Weekly Finance vol. 124



Future In

Despite what I said last week, still nothing! Maybe this week I will finally do it.


I didn’t buy any goods but I watched a bunch of movies. And then I bought all the Blue Thermal things (manga and theme song CD). In the end they all costed a bit over 10k total.

Thankfully I overbudgeted my utility bill this month and it helped balancing things out.

Except it wasn’t quite enough. Welp.

Future Out

Nothing particularly interesting came up so far, thankfully.

Well, there’s this Sekiya Asami tapestry and pillow cover. Full image this Friday although I don’t think I’ll get this one.

There’s also mignon stuff. Nothing I really want though. Also it looks like there will be some censoring involved. And dicks do not want.

I’m short 12k from my target this month so I still need to figure out how to fix it. Or maybe just actually sell those unused PC parts or something. And other things.


28.78% normal account and <fill in iDeCo number here later> iDeCo closing last week. Still going down as expected…

At two weeks now it sure sucks. No end in sight yet either.

…I probably should move this series to private as there isn’t much to talk anymore :<

Weekly Finance vol. 123


Nothing again. Not unexpected.

Future In

I thought I’d sort things last week but I ended up buying something which took out a good chunk of room space. Better luck next week.


Koikake’s Nako dakimakura cover has finally released. Price sure is climbing up slowly with now at 13k.

I also bought a new hug pillow. It’s a DHR7000H Premium. It’s heavy at 3.3kg which is a good 1kg heavier than my current DHR6000. My old one was over 5 years ago and is pretty gross now although not always visible thanks to the cover. I figured replacement is finally in order and I bought one. I later learned I have an unused coupon for Melonbooks (or at least I think it’s unused) Nevermind I used the 5% off coupons and only the 3% one remains. It’d still be some savings but not as much as I initially thought. I bought from Amazon instead.

It came in a rather big box which apparently could fit my other unused case which I really should get around selling. That’d be nice if it does fit since the alternative box is pretty annoying to deal with as it’s quite a lot larger and the case isn’t that big.

Anyway, back to spending money, BugBug this month sees the preorder of Ambitious Mission B2 tapestry of Yae. There’s also non-R18 version. I got both. The background is not quite done yet but I hope it’s better than their Ria tapestry. I’m not holding my breath on this one though. I’m like 90% sure it’ll be about the same random light shapes in the background. I’ll be happy to be proven wrong. Thankfully since a few months ago BugBug finally got into internet era and allow their stuff to be ordered online instead of having to mail the form order along with the money using a rather expensive post office mailing option. Oh and it used to require buying the actual magazine as well.

I bought both versions just in case (?). Good thing there are still quite a bit of Saga Planets budget left.

Future Out

Two eroges are coming out this month (with Aokana Ex 2 being delayed as expected). Those are budgeted already so not really a problem.

There isn’t anything else announced so far as I kind of expected. Well, except for Yuzusoft which is still rather unknown when they’ll announce their next title. They’ve confirmed they’re working on it so something should come up this year?

Meanwhile Sakura no Toki…

On other notes, I dug up my previous years accounting and I noticed just how much selling stuff used to help propping up my budget. With those gone of course budgeting nowadays feels really tight with seemingly no extra available at all while trying to increase the investment allocation at the same time. That’s despite I’ve been holding back on buying stuff. For the moment I’m keeping my current plan of slightly increased investment (compared to previous year) but unless some help comes up I’ll probably have to lower my target. Or waste less money (nooooo).


31.09% normal account and 28.89% (11.98% yield) iDeCo closing last week. Thanks, certain country.

That was pretty much expected and I just hope it recovers in not too long time frame (months, not years).

Weekly Finance vol. 122


Nothing! Yay. There’s only 8 things left anyway. I think I should just send them off to Suruga-Ya.

Future In

I still haven’t done anything about the PC parts due to moving things around. Interestingly after moving things around it’s probably easier to start sorting doujinshi and stuff instead. I’ll see how annoyed I am in a few days.


As indicated by the Maid Choco post, I finally got the dakimakura cover hanger. That was a bit expensive for a hanger.

Also picked up the Fuyukuru tapestry. I should get around taking photo of it sometime. Maybe this week. The other good thing about my room rearrange is it’s got more contiguous space and thus easier to set up ironing board.

My Taruto Acrylic Clock was broken last Friday. The clock just stopped moving and changing battery didn’t help. Disassembled it and didn’t see anything wrong with the gears so most likely the electronic parts was broken. Thankfully a few hours later I discovered it’s attached using screw so it’s easy to replace. Got the generic parts replacement from Amazon and everything fit just nice including the clock hands. It’s the one for 4mm thick clock face.

Future Out

Nothing here.


30.24% normal account and 25.11% (11.00% yield) iDeCo. Thanks Russia ๐Ÿ˜

It has been trending down these last few weeks and their action definitely made it worse.

Weekly Finance vol. 121


Sold one case I mentioned last week (I haven’t put up the other one). That’s nice and all except the part I mistakenly set it as buy now instead of auction so it’s sold at minimum price ๐Ÿฅฒ

At least I set the minimum at a sane minimum instead of something stupid like 1 yen. It still kind of sucks regardless though. Oh well.

Future In

I can’t sell the other unused case yet because I need to sell the currently installed motherboard and CPU and RAM sticks first. RAM sticks and CPU shouldn’t be too difficult but the motherboard will probably be a bit annoying. It’s an LGA motherboard definitely isn’t helping. I hope this random socket cover I have can be used.

Nothing on doujinshi and other goods yet.


Saga Planets 2022 Valentine! Yay I didn’t expect this although I should’ve remembered they did it last year as well. Too bad no R18 tapestry of Yae. I’m getting it anyway though because thighs and kneesocks.

Oh and Kaguya mug cup while at it. Considered either that or Yae but ended up with the one with better costume ๐Ÿ‘€ Getting both was also an option but I don’t need that many mug cup. It shouldn’t be all that rare anyway even if I ended up wanting it later.

That one used the existing Saga Planets budget I have so it didn’t impact my extra budget.

