Hokenshitsu Sensei to Gothloli no Koui Sofmap B2 Tapestry

Only a bit over a month late =] Also I should iron this beforehand but it’s not too bad.

Almost same getup as before just different pose. This one is covered using finger.

Now I look again, the room is the same with that curtain, just this one is on bed instead of sofa.

Print quality is the same as the other one as also mentioned in there.

Eroge April 2022

Progress So Far

Finished Shugaten! That was quite something. Mainly the Koori route. And the epilogue. I sure wish I realized the final reveal way earlier because it was so stupid ๐Ÿ˜‘

Afterwards, I went on to Hokejo as mentioned last month. I finished it in a bit less than two weeks and then Hokeloli in around two weeks.

Hokejo/Hokeloli when not in story mode. Too bad next one won’t have this anymore

Hokejo had some surprises in term of how the route is structured. I also quite liked the latter part.

Hokeloli continued with similar formula but there’s fewer surprising reveal towards the end due to having seen how Hokejo worked and there were just way more hints spread out in the earlier parts. Still pretty good overall I think.

Hokecho is coming out next month. It’ll probably be the shortest of the three.

With that done, I decided to finally check Senkou no Clarias F. Unfortunately the read history is missing so skip function doesn’t work but I think I’ll just go over them all again quickly or something. I did finish reading the extra H scenes first. Those were pretty short with no extra story. Still a nice extra though ๐Ÿ‘Œ

This Month Release

So I ended up getting DC4SH. I bought the DC4PH as well for rather cheap. Bought the SH from Melonbooks. The tapestry was the main reason I got it in the end.

On the other hand, RIP Futakoi. Maybe once I cleared my backlog more.

Next Month and Beyond

Aokana Extra 2 and Ambitious Mission next month. Both are still waiting for RTM so there’s still possibility either of them being delayed. That said, Aokana Extra 2 dev team said they’re aiming for it sometime next week and Saga Planets don’t usually delay their releases. We’ll see.

Oh, right, there’s also Hokecho next month. I guess I should place preorder sometime soon. I don’t know where to buy them from yet though. Amazon is the usual place when I’m not getting any bonuses but they don’t have any discount for it… yet? I’ll wait one or two weeks, otherwise I may just get it from nearby Sofmap.

Now I think about it, I should check Aokana as well. And its soundtrack (also Hokejo’s).

After May, there isn’t much yet. Sakura no Toki is supposed to be out in November but it’s still so far away. Not to mention it’ll probably be delayed even further.

There’s also Jewelry Hearts Academia thing from Cabbage Soft. I don’t know about that one yet. Maybe if I manage to finish Sakuretto first. And Amazing Grace.

Dengeki Moeoh 2021-12 Takano Yuki B1 Tapestry

This was partially an impulse buy. That expression is just too good for me ๐Ÿ˜˜ I saw it on Twitter (as it’s finally the release day) and fortunately (or unfortunately) Amazon still had some in stock so I decided to just finally buy it.

Makes a good pairing with this one except I don’t have actual space to put them side by side. I’ll have to figure out that one for maximum goodness.

I noticed it a bit later but her right leg doesn’t seem quite right because the folded lower part isn’t visible anywhere but I’ll let it slide (also I hope I didn’t destroy the image for you too much ๐Ÿ‘€).

It’s double suede with relatively okay print quality. I’ve gotten around accepting this after a while with the similar quality Muririn tapestry. Unfortunately there’s a slight fold mark here as well but at least it’s not easily visible.

Now if only she wears kneesocks…

Ambitious Mission – Ishikawa Yae Valentine B2 Tapestry

Why is there no R-18 version of this.

But at least thighs and kneesocks which is why I bought this. I like her expression as well. I wonder if the costume will appear in the game. Probably not.

Material is double suede and print quality is find and pretty sharp as usual. No complaint there.

Now where’s my winter Kikka tapestry… (May because ordered together with the new game to save shipping)

Hokenshitsu no Sensei to Gothloli no Koui

And then the other eroge released this month I got. I don’t know why she’s naked for the cover when Hokejo was relatively wholesome. On semi related note the cover for next chapter (student council president) is only half naked instead.

I’m still reading through the first one so it’ll take a few more days before I start reading this.

As can be seen from the photo above, bought from all the stores (which I should get around posting the tapestries soon).

