Weekly Finance vol. 34

Directly finance-related photo for once


Some of the stuff I put up last week were sold. Although as one of them is an old eroge (which I’ve bought non-DRM’d digital version of), it’s barely 0% loss despite two of them being sold for quite a lot more than the purchase price.

Also I’ve got the government stipend thing. That was nice.

Future in

Uh, still haven’t done Suruga-ya stuff. I don’t quite remember what I did last weekend, hmmmm ?_?

Nothing in particular is planned for this weekend either so I hope I can finally pack up for Suruga-ya.


Celebrating the stipend and YJA, I placed pre-order on various stuff. And bought some useless stuff as well.

On pre-order side, I placed orders on Kakenuke (Trader, Suruga-ya, Amiami), Cafe stella OST and drama CD, Maitetsu last run!! game (Suruga-ya) and vocal album, and Einstein (Melonbooks).

The useless stuff includes a wireless earphones (lol finally) and usb charger (and bye stupid hub).

Future out

The remaining pre-orders are Kakenuke’s stores with unknown bonus and/or retail stores (Sofmap, Getchu, Melonbooks, etc), Giga’s Clarias which I don’t think the pre-order even started yet (maybe next week?), and Cabbage’s Sakura no kumo (maybe Sofmap?). Last two are still undecided though. Maybe I should play safe and buy them once I cleared my current backlogs (ha).

Apart of the aforementioned pre-orders, I don’t think there will be any big spending coming soon. Or next month. Well, I could use yet another SSD but that’s not really a thing yet.

That said, with all the savings target failure few months ago, while strictly looking at current month I still have quite a bit of extras, I actually barely have anything left if I’m to fill up the holes.

Main pre-orders are done anyway so I guess I’m safe for this month (famous last words).

Weekly Finance vol. 33

Apparently this is the second most thin lens the store has


In? What in?

Thing sure are going rather slowly nowadays ;_;

Future in

So I put up some more stuff for auction last weekend. Not sure how they’ll do but I sure hope well.

Still haven’t started on Suruga-Ya. Maybe this weekend. I barely have extra time last weekend thanks to misc errands I had to do as I can normally go out again.

I keep forgetting about this but there should be 100k stipend coming sometime this month. Yay tax money.


As mentioned last week, some money were spent on Taruto’s dakimakura.

Also mentioned are new case and PSU. That finally happened. Oh and new network card as well. I probably should write post on that.

With those and new eyeglasses, I barely have anything left for this month. Or so it’ll be if there’s no stipend I mentioned above.

Future out

With extra budget potentially coming in this month, I can probably go forward with pre-ordering Kakenuke and others sometime this month.

I still haven’t pre-ordered the Cafe Stella drama CD and soundtrack either.

I don’t really want to rely on that free money but I guess I’ll have to for this time.

At least I don’t think there will be any other big spending coming anytime soon…


Weekly Finance vol. 32


It’s midweek and nobody bought any of my eroges so nothing here.

Future in

Uh, I’ll probably start packing up stuff this weekend.

The same with auction stuff, I’ll probably start selling still-interesting-enough-but-less-used tapestries and pillow covers. I have some vague idea so I hope it’ll work out well. It’ll be rather sad seeing them go but better than just rotting in my room.

Most of my pillow covers are already illustrated Ikegami Akane and if I go ahead with the tapestry, it’ll probably end up similar fate. Well, that’s fine by me.


End of last month I bought Yomeyama DMM bonus shikishi. That was rather expensive but I’ve been eyeing it for a long while.

I still end up barely above my savings target so it’s all right. I hope I didn’t miss anything otherwise it may be a bit below but it should be fine.

Future out

I’m pretty close on finally buying new case and PSU as I mentioned last time. Too bad the PSU I plan to buy is currently sold out.

And then there’s also figuring out a better network card because current one is rather problematic on certain combination (namely it doesn’t work well on Windows Server 2012 R2 which is rather superior OS compared to Windows 10).

Overall, I’m looking at spending around 20k for components this month.

Then another 10k for new pair of glasses, and 10k for general supplies.

If Ikegami Akane is really releasing a new pillow cover this month, that’d be 20k. Or maybe 30k it comes with something else.

So far, I’m looking at 70k.

Entering eroge, Cafe stella goods will come at 6k. Maitetsu Last Run and related stuff probably about 20k.

Hmmmm, those all are already hitting 96k. That’s bad.

I need to redo this. Come back again next week (?).