Future Out

Talking about extra budget, I don’t have much for next month it seems. And then with the missed target last year I should at least attempt saving as much as I can.

I want to build up some Yuzusoft budget first at least. And some PC parts. And other things.

I sure is not going very well. And then I just remembered I should start budgeting for my flight home once this virus thing calms down.

Realistically, if I keep my current savings target I won’t have much else I can budget for. Maybe it’s a bit too ambitious after all. I’ll check again next year (and hope I can survive this year with current plan).

At least there’s only one new thing coming up which I’ll probably end up getting. It’s the other chapter of the Citrus Hokenshitsu Sensei series. It should be just the game itself this time around so it should be pretty cheap.

Combined with my slow (nonexistent) reading pace I don’t think I’ll be getting DC4 just yet. And maybe not Futakoi either. I’ll check back end of next month.


34.17% normal account and 31.39% (13.43% yield) iDeCo closing last week. Yep, it’s another horrible week.

That said, as usual, more funds for this month which I just did but looking again, I could’ve waited until next month as I bought things twice last month.

On the bright side, that may be what I needed to make up last year’s missed target.

Weekly Finance vol. 120


Sold one tapestry! Yay. It’s been a while last I sold tapestries.

Future In

I’m feeling lazy. I really should start selling more of these unused computer cases and stuff and free up my room.

I’ll see how I feel next week.


Still nothing here.

Future Out

I still haven’t decided on Sana dakimakura cover. I’m currently leaning towards no due to general composition and lack of budget and lack of space.

Nekonin tapestry preorder has also started. If it’s Ritsu I’ll be more likely to get them but I think I’ll pass on Yura & Tama. The coloring being done by Takano Yuki is pretty interesting though.

Otherwise there’s nothing else particularly interesting so far.

Budget wise I’m doing fine… barely. At current rate, I could spare quite some budget for Yuzusoft again as I clear up budget for upcoming eroge (up to May) this month. Oh and there’s also that missed budget target from last year. I’ll look into slowly clearing it back over next few months.


39.70% closing last week. Well it was cut short on Thursday as last Friday was public holiday here. But still, 3% higher (absolute number) compared to last week is quite something.

32.94% (13.79% yield) for iDeCo is also up compared to last week although it’s not even 1%. But still, up is up.

Weekly Finance vol. 119


Sold a bunch of computer parts yay. The CPU ended up being sold more than I bought it for. Component pricing is weird nowadays.

The Z210 also has been sold. It’s a bit less than I hoped but it’s fine, I guess.

Future In

Finally got rid of premium so I had to put everything up again manually. I still want to put up the remaining computer parts. Two cases (+PSU), one mobo, one cpu, and a pair of RAM sticks. And then there are a bunch of unused 10Gbps cards.

Once those done I should start selling unused covers and other things. Oh and sending doujin to Suruga-Ya. I think it’s been over a year (or two?) since I planned to do it and I still haven’t done it.


Nothing here.

Future Out

I forgot about Yuzusoft dakimakura re-release thing. I’ll maybe get the Sana one. Or should I.

Money from auction should cover a good chunk of budget for this month but still not enough for one extra dakimakura cover. At worst I’ll reallocate existing eroge budget to next month.

Nothing much else otherwise. No upcoming event either so there shouldn’t be much to worry about for the rest of this month. I think.

I can probably reconsider DC4SH and Futakoi. I’ve been quite busy with other stuff lately and haven’t been able to read eroge much though. I’ll see how far I can go.

And then I just remembered about the missing 200k from last year. Uh, yeah, I don’t know yet.


36.13% closing last week. That’s… worse than previous week. It was some roller coaster with up one day and down another day. Unfortunately there are more downs than up overall. Interestingly Japan stock market seem to be going the opposite direction of the rest of the world.

iDeCo is at 32.85% (13.77% yield). It’s barely up but the yield is even lower probably because… I don’t know ?_? I don’t think there’s any new purchase in between. Maybe it’s counting based on the month.

Weekly Finance vol. 118


Sold them RAM sticks. It’s over half the original purchase price but that was over 6 years ago.

Future In

Finally put up the HP Z210 for auction. Let’s see if anyone takes that. Questionable GPU and SSD aside (but it’s still an SSD and 1TB of it), it should be a pretty good deal. Packing it up will be a pain though.


There isn’t much this week apart of signing up someone’s Fanbox and upgrading a Fantia plan.

That said, I readjusted budgeting stuff and will be ending this month with a negative 15k in total :’)

Future Out

After the readjustment, my next month budget is negative 30k thanks to covering for current month and the upcoming eroge purchases.

That’s not actually too bad considering there shouldn’t be much else for March and April.

Assuming I’m not going ahead with random PC peripheral purchases, that is ๐Ÿ‘€ Have been looking at wireless mice lately.


RIP stock market. At 32.73% closing last week, it sure is just keeping going down. I did go on with buying more stock index funds and thankfully I got pretty good price.

Similarly for iDeCo at 27.9% (12.35% yield).

Next index fund purchase will be in another month…

Weekly Finance vol. 117


Still nothing =)

Future In

Started selling some RAMs except no one bought it last week ;_;

Put up some more unused computer parts and I’m hoping to finish selling all the unused parts by end of next month. And then maybe start looking at the doujinshi and other stuff again.

I just realized I planned Suruga-Ya doujinshi stuff since last year and I’ve done jack shit about it.


Bought a bunch of Kuru series related stuff. Those were expensive. I think I counted upwards of 30k in total and it’s not even complete as I’m still missing Natsukuru Trader bonus.

I don’t usually list this individually but Hunter x Hunter Greed Island opening theme song has been available on online stores since last year. I couldn’t find lossless version of it but AAC at 320kbps is sufficiently good. It’s just not quite ideal if I ever want to convert it to any other formats.

Future Out

And there went my extra maybe DC4 and Futakoi budget.

I did my budgeting for February I’m still 40k short for the eroge and stuff preorders. I’ll barely make it by March at current rate.

As for the missing 200k last year, I’ll try making them up from the auctions…


36.55% this week. That’s getting even worse. The one fund I bought few weeks ago already went down by almost 5%. Oh well, that’s one way to start this year.

iDeCo is even worse at 32.48% (14.16% yield).