Also got one dakimakura cover. Although as I mentioned elsewhere, I’m not sure if I like the overall design here. The front side is too covered and the other side is not the front but back pose instead. Why :(

I’m holding my decision so the full photo will come later (or never). Or maybe just check here.

Unless Terminalia

And I haven’t even started on pieces yet which apparently related to this series as well. It will take a while until I finally read this…

Bought from all the stores which have voice drama DLC.

For some reason I didn’t get the shikishi from the two physical stores. Either that or I got them but forgot where I stored them. That said the shikishi was printed in interesting way – the paper is way smoother than the usual paper used for shikishi. The closest thing I can think of is sticker paper.

Oh well, not like it’s got that much additional value anyway. Also it’s easier to sell just the game package especially as the box is small enough it fits the cheaper shipping method.

Love Me Kaede and Rin The Animation 1

Well that was a thing. I didn’t actually plan on getting this but I ended up linking the art style for the anime better than the original manga. Also yuri actions are always welcome. Interestingly only Kaede got actual sex this episode with Suzu main assisting (although technically she started both parts).

As usual with this kind of release, the total runtime is 56 minutes with half of it are just ads. Actual thing only go for like 25 minutes.

The thing! It comes in usual DVD tall case except that’s mousepad functioning as overlay cover. The actual thing is underneath it and the mousepad itself is, well, mousepad. A bit too tiny.

Also, it’s 2022. Why are they still releasing it on DVD.

Hokenshitsu Sensei to Gothloli no Koui Official B2 Tapestry

Eroge day (yesterday)! New things for once!

So, um, I probably should write this post after the game itself but I just have something to say about this specific tapestry.

So it looks like this on the game website:

Which seemed weird considering she’s on a sofa and looks like it should be landscape instead.

And here’s how it looks like on the store page:

And I thought that makes more sense and maybe the one on the game page is just wrong.

But nope. It’s portrait orientation for some reason. That’s weird.

Orientation aside, it’s just her on sofa naked with kneesocks and gloves on (good). This is one of the two with nothing covering her crotch. They made some interesting (?) variations there.

Nice expression as well. Again, too bad it’s not landscape.

As for print quality, it’s using double suede material with the print… mostly fine if not slightly blurry. Could definitely be sharper. This also applies to all the tapestries from this release.

Also I don’t usually comment on it but the stitches aren’t quite straight. I don’t usually care about it but I saw someone who put attention on it and unfortunately this one is the one with sloppier stitching. Just as print quality, same thing with all other tapestries but with varying degrees of straightness.

Eroge March 2022


Since I’m ending the Weekly Finance thing, I figured this should do in its place. And maybe with more individual posts instead of collecting them up weekly.

Progress So Far

Too bad she doesn’t get route =[

This month will see Hokeloli release but I still haven’t even started on Hokejo.

I’m still stuck at Shugaten since mid January although I think it should end soon. FGO box event and challenge quest slowed things down. So did playing YGO Master Duel. Hopefully I can end it quickly and continue to Hokejo as initially planned. I took days off for this although progress has been slow so far (as usual).

This Month Release

And mentioned in earlier posts I preordered Hokeloli and Unless Terminalia. There’s also Aokana Extra 2 but it got delayed to May.

Hokeloli as mentioned above I plan to finish reading Hokejo before release day and then continue with Hokeloli on release day.

As for Unless Terminalia, I’m still backlogged on Pieces (original and its sequel) so I don’t know when I’ll get around reading it.

Next Month and Beyond

There’s nothing on April although I’m still on and off on DC4 and Futakoi. If anything I’ll get them later once I clear up my backlog which kind of sounds like never.

And then on May there will be Aokana Extra 2 and Ambitious Mission. Preorders are placed and all that’s left is waiting and picking them up and stuff.

Weekly Finance vol. 124



Future In

Despite what I said last week, still nothing! Maybe this week I will finally do it.


I didn’t buy any goods but I watched a bunch of movies. And then I bought all the Blue Thermal things (manga and theme song CD). In the end they all costed a bit over 10k total.

Thankfully I overbudgeted my utility bill this month and it helped balancing things out.

Except it wasn’t quite enough. Welp.

Future Out

Nothing particularly interesting came up so far, thankfully.