Weekly Finance vol. 31


Sold nothing. Yay. Kind of expected. Adjusted some prices, I’ll find out if it does anything.

Future in

Still did nothing for Suruga-Ya.

I still need to add some more stuff I’ve already decided to sell…

…just need some motivations.

I also put up the extra copies of pieces/Canary. I hope those will sell somehow.


Bought last copy of pieces/Canary and two C98 doujinshis and that’s it.

Future out

In addition to Seishun Sparking and Maitetsu LR, my future eroge purchase list has gotten two three new additions. Maybe.

Currently considering these two three:

  • Einstein yori ai o komete (October release): illustration by Kimishima Ao and apparently the writer Niijima Yuu is rather famous.
  • Sakura no kumo scarlet no koi (September release): time to finally get Korie Riko-illustrated game? And written by the one who did the apparently-pretty-good Amazing Graze. Also, detective (costume) girl. I’ll probably just get from one store. Most likely either Sofmap because double suede or Suruga-Ya because I like it most. I don’t think I want to collect the whole DLC drama for this one. One is at Fanza DL edition which is stupid.
  • Senkou no clarias (no release date): I’m not even sure whats this about but it’s got cute Holmes girl. Also maybe my first Suzuhira Hiro? Interestingly also by Niijima Yuu (part of it).

As usual, the list may or may not change later.

Nothing else on goods side at the moment ๐Ÿค” (apart of Cafe Stella CDs and dakimakura by AMR)

Oh right, not really eroge or anime related but I need to spare some money for replacing my broken eyeglasses ;_;

And I’m considering buying a new PC case and PSU so I can use the currently unused motherboard and CPU and then sell my Fujitsu server. Next month maybe. Or next week.

Weekly Finance vol. 30

A bit late due to various reasons. I probably should write this later after sleeping but I currently can’t sleep waiting for something.


I sold one item yesterday for a loss of 38%. It’s the broken-ish RAM stick I bought a few weeks ago. That was annoying. At least I found another cheap RAM stick except it actually works. I’ll probably write more detail post on it but in short I still saved quite a bit compared to buying new sticks.

As for last week, it was two items at almost no loss. A bit profit even. I sure didn’t expect 9-nine storage box to cost that much. I guess the good overall story did the trick.

Future in

June is closing in! Nothing special but as I’ve been saying, I need to start packing up stuff for Suruga-Ya.

Also my auctioned stuff is getting rather slim while my main collection has been growing.


I ended up buying quite a bit more ASMR stuff from Dlsite during their Golden Week promo.

And that’s it?

Future out

I’ll be doing some very late C98 shopping later next week so there’s that for closing this month.

And of course one last copy of pieces/Canary I haven’t paid off yet.

Based on that, I should be safe for my target this month.

As for next month, I’m not really sure, thanks to Seishun Sparking and a bunch of other stuff ๐Ÿค”

I just remembered about Cafe Stella sound track and drama CD. Well, that’s kind of bad news.

Weekly Finance vol. 29


Sold one item for 10% loss.

My auction page sure is getting rather empty now. I’ll probably start adding more stuff around next month. Feeling a bit lazy this month.

Wasting money

Um, all the groceries and computer parts sure costed a lot. It looks like I’ll barely hit my saving target this month if at all.

The extra spending on case fans was rather unexpected and I forgot about buying some SQ for my NA FGO account.

Otherwise there’s not much change of plan. There will be a new dakimakura by Ikegami Akane next month, though…

Weekly Finance vol. 28

RIP money


Sold quite a few stuff for more or less 0% loss. Whee. It includes a pair of RAM sticks which I replaced with the two sticks above.

Apparently 9-yukiiro boxes fetches some good money. That was an unexpected nice surprise.

Wasting money

After weeks without proper ECC RAMs, I found two less expensive sticks off YJA. They both costed a bit under 20k in total which is still quite way more than 12k I spent for the non-ECC sticks I’ve been using. Those were some special deals though and current price is about 16k which means the new sticks only cost slightly more.

Last week I also wasted quite a lot of money getting some Saga Planets stuff from DMM as I discovered they’re DRM-free.

That and buying some digital doujinshi drained my reserve budget pretty quickly. And it’s only first week of May +_+

At least there shouldn’t be much left after next week. A bunch more doujinshi and then lastly one more copies of pieces/Canary.

Weekly Finance vol. 27

My thought looking at April balance


Um, I think I sold like one item for about 50% loss. And then sold one 9-yukiiro for about 20% loss?