Maybe I should buy even more funds… is what I thought but the system is currently on maintenance. Maybe tomorrow morning if I remember to.

Weekly Finance vol. 116


Nothing again =)

Future In

Selling the whole PC sucks especially if it’s self built. I’ll sell them as parts instead eventually. That also means I have to rerun memtest as I’m not going to sell the whole four not-quite-matching sticks at once…


Finally preordered the Ambitious Mission Moeoh tapestry. B1 size because bigger is better (up to B1).

Future Out

DC4SH is still on hold until maybe next month. Or March.

There’s also Asapro’s Futakoi but I really need to clear up my budget a bit more before deciding. Interestingly it’s April as well just like DC4SH.

This dakimakura cover is mildly interesting but I don’t think I’ll be getting it… maybe.

I just realized I made weird mistake when adjusting budget for 2021. The original plan was to copy 2020 number (100k per month for normal account) except cut off by 600k for emergency budget except what I ended up with was cutting it off by 800k as I set normal account target at 1M a year instead of 1.2M. The end result is I missed my target by 200k =) Fuck.

Next month budget will be sometime next week so I hope I can figure out where to put them?


This was horrible week and closed at 40.96% which is a lot of down ;_; There doesn’t seem to be any particular reason either? Not from my quick look at finance news section anyway.

At least it’s not as bad for iDeCo at 38.04% (15.99% yield). I have no idea why.

Weekly Finance vol. 115


Sold more unused games. All of them in fact. Yay.

Future In

Still nothing this week. Hopefully I’ll get around putting them up for auction next week. I also need to remember to actually cancel Yahoo! Premium as I mentioned last week. Annoying thing is auctions made when on Premium can’t be reused after cancelling.


It wasn’t planned but I ended up buying a bunch of doujinshi; digital and paper. That’s about 10k off my extra budget.

Future Out

I kinda want the tapestry from this. That’ll be 12k and I’ve got no such budget.

Similarly I’m slightly leaning towards getting DC4SH but I’m sure I’ll just backlog it for years and not to mention I’ll need to at least play DC4PH beforehand. And maybe optionally the whole DC series but I think that’s optional? I’ll decide based on my pace next few weeks.

I need to preorder Ambitious Mission Moeoh tapestry. I’m still waiting for it to appear on Amazon though.

There shouldn’t be anything else coming up anytime soon. I think. Short of Yuzusoft announcing their next title.


44.05% closing last week. After a good start first two days, everything went down the rest of the week ending it up lower compared to previous week.

Same deal with iDeCo at 38.79% (16.26% yield).

Which reminded me I should start buying things again starting this month. Buys.

Weekly Finance vol. 114


Amazingly sold two items this week. And that cleared up the last multiple items auction I have. I need to remember cancelling the free trial Yahoo! Premium before it ends.

Future In

Nothing yet. Maybe sometime this week? I have plenty of unused PC now which I really should get around selling already.


No big purchases over the week. I did buy some ero manga and doujinshi and last month’s Moeoh.

Future Out

As I’ve preordered (almost) everything last week, there’s nothing new yet. Yuzusoft may come anytime soon now so there’s that. And of course I need to spare enough budgets for the unpaid preorders for next one or two months.

I almost forgot about Ambitious Mission Moeoh tapestry but it’s not in Amazon yet so it may be a while until I can actually preorder it. I have Saga Planets budget remaining but as it will also be used for preorders, it means it’ll take a more while to clear up the budget.

As for Kantoku’s tapestry, I’m skipping it.

Last year ended up barely on target. I hope I don’t as crazy as last year. Especially on computer upgrades.

Closing Book

Looking at last year’s closing post I remembered I made this section so here it is for 2021.

Computer Stuff

  • Ryzen system (which I ended up not needing)
  • iPhone (also ended up not quite needed as Rakuten later added support for iPhone 8 although eSim support is mildly useful and faster CPU is welcome)
  • A lot more SSDs
  • Proper BD drive for ripping stuff
  • Xbox controller and related accessories (wireless adapter and rechargeable batteries)
  • More RAMs
  • Monitor
  • Small WiFi router
  • Keyboard keycaps
  • Ethernet cards (both gigabit and 10Gbit – although I ended up with too many 10Gbit cards now)
  • Speakers (by subwoofer. Or maybe it’ll return this year?)
  • Ryzen 5900X
  • PSU (should’ve gotten 750W or 850W instead of 650W)

At over half million yen, it’s a bit too much. Some of them have been in planning for years so I hope I don’t need to do this anymore.

Eroge, Anime, etc

16 new eroges on 2021. Or 12 if I exclude preorder for 2022. Meanwhile I cleared a total of 8 titles. It’s better compared to last year but is still pretty slow in term of completion.

As for goods, I count 10 dakimakura covers and 37 tapestries. Both are down compared to previous year.

I’m not going to write down the detail but total spending is a lot less compared to last year. It’s just a bit over half of last year.

Except for FGO which I ended up spending 160k(!). Compare that to 13k previous year. I don’t think I’ll do that ever again.


45.66% last week. Also last year. That’s even more up and I think it’s highest the number for the year. That’s also a lot more compared to last year. I don’t know if this will keep up (I doubt it) but it sure was a good year for stocks.

iDeCo is also up at 39.63% (17.27% yield). It didn’t quite reach the highest for the year but not too bad overall.

Weekly Finance vol. 113


Even more nothingness.

Future In

Of course nothing. I did lower price for some stuff though. Probably still not enough seeing the price on second hand stores.


I don’t think I preordered this many things at once before.

First off is Ambitious Mission. As mentioned before, I’m getting from four different stores for Kaguya and Yae stuff.

And while at it I also preordered the Kikka Winter tapestry. It’ll be shipped together with the new game though so it’ll be a while until I actually receive it. I’m skipping the Kaguya New Year tapestry because it’s a bit too safe. Kikka isn’t R-18 either but them thighs and thighhighs are good enough.

And then I’m also getting Nako dakimakura. Too good to skip. I think.

