I don’t have any) but I’ll be keeping an eye on the bonus tapestries. It may be interesting.


32.67% last week. That’s a lot of up from previous week. I didn’t keep track of news etc so I’m not quite sure if there’s anything significant happened.

As for iDeCo, it’s 29.76% (16.29% yield). Slightly lower increase compared to general account due to composition difference.

I planned to buy some funds this month but stuff purchases I mentioned above kinda killed it whoops. Maybe next month.

By they way, as an aside, best performer fund for me so far is international stock fund which is way ahead of anything else.

On the far second place is Japanese stock fund. Quick estimate says it’s at 30% (vs 50% first place).

Third is international bond at less than 10%. Now I look closer, it’s quite a lot worse than I thought (or the Japanese stock is performing better).

On last position is Japanese bond which is at 1%… after 3 years. I shouldn’t have bothered at all. Even worse in my iDeCo account it’s still on negative. At least it’s the lowest percentage in my portfolio but it’s annoying regardless. I wonder if I should just drop it but Japanese government is probably at its worst (especially at handling the trainwreck that is Olympics and also the pandemic) at the moment and thus there’s potential for something interesting to happen. Hopefully sooner than later but it’s Japan so who knows.

Weekly Finance vol. 78

I completely forgot about this because I’ve done loads of other posts earlier last week.


Sold one thing! Yay. Nine more things left now.

Future in

Ended up busy with random stuff again last weekend.


Didn’t buy anything~

Future out

Fuyukuru is coming in September. Maybe from Trader. May or may not be getting more. I probably should read the previous ones as well though…

And that’s about it.


29.96% last week. That’s quite a bit down from previous week. Apparently it’s earning report season and people are holding back on trading. Similarly 27.73% (15.28% yield) for iDeCo – 1% down.