Well, there’s this Sekiya Asami tapestry and pillow cover. Full image this Friday although I don’t think I’ll get this one.

There’s also mignon stuff. Nothing I really want though. Also it looks like there will be some censoring involved. And dicks do not want.

I’m short 12k from my target this month so I still need to figure out how to fix it. Or maybe just actually sell those unused PC parts or something. And other things.


28.78% normal account and <fill in iDeCo number here later> iDeCo closing last week. Still going down as expected…

At two weeks now it sure sucks. No end in sight yet either.

…I probably should move this series to private as there isn’t much to talk anymore :<

Koikake Kunimi Nako Dakimakura Cover

And here’s the pillow cover of someone which doesn’t have route ;_;

Just the back side of the packaging and label thing.

Front side! Panties! Cat-headed Knee-socks! That’s not quite lewd but sure, I guess. I prefer a smile but this one is still good enough.

Also is that the actual spelling of her name or what.

It would’ve been nice if the taken off skirt is drawn somewhere as well.

And then the main side. The line is drawn. I think the overall design is the usual Shiratama design that is curved tighter and overall quite slim.

As per above, I do still prefer a smile but this one isn’t too bad with her mouth barely open. Open mouth is bad.

This is also the first (and only?) drawing of her naked. Route please thanks.

Too bad one of the socks is taken off although the panties still stuck on one side is a rather interesting touch.

Now I look again, where’s her inner shirt?

And on a random though, it could be interesting seeing her with hairs untied…

As for print quality and all, it’s the usual A&J Lyctron stuff with no obvious problem on image quality.

Weekly Finance vol. 123


Nothing again. Not unexpected.

Future In

I thought I’d sort things last week but I ended up buying something which took out a good chunk of room space. Better luck next week.


Koikake’s Nako dakimakura cover has finally released. Price sure is climbing up slowly with now at 13k.

I also bought a new hug pillow. It’s a DHR7000H Premium. It’s heavy at 3.3kg which is a good 1kg heavier than my current DHR6000. My old one was over 5 years ago and is pretty gross now although not always visible thanks to the cover. I figured replacement is finally in order and I bought one. I later learned I have an unused coupon for Melonbooks (or at least I think it’s unused) Nevermind I used the 5% off coupons and only the 3% one remains. It’d still be some savings but not as much as I initially thought. I bought from Amazon instead.

It came in a rather big box which apparently could fit my other unused case which I really should get around selling. That’d be nice if it does fit since the alternative box is pretty annoying to deal with as it’s quite a lot larger and the case isn’t that big.

Anyway, back to spending money, BugBug this month sees the preorder of Ambitious Mission B2 tapestry of Yae. There’s also non-R18 version. I got both. The background is not quite done yet but I hope it’s better than their Ria tapestry. I’m not holding my breath on this one though. I’m like 90% sure it’ll be about the same random light shapes in the background. I’ll be happy to be proven wrong. Thankfully since a few months ago BugBug finally got into internet era and allow their stuff to be ordered online instead of having to mail the form order along with the money using a rather expensive post office mailing option. Oh and it used to require buying the actual magazine as well.

I bought both versions just in case (?). Good thing there are still quite a bit of Saga Planets budget left.

Future Out

Two eroges are coming out this month (with Aokana Ex 2 being delayed as expected). Those are budgeted already so not really a problem.

There isn’t anything else announced so far as I kind of expected. Well, except for Yuzusoft which is still rather unknown when they’ll announce their next title. They’ve confirmed they’re working on it so something should come up this year?

Meanwhile Sakura no Toki…

On other notes, I dug up my previous years accounting and I noticed just how much selling stuff used to help propping up my budget. With those gone of course budgeting nowadays feels really tight with seemingly no extra available at all while trying to increase the investment allocation at the same time. That’s despite I’ve been holding back on buying stuff. For the moment I’m keeping my current plan of slightly increased investment (compared to previous year) but unless some help comes up I’ll probably have to lower my target. Or waste less money (nooooo).


31.09% normal account and 28.89% (11.98% yield) iDeCo closing last week. Thanks, certain country.

That was pretty much expected and I just hope it recovers in not too long time frame (months, not years).

Weekly Finance vol. 122


Nothing! Yay. There’s only 8 things left anyway. I think I should just send them off to Suruga-Ya.