There’s Fuyukuru tapestry of Chiemi & Touko. I’m still very early at the game but I think I like them best at the moment so I’m getting it for now.

Back to eroge, I’ve preordered Unless Terminalia. I think I mentioned it before as well but it’s the all voice drama stores. The addition of Amazon raised the total cost a bit.

Oh and I finally preordered Aokana Extra2. It’s from Amazon because I don’t really care about the bonus. And looking back I probably should just wait and buy it second hand instead when I actually want to play it? Bad decision as usual (though this one is reversible).

And lastly and completely not planned was preordering Hokeloli (and buying Hokejo). The dakimakura doesn’t seem all that good but I like the tapestries quite a lot. Also thighhighs.

I didn’t actually have enough budget for all those above. I did some reshuffling and managed to secure just enough for the online orders (as I can’t delay the charges for those) but it’s impossible to budget for all of them at once. Especially not after the addition of that Hokeloli.

Though I think I should be able to allocate February budget for the rest of them. That said, Yuzusoft budget is currently at 0 because I reallocated them all (and that’s how I managed to secure enough for online orders).

Future Out

Nothing here. I’ve dealt all that can be dealt for the near future.

…is what I thought but I’m still undecided on Kantoku’s twin tapestry. I’ll figure it out sometime later.


43.62% this week. More up yay. Still haven’t passed the peak from this year though.

iDeCo is again a bit lower at 37.20% (16.34% yield) which is weird. For once it doesn’t follow my normal account even accounting for closing time difference.

Weekly Finance vol. 112


Still… nothing…

Future In

…I really should get around doing stuff for here. Maybe next year ๐Ÿ˜Ž


Ikegami Akane artbooks digital edition is out. So I bought one from DMM because the initial plan of getting from DLsite seem to be going to take a while with the item missing from there. And then I remembered about Kindle a while after buying that. Considering another artbook released today (Yano Mitsuki Eushully) is still quite a lot larger on DLsite compared to Kindle, I’ll keep a look on it in case there’s higher quality for Ikegami Akane one as well. That sure is a lot of duplicated purchases. Yay DRM. Imagine if they just sell raw pdf as is and the same across stores.

For reference, there’s no difference between DMM and Kindle in term of censorship for this particular book.

Apart of that, I also bought ef series. first, latter, and fandisc. I thought I’ve already bought them but I haven’t. I’ve always considered them to be part of backlog so this practically doesn’t add anything extra to my backlog. Kind of.

Future Out

Saga Planets new title, Ambitious Mission is finally announced. A bit of DNS trouble with they new domain aside, I think I like the main heroine this time (Kaguya). May or may not have anything to do with her questionable getup. Yae also looks pretty good so my favorites at the moment are those two. Atena is a bit too big and I’m not much interested in Nijimu.

Charlotte is a bit of ??? at the moment as her character design seem a bit odd. By process of elimination she’s designed by Toranosuke but it just doesn’t seem right. The available images – character stand and one CG – don’t help much either apart of hinting it’s probably not Toranosuke. Current suspect is Kakenuke’s Ritsu illustrator Hanesaki Seika but there isn’t much way to confidently determine at the moment.

Release date is still far away so I should have enough time gathering budget for it. Current store bonus situation indicates I may be buying from Sofmap, Suruga-Ya, Trader, and Official Store. Those will be a bit under 50k and I curerntly have 30k budget already spared for them over the months. Budgeting for this should be easy.

That said, I may also be getting Kikka and Kaguya tapestry from their Winter Fes. The lack of R18 version is unfortunate and I’m waiting until Kaguya tapestry is colored before deciding.

Apart of that, there isn’t much else… oh yeah there’s Kantoku C99 Akemi/Himeru tapestry. No budget for that at the moment so maybe next year. That’s one big tapestry.


A lot of ups and downs over the week and the end result for last week is 41.28% which is… actually up by 0.15% compared to last week o_o

I didn’t expect that because there seemed to be more downs than ups. And that’s why I have this section here.

Unfortunately it isn’t reflected in iDeCo with 37.29% (16.38% yield) which is down by 0.72%.

Weekly Finance vol. 111


Nothing here.

Future In

Also nothing. I still haven’t done anything about the PC either. On the weird side note I also now have another unused PC. That was not very smart of me. I could’ve saved 13k by not buying new case and PSU.


I just checked my spending over this week and noticed there’s nothing at all apart of groceries and food and utilities. That’s quite rare.

Well, considering the remaining safe budget for me for this month is only 1300 yen, that works out fine. The question is whether or not I can keep it until this month ends.

Future Out

Saga Planets new title will be announced next week. It’s got moon and witch? And written by Sakaki Kasa who also did Kinkoi among others. Expectation is high.

On another note, there’s not much update anywhere else. I’ll probably go with Whirlpool as usual. I still haven’t decided on Asa Project yet. And there’s no news from Yuzusoft.

Oh, and I almost forgot about Aokana Extra 2 but as mentioned in other posts it’ll be at least January before I preorder it.

Talking about forgotten thing, Sakura no Toki sure isn’t coming out anytime soon. Definitely not 2021.


41.13% closing this week. A lot of up yay. There are a few large downs over the week but so are the ups. That said, it’s still not quite back to the level two weeks ago.

38.01% (16.34% yield) for iDeCo. Same situation here.

Weekly Finance vol. 110


Nothing here.

Future In

Also nothing.

I’m still not quite decided what to do with this extra system. I don’t have extra GPU so selling it would also mean selling the GPU in my test system which means that one won’t have useful GPU for Windows (it still has generic server graphics chip on it).


Preordered Fuyukuru Song CD and bought the late Digital Lover doujinshi. Also bought 10k FGO SQ.

And then my budget ran out for this month. There’s still some brand-specific eroge budget which I suppose I could repurpose in case something interesting came up.

Future Out

Saga Planets new title announcement is coming up this month. Probably. I have about 30k budget for them which is most likely not going to be enough if buying multiple copies but there should be enough time to save up.

Meanwhile there’s no news from Yuzusoft at all.

