Weekly Finance vol. 121


Sold one case I mentioned last week (I haven’t put up the other one). That’s nice and all except the part I mistakenly set it as buy now instead of auction so it’s sold at minimum price 🥲

At least I set the minimum at a sane minimum instead of something stupid like 1 yen. It still kind of sucks regardless though. Oh well.

Future In

I can’t sell the other unused case yet because I need to sell the currently installed motherboard and CPU and RAM sticks first. RAM sticks and CPU shouldn’t be too difficult but the motherboard will probably be a bit annoying. It’s an LGA motherboard definitely isn’t helping. I hope this random socket cover I have can be used.

Nothing on doujinshi and other goods yet.


Saga Planets 2022 Valentine! Yay I didn’t expect this although I should’ve remembered they did it last year as well. Too bad no R18 tapestry of Yae. I’m getting it anyway though because thighs and kneesocks.

Oh and Kaguya mug cup while at it. Considered either that or Yae but ended up with the one with better costume 👀 Getting both was also an option but I don’t need that many mug cup. It shouldn’t be all that rare anyway even if I ended up wanting it later.

That one used the existing Saga Planets budget I have so it didn’t impact my extra budget.

Future Out

Talking about extra budget, I don’t have much for next month it seems. And then with the missed target last year I should at least attempt saving as much as I can.

I want to build up some Yuzusoft budget first at least. And some PC parts. And other things.

I sure is not going very well. And then I just remembered I should start budgeting for my flight home once this virus thing calms down.

Realistically, if I keep my current savings target I won’t have much else I can budget for. Maybe it’s a bit too ambitious after all. I’ll check again next year (and hope I can survive this year with current plan).

At least there’s only one new thing coming up which I’ll probably end up getting. It’s the other chapter of the Citrus Hokenshitsu Sensei series. It should be just the game itself this time around so it should be pretty cheap.

Combined with my slow (nonexistent) reading pace I don’t think I’ll be getting DC4 just yet. And maybe not Futakoi either. I’ll check back end of next month.


34.17% normal account and 31.39% (13.43% yield) iDeCo closing last week. Yep, it’s another horrible week.

That said, as usual, more funds for this month which I just did but looking again, I could’ve waited until next month as I bought things twice last month.

On the bright side, that may be what I needed to make up last year’s missed target.

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