Weekly Finance vol. 113


Even more nothingness.

Future In

Of course nothing. I did lower price for some stuff though. Probably still not enough seeing the price on second hand stores.


I don’t think I preordered this many things at once before.

First off is Ambitious Mission. As mentioned before, I’m getting from four different stores for Kaguya and Yae stuff.

And while at it I also preordered the Kikka Winter tapestry. It’ll be shipped together with the new game though so it’ll be a while until I actually receive it. I’m skipping the Kaguya New Year tapestry because it’s a bit too safe. Kikka isn’t R-18 either but them thighs and thighhighs are good enough.

And then I’m also getting Nako dakimakura. Too good to skip. I think.

There’s Fuyukuru tapestry of Chiemi & Touko. I’m still very early at the game but I think I like them best at the moment so I’m getting it for now.

Back to eroge, I’ve preordered Unless Terminalia. I think I mentioned it before as well but it’s the all voice drama stores. The addition of Amazon raised the total cost a bit.

Oh and I finally preordered Aokana Extra2. It’s from Amazon because I don’t really care about the bonus. And looking back I probably should just wait and buy it second hand instead when I actually want to play it? Bad decision as usual (though this one is reversible).

And lastly and completely not planned was preordering Hokeloli (and buying Hokejo). The dakimakura doesn’t seem all that good but I like the tapestries quite a lot. Also thighhighs.

I didn’t actually have enough budget for all those above. I did some reshuffling and managed to secure just enough for the online orders (as I can’t delay the charges for those) but it’s impossible to budget for all of them at once. Especially not after the addition of that Hokeloli.

Though I think I should be able to allocate February budget for the rest of them. That said, Yuzusoft budget is currently at 0 because I reallocated them all (and that’s how I managed to secure enough for online orders).

Future Out

Nothing here. I’ve dealt all that can be dealt for the near future.

…is what I thought but I’m still undecided on Kantoku’s twin tapestry. I’ll figure it out sometime later.


43.62% this week. More up yay. Still haven’t passed the peak from this year though.

iDeCo is again a bit lower at 37.20% (16.34% yield) which is weird. For once it doesn’t follow my normal account even accounting for closing time difference.

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