Weekly Finance vol. 122


Nothing! Yay. There’s only 8 things left anyway. I think I should just send them off to Suruga-Ya.

Future In

I still haven’t done anything about the PC parts due to moving things around. Interestingly after moving things around it’s probably easier to start sorting doujinshi and stuff instead. I’ll see how annoyed I am in a few days.


As indicated by the Maid Choco post, I finally got the dakimakura cover hanger. That was a bit expensive for a hanger.

Also picked up the Fuyukuru tapestry. I should get around taking photo of it sometime. Maybe this week. The other good thing about my room rearrange is it’s got more contiguous space and thus easier to set up ironing board.

My Taruto Acrylic Clock was broken last Friday. The clock just stopped moving and changing battery didn’t help. Disassembled it and didn’t see anything wrong with the gears so most likely the electronic parts was broken. Thankfully a few hours later I discovered it’s attached using screw so it’s easy to replace. Got the generic parts replacement from Amazon and everything fit just nice including the clock hands. It’s the one for 4mm thick clock face.

Future Out

Nothing here.


30.24% normal account and 25.11% (11.00% yield) iDeCo. Thanks Russia 😐

It has been trending down these last few weeks and their action definitely made it worse.

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