Eroge January 2023

Slow progress is slow

Current Progress

Finished Natsuyume Nagisa. It was pretty good. I like the Maki route best… I think? It’s overall one big intertwined thing so there’s really not much point looking at one specific route. That said I didn’t like Ayumu. Something with her just didn’t quite click right with me.

As planned, I’m now at Kisaragi Gold Star. I did manage to finish one route (Ichika) but I’m progressing quite a lot slower than I’d like to.

I’ve done a lot of house cleanups though so there should be fewer distraction for a while. Or at least once I’m done with upcoming system upgrade 👀

This Month Release

There will be Doutei Shimai package release. Well, it’s just a package version of already released title so it’s not a new release.

And that’s about it.

Next Month and Beyond

Somehow Sakura no Toki will be released next month. That’ll be a bit annoying because my current queue is already filled up with quite a lot of other things when I also planned to reread Sakuuta before reading Sakutoki. It means I’ll be behind everyone else (as usual) during the initial read rush.

On other news, I’ve preordered Tenshi Souzou. Just from official store for now. The normal edition one. I need some budget adjustments and I don’t know if I’ll end up getting Amane tapestries as initially planned. I may just get them separately from Suruga-Ya or something later if I still feel like it.

Mashifoni release date has been announced. Unfortunately (or fortunately) the shop bonuses look more like something for console release with Melonbooks’ Miu and Sana dakimakura cover being the only exception. I’ll probably just get the cheapest release I can find.

Other Preorders

There’s… nothing. My latest journey of collecting Koutaro stuff took a good chunk of my budget. Also unrelated PC related purchases. One of these days I’ll write some more posts…

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