Future In

I still haven’t done anything about the PC parts due to moving things around. Interestingly after moving things around it’s probably easier to start sorting doujinshi and stuff instead. I’ll see how annoyed I am in a few days.


As indicated by the Maid Choco post, I finally got the dakimakura cover hanger. That was a bit expensive for a hanger.

Also picked up the Fuyukuru tapestry. I should get around taking photo of it sometime. Maybe this week. The other good thing about my room rearrange is it’s got more contiguous space and thus easier to set up ironing board.

My Taruto Acrylic Clock was broken last Friday. The clock just stopped moving and changing battery didn’t help. Disassembled it and didn’t see anything wrong with the gears so most likely the electronic parts was broken. Thankfully a few hours later I discovered it’s attached using screw so it’s easy to replace. Got the generic parts replacement from Amazon and everything fit just nice including the clock hands. It’s the one for 4mm thick clock face.

Future Out

Nothing here.


30.24% normal account and 25.11% (11.00% yield) iDeCo. Thanks Russia ๐Ÿ˜

It has been trending down these last few weeks and their action definitely made it worse.

A.M.R 2021-12 Winter Maid Choco Dakimakura Cover

This supposed to arrive end of 2021 (or early 2022) but for some unknown reason (most likely Booth overloaded) it only arrived last week.

And since I finally bought dakimakura cover hanger, here’s full shot of it.

Front side. It’s actually on the lewder side for an A.M.R dakimakura cover with only one side of nipples being visible. Now I think about it, it’s rather rare seeing her with panties visible and being put on.

The unbalanced socks is interesting, I guess? I’m not much fan of it though.

I think this is her most lewd costume so far with that micro… maid costume…? Is that a thing? I wonder if a matching one for Apolo will be made eventually. That’d be nice.

And then the other side. Unfortunately the other side of socks is pulled down but at least the other side which is of type kneesocks is intact.

Panties off, with line nicely drawn as per usual of her doujin stuff. And now I look closer, I have no idea what that string around her panties is.

I think I prefer her front side expression for this one.

Material is Sakuramochi which is my first time seeing it. I’m not sure I can tell difference to Hakuou (the previous version by same company). No complaint though. The print is good as usual. And being from Shiromoufu, it’s got the best zipper.

Weekly Finance vol. 121


Sold one case I mentioned last week (I haven’t put up the other one). That’s nice and all except the part I mistakenly set it as buy now instead of auction so it’s sold at minimum price ๐Ÿฅฒ

At least I set the minimum at a sane minimum instead of something stupid like 1 yen. It still kind of sucks regardless though. Oh well.

Future In

I can’t sell the other unused case yet because I need to sell the currently installed motherboard and CPU and RAM sticks first. RAM sticks and CPU shouldn’t be too difficult but the motherboard will probably be a bit annoying. It’s an LGA motherboard definitely isn’t helping. I hope this random socket cover I have can be used.

Nothing on doujinshi and other goods yet.


Saga Planets 2022 Valentine! Yay I didn’t expect this although I should’ve remembered they did it last year as well. Too bad no R18 tapestry of Yae. I’m getting it anyway though because thighs and kneesocks.

Oh and Kaguya mug cup while at it. Considered either that or Yae but ended up with the one with better costume ๐Ÿ‘€ Getting both was also an option but I don’t need that many mug cup. It shouldn’t be all that rare anyway even if I ended up wanting it later.

That one used the existing Saga Planets budget I have so it didn’t impact my extra budget.

Future Out

Talking about extra budget, I don’t have much for next month it seems. And then with the missed target last year I should at least attempt saving as much as I can.

I want to build up some Yuzusoft budget first at least. And some PC parts. And other things.

I sure is not going very well. And then I just remembered I should start budgeting for my flight home once this virus thing calms down.

Realistically, if I keep my current savings target I won’t have much else I can budget for. Maybe it’s a bit too ambitious after all. I’ll check again next year (and hope I can survive this year with current plan).

At least there’s only one new thing coming up which I’ll probably end up getting. It’s the other chapter of the Citrus Hokenshitsu Sensei series. It should be just the game itself this time around so it should be pretty cheap.

Combined with my slow (nonexistent) reading pace I don’t think I’ll be getting DC4 just yet. And maybe not Futakoi either. I’ll check back end of next month.