Still haven’t put up anything else and my room is getting fuller thanks to all the new stuff I bought last week.

Wasting money

So, last month, I ended up not reaching my saving target. By quite a bit. Mostly thanks to preordering pieces/Canary. Also thanks to upgrading my server ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Thankfully, with those out of the way, it means I don’t need to preorder anything this month. The only thing on my list for this month is pieces/Canary from Sofmap.

As for future preorders, there are still a few more stuff on my list. The closest one being Cabbit’s Kagitori which may be released next month. I’ve done most of the preorders with Melonbooks and Sofmap being the only two I haven’t accounted yet because I’m getting them from physical store.

Up next would be Maitetsu Last Run. Although as I mentioned before, I’ll probably just buy one from Suruga-Ya. Or maybe even Amazon for the discount? ๐Ÿค”

The latest on my list is Sagaplanet’s Kakenuke Sparking. I’m not sure yet how I’ll preorder the one from Sofmap. Hopefully the pandemic will be over this or next month so I can get it from physical store. Buying eroge from Sofmap online store is something I would really avoid. As for the rest, there’s no change in plan yet and still waiting for the reveal of original bonuses. That will determine whether I’ll spend 40k or 80k for this title.

My guess is those are voice drama and I’ll end up going the expensive route ๐Ÿ™ƒ

Stock market

They seem to be increasing slowly over the last few weeks?

Weekly Finance vol. 26

Almost forgot to write this post.


Sold some more stuff. At more loss. Almost 60%. Kinda sucks but it was mostly thanks to dakimakura. The value drop sure is more obvious in absolute term. Also it’s almost impossible to recover the price once used.

Not sure if I’ll put up more stuff anytime soon. Even though I really should.

Wasting money

It’s eroge day (yesterday)! Spent a lot of money! At least it was budgeted already so it’s mostly fine.

I’ll probably end up preordering pieces/Canary this month instead of next month. Nearby Melonbooks already has no early preorder shikishi anymore so that sucked ;_;

That will kind of mess up my budget. Looking again, it was probably a bad idea anyway waiting until the release month.

Talking about budget, there will be also this Seishun Sparking thing. As mentioned last time, it’ll cost me good money. Dropping Maitetsu LR goods will end up helping here.

Also at current rate, there might be nothing in summer? No Comiket at least. Denkigai… is a bit unknown. I heard some info about they’ll be held in summer. We’ll see.

Stock market

It’s a mystery at this time. The trend is still going down but on some days it goes up quite a lot as well so that helped compensate the drop. Not by much though.

Weekly Finance vol. 25


Sold quite a few stuff this last weekend. At almost 50% loss. Yay ๐Ÿ˜

Wasting money

As pictured above, I got a new system for my server! New motherboard (ASRock X570 Pro4) and new CPU (AMD Ryzen 3500), to be precise. I already have too many RAM sticks on my desktop (4x16GiB) so I took a pair off it and use it on the new server, saved me from having to spend more money on this. Details coming soon to the other blog. Maybe.

That said, I still need to eventually upgrade the RAM to ECC. Unfortunately the cheapest I could find costs about 30k for a pair of 16GiB for a total of 32GiB. It will take a while until I save enough for them.

Apart of that, I’m skipping Soraao this time because of the purchase above and just generally trying to spend on thing I really like instead of just stuff I may potentially like. Anime is especially worse in this regard as the second hand market is pretty big and it’s relatively easy getting cheap second hand copies.

Next week is already eroge week. Schedule-wise, I should be posting another finance post before then unless I went lazy mode again and hold off doing it until last minute like this one.

New “C98” stuff are also starting to come out as well. I have some budget for it but I’m not sure how much I’ll end up spending. Hopefully not too much.

That reminded me, I still need to pack stuff for Suruga-Ya.

Weekly Finance vol. 24

Unrelated apart of that I’m watching this while writing this post


0% loss this time yay. Except it was because I sold nothing.

Readjusted prices for stuff. Hopefully can sell something but with current economy it’ll probably be rather difficult regardless.

I suspect it’s better for me to start packing up stuff to be sent to Suruga-Ya.

Wasting money

Pre-ordered some stuff and although there are still some extras, there’s no telling how this month will go with all the new doujin stuff which are initially targeted for C98.

And then I still need to figure out what to do with Maitetsu LR. I’m actually now considering only buying single thing. Probably either Sofmap or Suruga-Ya and skip the rest of them. It’s just too expensive and considering I’m so far backlogged on that, I probably really should just get the minimum.

pieces/Canary for May (5 copies?), Torikago for June (4 copies), and lastly Maitetsu LR (1 copy?) for July. And that’s it? There’s nothing for August or later yet. Saga Planets may announce their new title soon-ish though.

