Weekly Finance vol. 120


Sold one tapestry! Yay. It’s been a while last I sold tapestries.

Future In

I’m feeling lazy. I really should start selling more of these unused computer cases and stuff and free up my room.

I’ll see how I feel next week.


Still nothing here.

Future Out

I still haven’t decided on Sana dakimakura cover. I’m currently leaning towards no due to general composition and lack of budget and lack of space.

Nekonin tapestry preorder has also started. If it’s Ritsu I’ll be more likely to get them but I think I’ll pass on Yura & Tama. The coloring being done by Takano Yuki is pretty interesting though.

Otherwise there’s nothing else particularly interesting so far.

Budget wise I’m doing fine… barely. At current rate, I could spare quite some budget for Yuzusoft again as I clear up budget for upcoming eroge (up to May) this month. Oh and there’s also that missed budget target from last year. I’ll look into slowly clearing it back over next few months.


39.70% closing last week. Well it was cut short on Thursday as last Friday was public holiday here. But still, 3% higher (absolute number) compared to last week is quite something.

32.94% (13.79% yield) for iDeCo is also up compared to last week although it’s not even 1%. But still, up is up.

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