34.17% normal account and 31.39% (13.43% yield) iDeCo closing last week. Yep, it’s another horrible week.

That said, as usual, more funds for this month which I just did but looking again, I could’ve waited until next month as I bought things twice last month.

On the bright side, that may be what I needed to make up last year’s missed target.

Weekly Finance vol. 120


Sold one tapestry! Yay. It’s been a while last I sold tapestries.

Future In

I’m feeling lazy. I really should start selling more of these unused computer cases and stuff and free up my room.

I’ll see how I feel next week.


Still nothing here.

Future Out

I still haven’t decided on Sana dakimakura cover. I’m currently leaning towards no due to general composition and lack of budget and lack of space.

Nekonin tapestry preorder has also started. If it’s Ritsu I’ll be more likely to get them but I think I’ll pass on Yura & Tama. The coloring being done by Takano Yuki is pretty interesting though.

Otherwise there’s nothing else particularly interesting so far.

Budget wise I’m doing fine… barely. At current rate, I could spare quite some budget for Yuzusoft again as I clear up budget for upcoming eroge (up to May) this month. Oh and there’s also that missed budget target from last year. I’ll look into slowly clearing it back over next few months.


39.70% closing last week. Well it was cut short on Thursday as last Friday was public holiday here. But still, 3% higher (absolute number) compared to last week is quite something.

32.94% (13.79% yield) for iDeCo is also up compared to last week although it’s not even 1%. But still, up is up.

Karumaruka Circle Pikatto Anime AnimeJapan 2014 A2 Tapestry

I’m not actually sure if it’s the correct release event.

But anyway, it’s Koyomi. They recycled game CG. And annoyingly the upscaling here is very bad which is unfortunate considering the material is good.

I have a feeling I knew about this a few years back which is why I never ended up getting it. And then I forgot about it and bought it anyway last year lol.

Kakenuke Seishun Sparking! Shiori Summer B2 Tapestries

Huh, weird, apparently I never end up making posts on these. But, yeah, those are a thing.

Can use better background to be honest. Still better than plain color at least.

And then the non-R18 version. I prefer her expression here. This is one of those rare instances I buy both version.

Material is double suede and the print is pretty good. No problem here.

Fuyukara, Kururu Melonbooks B2 Tapestry

Another unironed tapestry post! Yay.

This one is from Fuyukuru Melonbooks bonus tapestry. She’s the best when together with Touko.

Loli! Knee-socks! Striped panties! Blonde twintails! Now I wrote it they sure jammed all the generic traits on her. Tsundere included. But that’s fine to me.

Similar to the Trader one, thin material and okay printing. Double suede would’ve been better but I’ve gotten something with worse material recently.

Fuyukara, Kururu Trader B2 Tapestry

So I thought I should just post these un-ironed tapestries photos but now looking closer at them I’m not so sure anymore. The shit lighting isn’t helping at all either. That said, I probably just won’t do it if I wait until I do it proper. Especially considering my room is a bit too full at the moment and ironing is one of those activity which require some space.

I’ll fix those when I actually want to put them up and thus forced to iron them beforehand.

Anyway, it’s Yuuhi. Interesting she wears knee-socks here as I don’t think she does usually. Also interesting the other thing which would be spoiler-ish. Or maybe that’s how the normal state looks like? I doubt it though.

It’s also my first tapestry from Nanohana Kohina.

It’s usual thin material and the printing is okay. Nothing offensive.

Weekly Finance vol. 119


Sold a bunch of computer parts yay. The CPU ended up being sold more than I bought it for. Component pricing is weird nowadays.

The Z210 also has been sold. It’s a bit less than I hoped but it’s fine, I guess.

Future In

Finally got rid of premium so I had to put everything up again manually. I still want to put up the remaining computer parts. Two cases (+PSU), one mobo, one cpu, and a pair of RAM sticks. And then there are a bunch of unused 10Gbps cards.

Once those done I should start selling unused covers and other things. Oh and sending doujin to Suruga-Ya. I think it’s been over a year (or two?) since I planned to do it and I still haven’t done it.


Nothing here.

Future Out

I forgot about Yuzusoft dakimakura re-release thing. I’ll maybe get the Sana one. Or should I.