As for Whirlpool’s Unless Terminalia, it looks like they’re still doing that DLC voice drama thing after all so that’ll be 45k if I do end up getting them all.

I almost forgot about Futakoi but that one is still kinda far away anyway.


38.38%. That’s a lot of downs. It’s pretty much back to the number in October. Thanks, omicron. It recovered a bit on Friday but clearly not enough.

iDeCo is also down at 32.86% (14.36% yield).

Weekly Finance vol. 109


Nothing here

Future In


That said, I really need to get around selling this extra PC eventually as it’s just filling up my room. The lack of good spare GPU kinda sucks though. Maybe I should first get a cheap GPU to fill it with but at current market state it may be a bit difficult.

And of course there’s still those doujinshi stacks I need to sort out ๐Ÿ‘€


So, um, I didn’t buy any goods recently.

And that’s mainly because I blew my savings this month for computer stuff. After the CPU upgrade and HDD replacement (which turned out to be not really needed), I spent some more money getting an SSD upgrade. The current one – Silicon Power A55 – turned out to be incredibly slow on prolonged load and causing errors on Windows 10 (under FreeBSD bhyve). Replacing it with a Samsung 860 EVO I had in hand and a Crucial MX500 bought new fixed the problem. And caused a bit more than 10k yen hole in my budget, resulting in negative savings for this month.

Future Out

ASa Project announced their new title, Futakoi. I’m still heavily backlogged on their titles so I don’t know yet if I’ll get this one. The premise seems rather interesting though. And so does their previous title.

Unless Terminalia store bonus info is up except it doesn’t quite list other extras properly just yet. Checking the stores individually indicates Sofmap, Getchu, Melonbooks, and Amazon may include some kind of voice drama DLC. That’ll be quite expensive.

On the bright side, this year is ending and short of me fucking up budget for next month again, I should have some leeway starting next year. Maybe.


43.88%. That’s down. It seems to have been downward over the week and it sure is down in the end. At least it’s less than 1%.

Surprisingly iDeCo is up very slightly at 39.92% (17.77% yield) although I expect it to go down right after opening due to closing timing as usual.

Weekly Finance vol. 108


One of the things sold last week ended up cancelled as there’s no response from the bidder. Thankfully the same thing was bid this week and it’s already shipped. Also sold some more other stuff for total of 48% loss.

Future In

Still… nothing…

I’ve been busy dealing with internet and hardware updates.


A.M.R dakimakura cover preorder has started. Preordered straight away along with other goodies.

And when I thought I’m done with hardware upgrades and stuff, I find out the budget Silicon Power I’m using for system array for my server is too slow to the point virtualized Windows 10 crashing when it’s under heavy load. One 1TB non-shit SSD was then in order.

Oh and the 10 SATA cables I bought recently also ended up being shit. That was a waste of money (2400yen, even).

And because of that, I ended up buying two 8TB NAS drives when the problem is actually on the cables. Welp. Should still be useful for spares at least.

Future Out

Website for Whirlpool new title, Unless Terminalia, is finally open. No info on store bonus yet but it’ll probably more or less just like previous ones? As for character design, I’m not quite sure if I particularly like any of them. They’re all nice. It’s just there’s nothing I find outstanding. Can also a bit smaller.

I noticed I didn’t budget Whirlpool at all though. It shouldn’t be too difficult with March release.

Talking about March release, I still haven’t done anything for Aokana Extra 2. I don’t have any budget left for this year so maybe next year.

Winter Comiket 99 is coming up next month as well although I’ll probably stay home this time. Lottery for entry ticket sure isn’t helping.


44.57% this week which is surprisingly up from previous week. It felt like it was mostly down half the week but it’s still more up than down.

39.44% (17.58% yield) for iDeCo which is… very slightly up. Better than down.

Weekly Finance vol. 107


Sold two things for 76% loss ;_; The remaining stuff will probably all like that.

Future In

I still haven’t done anything here due to system upgrades.


Finally preordered the Yuzusoft thing. I preordered it from the official store as originally planned.

Nothing much else from eroge related stuff.

Meanwhile on PC side, decided on upgrading to another Ryzen instead. The final bill is around 90k which is quite a lot. It already includes a new case and other things so I can also upgrade my dev system from old Ivy Bridge Xeon.

Future Out

I still haven’t preordered Aokana Extra 2 due to… lack of budget. I’ll probably do it next month as I ran out of budget (and some).

There’s also Fuyukuru OST CD. I don’t have any from previous series though. Maybe one day I’ll get around getting them all.

There’s no news on A.M.R new pillow cover yet. They said something is coming this month so it could be anytime soon. If not delayed, that is.

Still waiting on that Sagaplanets news… Inb4 it’s once they start the final pillow cover preorder.


43.48%. That’s… not up at all. Not much down either thankfully. I think it’s down over the week and only recovered a bit on the last day.

Similarly 39.28% (17.19% yield) on iDeCo side.

Weekly Finance vol. 106


Sold one thing for again 50% loss. I’m running low of things on YJA.

Future In

I still haven’t put up more stuff this week as I was quite busy with random things over the week.

Hopefully next week? And maybe the doujinshi as well?


Nothing here yet.

Future Out

I’m still waiting for Yuzusoft Pentabox bonus info although at this point I doubt there will be any more significant update. Maybe I should actually preorder from the official store sometime next week.

I haven’t preordered Aokana Extra 2 either. I don’t think I’m changing plan so it should happen soon-ish.

I don’t think I’ll go ahead with Study Steady at the moment. As I mentioned last week, my Marmalade backlog is already long as is.

I have a feeling I’m forgetting something rather important…

As for PC upgrade, the pricing is pretty crazy at the moment for Alder Lake setup. And looking at some ASRock motherboard page, at least for X570 they explicitly mention ECC is supported so maybe my current setup is fine? Weirdly the one previously on my server doesn’t have any such options in BIOS unlike the ASUS board previously on my desktop. Both are swapped so at least the server now should have confirmed-ish ECC setup functioning. It’s very lacking in ports though. Even worse the ASRock B450 board that’s now in my desktop has unfortunate PCIe lane layout resulting in my NVMe running in x2 mode instead of maximum x4. Not that it matters much. I’ll check my X570 board tomorrow (in the office) and see how the BIOS is in that one. So maybe I’ll end up with some Ryzen 7 or 9 instead. And 3200MT DDR4 ECC which I found available for way cheaper and actually available compared to DDR5…

Heck, even getting a workstation board is still cheaper than going Alder Lake. The annoying problem still is the lack of onboard VGA. And that board doesn’t have enough SATA ports (fixable).


