Weekly Finance vol. 123


Nothing again. Not unexpected.

Future In

I thought I’d sort things last week but I ended up buying something which took out a good chunk of room space. Better luck next week.


Koikake’s Nako dakimakura cover has finally released. Price sure is climbing up slowly with now at 13k.

I also bought a new hug pillow. It’s a DHR7000H Premium. It’s heavy at 3.3kg which is a good 1kg heavier than my current DHR6000. My old one was over 5 years ago and is pretty gross now although not always visible thanks to the cover. I figured replacement is finally in order and I bought one. I later learned I have an unused coupon for Melonbooks (or at least I think it’s unused) Nevermind I used the 5% off coupons and only the 3% one remains. It’d still be some savings but not as much as I initially thought. I bought from Amazon instead.

It came in a rather big box which apparently could fit my other unused case which I really should get around selling. That’d be nice if it does fit since the alternative box is pretty annoying to deal with as it’s quite a lot larger and the case isn’t that big.

Anyway, back to spending money, BugBug this month sees the preorder of Ambitious Mission B2 tapestry of Yae. There’s also non-R18 version. I got both. The background is not quite done yet but I hope it’s better than their Ria tapestry. I’m not holding my breath on this one though. I’m like 90% sure it’ll be about the same random light shapes in the background. I’ll be happy to be proven wrong. Thankfully since a few months ago BugBug finally got into internet era and allow their stuff to be ordered online instead of having to mail the form order along with the money using a rather expensive post office mailing option. Oh and it used to require buying the actual magazine as well.

I bought both versions just in case (?). Good thing there are still quite a bit of Saga Planets budget left.

Future Out

Two eroges are coming out this month (with Aokana Ex 2 being delayed as expected). Those are budgeted already so not really a problem.

There isn’t anything else announced so far as I kind of expected. Well, except for Yuzusoft which is still rather unknown when they’ll announce their next title. They’ve confirmed they’re working on it so something should come up this year?

Meanwhile Sakura no Toki…

On other notes, I dug up my previous years accounting and I noticed just how much selling stuff used to help propping up my budget. With those gone of course budgeting nowadays feels really tight with seemingly no extra available at all while trying to increase the investment allocation at the same time. That’s despite I’ve been holding back on buying stuff. For the moment I’m keeping my current plan of slightly increased investment (compared to previous year) but unless some help comes up I’ll probably have to lower my target. Or waste less money (nooooo).


31.09% normal account and 28.89% (11.98% yield) iDeCo closing last week. Thanks, certain country.

That was pretty much expected and I just hope it recovers in not too long time frame (months, not years).

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