I really need to read faster. And be less distracted.

Stock market

These last two days have been closed at positive which is actually a bit annoying because I was too late buying some index fund which ended up costing quite a lot more than the price when I placed the order. I probably should’ve bought ETF instead.

Weekly Finance vol. 23


Quite a few items were sold this week. With a rather big loss as well unfortunately at 40%. Oh well, better than nothing.

With this, I have less than 40 items remaining to be sold. The lowest since a while, I believe.

And I still have not decided on what else to sell yet.

Wasting money

Thanks to the YJA, I got some spares left for this month. Although considering it’s almost May anyway I’ll probably end up doing pre-orders next month if the budget permits.

With C98 out of window, I’m not sure how to budget April/May for the doujinshi. It’ll probably end up a bit more expensive than usual. And then of course there’s still pieces/Canary on May. And Maitetsu LR on July.

Oh and on Maitetsu LR, I’m skipping Tech Gian’s drama CDs. I’ll probably regret it? Maybe? But it’s Lose – they tend to re-release previous drama CDs somehow in one form or another. Not that I’m currently lacking in drama CDs anyway.

And then with Cabbit’s Kagitori delayed to June, my eroge purchases for April is now down to 9-yukiiro and Denshi otome. Shouldn’t be too bad.

Now I think about it, I can probably cancel my current Getchu order for that Kagitori and reorder it together with Onigyu anime for cheaper shipping.

There’s Melonbooks C98 (RIP) tapestries as well but I’ll probably skip them completely. Getting that Tomose Shunsaku tapestry or some other ones is rather tempting but I think I’ll pass. There isn’t really anything outstanding and with the book itself delayed it’ll be slightly more expensive getting the extra stuff.

And lastly, I almost completely forgot about it but I also need to slip in some budget for more dual ports 10GbE cards and new Ryzen setup for my server.

Hmm, looking again, this will be a bit difficult.

Stock market

Somehow the indexes went up these last two (work) days. It’ll probably go down again this week. I’m not holding my breath.

Weekly Finance vol. 22


Sold another two items for 40% loss! Yay…

Still haven’t put up anything new. Too lazy and distracted with another things.

Wasting money

I’m doing well not buying anything these last few days. I still need to get around pre-ordering stuff I mentioned last week.

Overall I should be able to hit savings target safely.

That said, I have motherboard + CPU lined up for purchases. I can really use some faster server. And maybe another pair of 10GbE cards because finding full sized brackets for current cards seems a bit impossible. I got one which I thought could be compatible but it isn’t. The mounting points are very slightly off.

I see some cheap Mellanox cards which should work and less probability of being counterfeits (Intel NICs are prone to this) but I’ll wait until at least next month. Or when I finally accidentally unplugged my loose card(s).

Stock market

Still RIP. I’m currently at 20% loss on normal index fund and 15% loss on optional pension fund.

Weekly Finance vol. 21

Late because of various reasons =)


Sold two things at 20% loss. Not too bad but nothing exciting either. The total value is pretty low as well. But hey, extra income is always welcome.

I knew this is happening but the slow down sure kinda hurts.

As I’ve always mention, I will need to finish some more eroge before I can continue deciding what to keep.

Wasting money

Thankfully there isn’t much to waste money on. Although I just remembered I haven’t pre-ordered pieces/Canary at all. Whoops. And then the movie blu-rays. I still have enough budget for the blu-rays but at the current rate I need to wait until next month for eroges. It doesn’t help I’m buying quite a lot for next month releases. I hope I’ll still have enough…

Oh and there’s also Comiket coming.

Hmm, this is pretty bad.

Stock market


Weekly Finance vol. 20


Sold three items for 60% loss. Erm. At least the absolute number isn’t too bad.

I did put up some more stuff but there aren’t many left anyway. I probably should lower starting bid a bit sometime this month.

Wasting money

There’s not much this week. And I don’t think there will be much for the rest of this month either. I still need to place order for some anime blu-rays though.

So, overall, I’m doing kind of fine, I guess. Assuming nothing else suddenly comes up.

Stock market

And finally my funds are at loss. RIP two years worth of investments. It sure didn’t help I picked the worst time to start.

Looking back

I figured looking at previous month spending might be a good idea. I sometimes do it but I don’t usually write them here.