43.64%. Almost 2% up which is nice.

As for iDeCo it’s currently under maintenance…

I’ll check back tomorrow morning. 40.04% (17.49%) for iDeCo which is quite a lot of up.

Weekly Finance vol. 105


Sold three things at almost 50% loss total (again).

Future In

Nothing here. Apparently I said I’ll put up some dakimakura covers this week but that didn’t happen. I also found out that I still have one more PC thing I need to sold (and old USB hub).

I should get around doing them sometime this week, I guess.


…nothing here. Well, apart of some SQ for FGO JP account. I’m taking the budget from monthly junk food budget so it’s probably a good thing in the end.

Future Out

On Yuzusoft Pentabox, I think the tapestries are indeed just the SFW new drawings already on the page. I’ll wait a bit more just to be sure before placing order on the official store. I just hope it doesn’t get sold out before then.

Aokana Extra 2 is actually happening. I don’t think I’ll be keeping the goods anymore so I’ll grab from either Suruga-Ya or Sofmap. Probably Suruga-Ya as they have free shipping. As I checked it just now, it’s more expensive on Sofmap because they also include double suede version of their original tapestry.

Study Steady 2 is coming. The not-Azusa seems interesting and their coloring seem a bit better this time but my Marmalade backlog is so long already I think it’s better for me to not touch this one.

And so there’s barely anything on my upcoming eroge list. Which is a good thing because my backlog is a thing.

Continuing PC thing last week, I’ll probably end up getting new Intel CPU instead of upgrading to more cores Ryzen. The main reason being either FreeBSD’s or Ryzen’s VM has some problem running Windows. Some apps just randomly crash. It was worse in FreeBSD 12 but it’s still not good enough yet. Also I really hate dealing with ECC. The cheap choice so far are either unvalidated AMD system or outdated second hand server/workstation system or overpriced validated system. DDR5 is coming and it’s got ECC for the chips themselves.

There’s no ECC on transfer channel (so it’s not end to end) but my experiences with bad memory so far have been in the chips. I’ll hang around a bit in the relevant forums hoping for some opinions and stuff but unless it’s really worse than unvalidated AMD system I’ll probably go ahead with it.


41.73%. It was up and down over the week so I’m just happy it doesn’t end up lower.

Unfortunately iDeCo went down a bit at 37.11% (16.36% yield) although I believe it’s yet another timing thing.

I had a feeling that I don’t have enough emergency cash around and after checking the actual numbers, sure enough I don’t. I’ve readjusted target for this year and thus ended up overshooting the investment spending. Not sure how I’ll recoup the balance back. Especially with the incoming system upgrade I mentioned above.

Weekly Finance vol. 104


Sold four things at almost 50% loss total. Not too bad I guess? Looking again, I’m not actually sure about the purchase value so it’s probably way off. I still have no good solution for accounting value of bundled items.

Future In

Uh, yeah, I’m still looking at the pile of doujinshi I should sort out.

And I still haven’t put up the dakimakura covers either.

Maybe sometime this week.


Bought the entire MeltdoWN COmet digital doujinshi for about 4k. They’ve been on my backlog for a long time.

I don’t think there’s anything else in term of other 2D stuff…?

Meanwhile on computing side, I bought two 1TB SSD so I can run more VM on my server. And then one of my storage hard drive just had to die, costing me about as much as the SSDs I bought. The end result is I missed my saving target for this month by about 10k unless I sell more things before end of this month.

Future Out

About Yuzusoft Pentabox, it looks like the tapestries are using the new illustrations already on the page? If that’s actually true, I’ll just get it from official store for the calendar. Or Amazon if it’s sold out as I’ll be waiting until more definite information is available.

There’s still no other interesting thing came up.

On unrelated news, I’ll probably be switching back to Intel at least for my servers as running VM on Ryzen seems to cause a lot of problems. I’ll be doing more tests on this first though. This will cost quite a bit. I think I’ll be about at least 60k…


41.02%. That’s more up yay. Last day went down a bit but overall still almost 2% up compared to last week.

As for iDeCo, it’s even higher at 37.40% (17.17% yield). It’s even higher probably because the timing again carrying over from previous week last hours increase.

Weekly Finance vol. 103


Sold 5 things for 50% loss. Yay =|

Better than nothing. Also finally got rid of the unused speakers.

Future In

I noticed I haven’t put up a bunch of dakimakura covers I sorted few months ago. Maybe I should get around to finally put them up…

And, uh, yeah, those doujinshi. No idea if I’ll ever be motivated enough to sort them up.


Finally preordered Karumaruka Circle dakimakura… just one Koyomi. Space constraint etc.

There was karory latest doujinshi.

I also finally bought Reco latest book. And then noticed the total size is like 50MB and the image size is only 845ร—1200 px which is rather small. Some of the smaller text are barely readable.

On unrelated note, I finally bought some 1TB SSD to replace my server boot storage. I’ve been using more VM lately and combined with relatively frequent snapshots, I’m running low on space.

Future Out

Yuzusoft Pentabox scheduled for December release. That wasn’t expected. I don’t have anything in there except Tenshin Ranman so it’s just about right I suppose. I don’t know which store to get it from yet. Probably either Melonbooks or Suruga-Ya. I have some budget for it but looking again I should increase monthly budget I set aside for those.

I don’t think there’s anything else coming up.

Oh, except A.M.R’s upcoming dakimakura cover next month. Let’s see if it’s actually up on time. Additional goods like calendar would be nice but I’m not holding my breath.


38.43% closing last week. That’s even more up. I just hope it doesn’t explode lol.

Similarly for iDeCo at 33.01% (15.38% yield).

No update on additional investment… yet.