Money from auction should cover a good chunk of budget for this month but still not enough for one extra dakimakura cover. At worst I’ll reallocate existing eroge budget to next month.

Nothing much else otherwise. No upcoming event either so there shouldn’t be much to worry about for the rest of this month. I think.

I can probably reconsider DC4SH and Futakoi. I’ve been quite busy with other stuff lately and haven’t been able to read eroge much though. I’ll see how far I can go.

And then I just remembered about the missing 200k from last year. Uh, yeah, I don’t know yet.


36.13% closing last week. That’s… worse than previous week. It was some roller coaster with up one day and down another day. Unfortunately there are more downs than up overall. Interestingly Japan stock market seem to be going the opposite direction of the rest of the world.

iDeCo is at 32.85% (13.77% yield). It’s barely up but the yield is even lower probably because… I don’t know ?_? I don’t think there’s any new purchase in between. Maybe it’s counting based on the month.

Weekly Finance vol. 118


Sold them RAM sticks. It’s over half the original purchase price but that was over 6 years ago.

Future In

Finally put up the HP Z210 for auction. Let’s see if anyone takes that. Questionable GPU and SSD aside (but it’s still an SSD and 1TB of it), it should be a pretty good deal. Packing it up will be a pain though.


There isn’t much this week apart of signing up someone’s Fanbox and upgrading a Fantia plan.

That said, I readjusted budgeting stuff and will be ending this month with a negative 15k in total :’)

Future Out

After the readjustment, my next month budget is negative 30k thanks to covering for current month and the upcoming eroge purchases.

That’s not actually too bad considering there shouldn’t be much else for March and April.

Assuming I’m not going ahead with random PC peripheral purchases, that is ๐Ÿ‘€ Have been looking at wireless mice lately.


RIP stock market. At 32.73% closing last week, it sure is just keeping going down. I did go on with buying more stock index funds and thankfully I got pretty good price.

Similarly for iDeCo at 27.9% (12.35% yield).

Next index fund purchase will be in another month…

Weekly Finance vol. 117


Still nothing =)

Future In

Started selling some RAMs except no one bought it last week ;_;

Put up some more unused computer parts and I’m hoping to finish selling all the unused parts by end of next month. And then maybe start looking at the doujinshi and other stuff again.

I just realized I planned Suruga-Ya doujinshi stuff since last year and I’ve done jack shit about it.


Bought a bunch of Kuru series related stuff. Those were expensive. I think I counted upwards of 30k in total and it’s not even complete as I’m still missing Natsukuru Trader bonus.

I don’t usually list this individually but Hunter x Hunter Greed Island opening theme song has been available on online stores since last year. I couldn’t find lossless version of it but AAC at 320kbps is sufficiently good. It’s just not quite ideal if I ever want to convert it to any other formats.

Future Out

And there went my extra maybe DC4 and Futakoi budget.

I did my budgeting for February I’m still 40k short for the eroge and stuff preorders. I’ll barely make it by March at current rate.

As for the missing 200k last year, I’ll try making them up from the auctions…


36.55% this week. That’s getting even worse. The one fund I bought few weeks ago already went down by almost 5%. Oh well, that’s one way to start this year.

iDeCo is even worse at 32.48% (14.16% yield).

Maybe I should buy even more funds… is what I thought but the system is currently on maintenance. Maybe tomorrow morning if I remember to.

Weekly Finance vol. 116


Nothing again =)

Future In

Selling the whole PC sucks especially if it’s self built. I’ll sell them as parts instead eventually. That also means I have to rerun memtest as I’m not going to sell the whole four not-quite-matching sticks at once…


Finally preordered the Ambitious Mission Moeoh tapestry. B1 size because bigger is better (up to B1).

Future Out

DC4SH is still on hold until maybe next month. Or March.

There’s also Asapro’s Futakoi but I really need to clear up my budget a bit more before deciding. Interestingly it’s April as well just like DC4SH.

This dakimakura cover is mildly interesting but I don’t think I’ll be getting it… maybe.

I just realized I made weird mistake when adjusting budget for 2021. The original plan was to copy 2020 number (100k per month for normal account) except cut off by 600k for emergency budget except what I ended up with was cutting it off by 800k as I set normal account target at 1M a year instead of 1.2M. The end result is I missed my target by 200k =) Fuck.