Weekly Finance vol. 102


Sold one thing for slight loss. Not too bad but sure wish it’s better.

Future In

Put up more stuff for auction including some tapestries and old speakers. No one bid on the speakers last week but I’m still hopeful. No idea about the tapestries.


Bought even more voice drama. And nothing much else. I should stop doing it at least until I listen to all of my backlog. I also felt like I’ve written that last week.

Future Out

I still haven’t decided on Karumaruka dakimakura. No plan change so far so maybe I’ll really end up just getting Koyomi.

Also no change from last week is eroge purchase plan. Nothing interesting announced so far. More backlog clearing, I guess. Maybe I’ll finally be able to clear my backlog next year! (yeah no)

There’s also Comic1-19 yesterday but I don’t remember seeing anything interesting from that.


34.24% last week. Quite a lot of ups over the week which is nice.

Unfortunately iDeCo is back to 30.77% (14.16% yield). It’s probably similar case as last week?

I’d like to invest some more but I still don’t have enough cash reserve…

Weekly Finance vol. 101


Sold a few things. I’m not sure how much loss on some of them due to being part of a larger purchase but some are almost twice the original purchase price which is nice for a change.

Future In

I… really should put up that unused speaker. It’s been sitting in my room taking up precious space. That said I don’t think I’ll do it anytime soon but hopefully I’ll do it before this month ends.

I also need to get rid some more tapestries because I’m running out of space in my box again. I have sort them first though since I’ve cleared most of my previous sort. I know I can let go a few of them so hopefully it won’t be too difficult.

I need to finish Akikuru and Fuyukuru and Aikome quick so I can go back playing those which I have a bunch tapestries of and decide whether or not to keep them.


Apart of that, I bought a bunch of voice drama stuff which I backlogged. I’ve cleared a good chunk of them and my queue is running rather low… is what I thought but I just remembered I got a lot of Whisp stuff last month as I discover I can get them for cheap by upgrading Ci-En plan. It’s only mp3 but it’s usually enough.

I have 37 in my backlog now. I’ll get around listening to them all eventually.

Elsewhere, I ended up getting the Koyomi tapestry I’ve been considering for for a long time. It’s only A2 but I have a place to put up A2 tapestry now. I think.

And while looking at that on Suruga-Ya, I figured I should buy other stuff so there’s no fees incurred. I got two other stuff… and then learned the tapestry is on different store so it doesn’t really count toward free shipping and handling. And then I just ended up getting all of them, swallowing the handling and shipping fee. It’s not too much at least.

Oh, I also finally preordered Clarias F. As originally planned, I’m getting it from Trader.

Future Out

Preorder for Saga Planets dakimakura re-release has started. I haven’t finalized on which ones I want. I know I’ll get at least one Koyomi but I’m not sure about the others. I’ll probably end up just getting that one though.

There’s nothing else to preorder at the moment and considering the timing, I think there’s no other upcoming eroge this year I’ll be getting. It’s a bit unfortunate there’s no Saga Planets new title this year but the announcement could still come anytime soon.

Due to various things, I ended last month at quite a lot less savings than expected. I’ve readjusted a bunch of things and reconsidered how much my target should be for this year which then ended up with me having saved quite a lot overall. It’s already on track to be better than previous year so all is good.

It could be better but maybe next year. I also still need to spare a bit for emergency fund. I’ve been investing a bit too much – or just not saved enough.


32.19% this week ๐Ÿฅฒ As I worried last week, it dropped on Monday and just kept mostly going down over the week.

The fund I bought a while back also got its value below my purchase price. Timing mutual fund purchase sucks. Or more like almost impossible since it takes a week and the final price is whatever the following week is at.

At least it’s not as bad at iDeCo with 32.27% (14.79% yield). I’m not sure why it’s higher here. One possibility is it’s closed earlier than mutual funds and so the slight up on previous week wasn’t accounted for?

I just checked how much I invested this year and it’s barely over half what I did last year o_o It looks like the major difference is in how much stuff I sold on YJA…

Also the carry over from previous years (and eating through emergency fund).

Weekly Finance vol. 100


Sold one thing at slight loss. It’s probably more profitable just selling them to eroge shops…

Future In

Put up some stuff from eroge release day.

Nothing much else although I did get a box that’s perfect fit for my old speakers so I can finally sell them. Maybe next week or something.


Apart of paying for the budgeted eroge and stuff, there wasn’t much else.

Future Out

When preparing for my next month spending, I noticed at my current saving target, I barely have anything extra I can spend on (assuming no extra income from auction).

That makes zero sense so I gave up and adjusted the amount to something more… sane.

I also noticed the actual amount I saved is a bit more than I estimated as I didn’t include iDeCo in it. It’s not quite 40% but the minimum target is 20% anyway.

And back to buying stuff, Saga Planets, instead of announcing new title, they’re re-releasing previous dakimakura covers. Not only that, it looks like they’re updating the Karumaruka ones so the genital part is properly drawn instead of smooth like barbie. I’ll be getting the new Koyomi.

As for eroge preorders, as I’m done with this month budgeting and not want to look at it anymore, I’m looking at preordering Clarias F next month. Nothing else is planned at the moment.

I got info that Monkeys trial doesn’t have voiced Kirihana MC during hscenes. That sucks.

Nothing else is planned at the moment and I don’t think I should add anything either anyway considering my backlogs.


Evergrande incident caused quite a big influence on the stock market. Mostly the bad ones.

It balanced out quite a bit at the end of Japanese market closing on Friday and I actually ended up at 36.02% which is actually up compared to previous week. That’s weird but sure is better than the massive drop on opening day on Monday. That said, I think the market went down towards the end of Friday (after Japanese one closed) so I’ll only find out the final number tomorrow.

iDeCo on the other hand didn’t recover with 30.27% (14.56% yield). That’s a lot of percent lost compared to previous week.

Meanwhile I used the opportunity to place a small order for index fund. It’ll take a while until the transaction finishes so I just hope it doesn’t end up at stupid price…

Weekly Finance vol. 99


Sold quite a few stuff for a lot of loss. Over 70%, that is. Oh well.

Future In

Nothing planned except maybe upcoming release.


The biggest purchase this week was that dehumidifier above. I should’ve done this many months ago. Or even years. At least next year’s summer won’t leave me freezing cold again.

Future Out

I still haven’t budgeted Clarias F.

No other new announcement so far. Next week is probably the time limit for anyone to start preorder for titles to be released this year.

There are Sakutoki and Aokana Extra 2 which haven’t started preorder. The former has released a trial but that’s not really saying anything considering Sakuuta also had trial years before the actual release.

Saga Planets hasn’t announced anything either.

My budget went out of whack thanks to the purchase above and speaker and folding steps some other stuff.

On the brighter side there’s only 11 days left for this month.


35.89%. That’s over half percent lower. It’s been going down the whole week and only recovered a bit on Friday.

iDeCo isn’t much better either at 33.37% (15.88% yield) which is over 1% less compared to last week.

Buying more funds around this time seem like a good idea. Maybe sometime next week.

Weekly Finance vol. 98


Also nothing. That sucked.

Future In

And so I lowered starting bid of everything. Three items are bid already so that’s nice because I need all the extra money I can get.


So I can fund Clarias F again after wasting spending the budget (which I forgot to actually budget) on FGO.

Summer Event has started and Takeuchi servant this time is Okita Alter. In semi-Lily fashion (and a normal version). Complete with Rengoku personified.

I sure wish the original Okita got same amount of highlight during her release event ;_;

Anyway, that’s all spending I did this past week.

Future Out

As for future spending, as mentioned above it’ll be Clarias F. Considering the spending I done above, I don’t think I’ll be getting Sousaku Kanojo. It’s not like I’m lacking in backlog anyway.

Talking about backlog, I just remembered I’m supposed to get Tamayura Mirai. It just never happened but I guess I should budget it somewhere sometime. I added it to my “unpurchased backlog” for now which existence I forgotten since forever.

Apart of that, I don/t think there’s anything interesting coming up for me. Oh yeah I dropped tapestries for the same reason.


36.52% this (last?) week which is one percent down compared to previous week. It was mostly small increase over the week but it dropped quite a lot on Friday. That sucked.

As for iDeCo… it’s maintenance time again ,_, 34.83% (16.20% yield)… very slightly up. Cool, I guess.

Weekly Finance vol. 95


Still nothing this week.

Future In

Sorted my room a bit. Precisely the tapestry boxes. I’ve pulled out a few I may want to sell and managed to reduce number of boxes to three. The boxes are pretty full at the moment so I think I’ll need to sell a bit more.

That said, I’ve only put them aside and haven’t done anything with them. Probably sometime this week.

As for doujinshi, I haven’t touched them at all. I’ve been rather occupied with other stuff and sorting them takes too much time I don’t really want to set aside just yet.


I spent a bit too much on FGO gacha. I ended up rearranging existing budget for eroge and stuff and managed to not overbudget this month. That said, I’ll probably need to set aside some more for next month because summer event.

Future Out

Ainolinks Seisaku Kanojo HCG has been published recently and they seem nice enough I may end up getting it? Not quite sure yet though.

On another eroge news, Giga announced Clarias fandisk, Clarias F. New Chris route is welcome and so are the other extras. But the package version cost so much more compared to the digital one with the bonus being rather questionable in value. The tapestries better be double suede at least. Preorder isn’t up yet so I can’t confirm that part. I’ll probably still end up getting the package version anyway…

And then even more eroge news, Purple Software announced their new title, Kunako Kokuki. …dunno if I’ll get it. I’m not particularly interested in historical Japanese setting.

On related note, Saga Planets should be announcing their new title soon as well…


35.82% this week. That’s a lot of drop compared to previous week. It went constantly down for the whole week. I hope it gets better next week…

iDeCo is the same being down to 31.15% (15.32%).

It’s probably a good time for me to buy some funds.

Actually, I’ll just do that now.

…and done.

That said, I’m still off from my target for this year by a lot. As long there isn’t sudden big purchase, I should be able to hit it by the end of the year. Hopefully.

Weekly Finance vol. 94


Nothing this week. I kind of expected it.

Future In

Not sure if I’ll do anything this week. Maybe Suruga-Ya stuff if I feel like to.


Kakenuke goods were rather unexpected. Bought Shiori tapestries (both versions) and some clear bottles. I can use the bottles when going out instead of just reusing disposable pet bottles which isn’t quite recommended. At least budget-wise, I took it from the existing Saga Planets budget wallet.

I also preordered the Muririn B1 tapestry I mentioned last week. It sure is expensive. I probably should just take the budget from Yuzusoft budget. I’ll adjust accordingly by the end of this month as needed.

I also bought a bunch of doujinshi, both digital and physical. The A.M.R doujinshi was surprising. Interestingly there’s no announcement from her twitter account…

Future Out

This tapestry is rather interesting… I’ll decide on this sometime later.

Saga Planets new title announcement may come anytime soon now.

Sakura no Toki on the other hand, the official site is finally updated with a release date… for trial version.

I think that’s it for the upcoming stuff?


38.82% last week. Another one percent increase. Nice.

As for iDeCo, it’s currently at 33.09% (16.19% yield) which is up for both compared to last week (finally).

Weekly Finance vol. 93


Finally got rid of the old monitor. Hopefully it arrives at destination in one piece. Also sold two other things for some 50% loss.

Future In

I guess I should move on to sorting out stuff for Suruga-Ya now. Or soon. Or later.

There are still a few more tapestries and covers I may want to sell as well.


Bought digital version of some older doujinshi… and not much else.

Future Out

Nothing particularly interesting on summer doujin thingy so far.

As for FGO, there’s nothing interesting.

Preorder (?) for Moeoh tapestries should be up tomorrow but I’m not sure if I’m going forward with getting Muririn tapestry.


37.64%! That’s some increase. It also broke some nice number for me. And it’d look even better if I throw in some more sometime this month (imagine 2.7M, and throwing 300k would make it nice 3M).

As for iDeCo, it barely went up at 32.32% with the yield actually went down to 15.51%.