Next month budget will be sometime next week so I hope I can figure out where to put them?


This was horrible week and closed at 40.96% which is a lot of down ;_; There doesn’t seem to be any particular reason either? Not from my quick look at finance news section anyway.

At least it’s not as bad for iDeCo at 38.04% (15.99% yield). I have no idea why.

Weekly Finance vol. 115


Sold more unused games. All of them in fact. Yay.

Future In

Still nothing this week. Hopefully I’ll get around putting them up for auction next week. I also need to remember to actually cancel Yahoo! Premium as I mentioned last week. Annoying thing is auctions made when on Premium can’t be reused after cancelling.


It wasn’t planned but I ended up buying a bunch of doujinshi; digital and paper. That’s about 10k off my extra budget.

Future Out

I kinda want the tapestry from this. That’ll be 12k and I’ve got no such budget.

Similarly I’m slightly leaning towards getting DC4SH but I’m sure I’ll just backlog it for years and not to mention I’ll need to at least play DC4PH beforehand. And maybe optionally the whole DC series but I think that’s optional? I’ll decide based on my pace next few weeks.

I need to preorder Ambitious Mission Moeoh tapestry. I’m still waiting for it to appear on Amazon though.

There shouldn’t be anything else coming up anytime soon. I think. Short of Yuzusoft announcing their next title.


44.05% closing last week. After a good start first two days, everything went down the rest of the week ending it up lower compared to previous week.

Same deal with iDeCo at 38.79% (16.26% yield).

Which reminded me I should start buying things again starting this month. Buys.

Weekly Finance vol. 114


Amazingly sold two items this week. And that cleared up the last multiple items auction I have. I need to remember cancelling the free trial Yahoo! Premium before it ends.

Future In

Nothing yet. Maybe sometime this week? I have plenty of unused PC now which I really should get around selling already.


No big purchases over the week. I did buy some ero manga and doujinshi and last month’s Moeoh.

Future Out

As I’ve preordered (almost) everything last week, there’s nothing new yet. Yuzusoft may come anytime soon now so there’s that. And of course I need to spare enough budgets for the unpaid preorders for next one or two months.

I almost forgot about Ambitious Mission Moeoh tapestry but it’s not in Amazon yet so it may be a while until I can actually preorder it. I have Saga Planets budget remaining but as it will also be used for preorders, it means it’ll take a more while to clear up the budget.

As for Kantoku’s tapestry, I’m skipping it.

Last year ended up barely on target. I hope I don’t as crazy as last year. Especially on computer upgrades.

Closing Book

Looking at last year’s closing post I remembered I made this section so here it is for 2021.

Computer Stuff

  • Ryzen system (which I ended up not needing)
  • iPhone (also ended up not quite needed as Rakuten later added support for iPhone 8 although eSim support is mildly useful and faster CPU is welcome)
  • A lot more SSDs
  • Proper BD drive for ripping stuff
  • Xbox controller and related accessories (wireless adapter and rechargeable batteries)
  • More RAMs
  • Monitor
  • Small WiFi router
  • Keyboard keycaps
  • Ethernet cards (both gigabit and 10Gbit – although I ended up with too many 10Gbit cards now)
  • Speakers (by subwoofer. Or maybe it’ll return this year?)
  • Ryzen 5900X
  • PSU (should’ve gotten 750W or 850W instead of 650W)

At over half million yen, it’s a bit too much. Some of them have been in planning for years so I hope I don’t need to do this anymore.

Eroge, Anime, etc

16 new eroges on 2021. Or 12 if I exclude preorder for 2022. Meanwhile I cleared a total of 8 titles. It’s better compared to last year but is still pretty slow in term of completion.

As for goods, I count 10 dakimakura covers and 37 tapestries. Both are down compared to previous year.

I’m not going to write down the detail but total spending is a lot less compared to last year. It’s just a bit over half of last year.

Except for FGO which I ended up spending 160k(!). Compare that to 13k previous year. I don’t think I’ll do that ever again.


45.66% last week. Also last year. That’s even more up and I think it’s highest the number for the year. That’s also a lot more compared to last year. I don’t know if this will keep up (I doubt it) but it sure was a good year for stocks.

iDeCo is also up at 39.63% (17.27% yield). It didn’t quite reach the highest for the year but not too bad overall.