Anyway, last month started with tapestry from Ryohka and dakimakura by K-Ko from Yometan. Followed by Arthuria Racing tapestry. Afterwards I spent some more money on F/sn museum and related goods. Lastly, ACHGM spending ended with buying more eroge at the end of month. It’s not too bad.

Unfortunately though, on computer side, I bought 10GbE cards and related bits and pieces. In addition, I also got a new phone. Yay. It worked really well. Not for my finance though.

Overall, as I mentioned before I still managed to keep it above the minimum savings target.

Receiving about 40k through auction sure also helped.

Weekly Finance vol. 19


Last auction last month ended by selling four items at 6% loss. Not too bad considering all the terrible weeks I’ve been through.

I’ll put up some more stuff later this week.

Other selling stuff

I really should get around sending more stuff to Suruga-Ya.

Wasting money

Last month ended up saving a bit more than minimum target thanks to the last auction.

And then the budget for this month was immediately hit by all the backlogs from last month. As it currently stands, I barely have anything left for this month. And it’s only the first day ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Weekly Finance vol. 18


Sold five items for about 50% loss. Er. Well, the higher valued stuff have mostly been sold out so the remaining items are kind of expected to be sold at loss.

That said, I’ve put up some more tapestries which hopefully can be sold for some profit…?

Wasting money

End of month is closing in and I barely manage to keep my savings target. It’ll probably fall a bit short though. Or maybe not. I’m not sure. Also depends on how the last auction for this month goes. Maybe it’ll be fine.

Meanwhile I still have no idea what to do with Maitetsu pre-orders…

Also on the DRM’d game thingy, they still haven’t make any further announcements.

Oh, and stock market (or just general world economy) sure is taking some pretty hard hits from covid-19.

Weekly Finance vol. 17


Sold two items for about 40% loss. Yay.

I need to push limit on what I’m selling and then finishing eroges so I can finally consider whether or not to keep them.

Other selling stuff

Still haven’t done anything else even though I really should. Mainly doujinshi to be sold through Suruga-Ya (of course).

And then there’s my older phone as well though I’m not sure if I even should sell or just dispose of them right away due to safety reasons.

Wasting money

It’s almost end of February and I still haven’t pre-ordered Hello World and Weathering BDs. I can’t quite do it this month anymore as I don’t have enough remaining budget.

And the reason I’m running low of available budget is I’m buying a phone. An old phone. I sure hope it works. It’s way cheaper than buying new but it’s also pretty old. It should work fine based on the seller’s reputation. I’ll tell more once I figure out how it ends.

In addition to that, I ended up buying another pair of 10GbE card.

Thanks to those two craps above, even though I didn’t waste that much on dakimakura and tapestries and eroges, I’m currently on danger of going below my minimum savings target. I guess going to Ore no yome at the end of this month is out of question.

Next month seems even more questionable.

Or maybe this month. Depends on how the DRM-infested company end up this time. The final decision will probably be before end of this month. Just like last time, this crap is taking a bit too much thinking time ๐Ÿ˜ Maybe I should just get over with it already and forget/ignore the company altogether.

Weekly Finance vol. 16

Early for once.


Sold quite a few items at 70%. That hurts. At least it covered my extra 10GbE cards purchases though.

I noticed I now have less than 50 items up. It sure can use more items. Maybe this week. Or next week. I don’t know.

Wasting money

I’m still not sure about Maitetsu pre-orders. Those look pretty dangerous. I still have 5 months to prepare but with Comiket incoming in two months, I don’t have that much leeway until then.

At least I don’t have anything else coming for this month. I think.

Oh right, there’s FSN 15th Museum but it shouldn’t cost too much.

There’s also that company which said to use DMM Soft Denchi (lol) but for some reason still hasn’t updated their official page. I think I should keep some budget aside for that but at the moment the chance they’ll drop the stupid DRM seems pretty low. Well, their loss โ”( ๏ฝฅ_๏ฝฅ)โ”Œ

Weekly Finance vol. 15


Put up four stuff, sold one of them. I think it was for about the value I bought it at.

I probably should put up more new stuff. I now have some ideas on what else to sell.

In addition, I lowered starting bid on most of the things and two of them are already bid. Hopefully there will be more this week?

Wasting money

I ended up pre-ordering this K-Ko dakimakura. And this Ryohka tapestry. Maybe I’ll pre-order this mignon tapestry as well.

Apart of that, with delay of Cabbit’s Torikago, there isn’t much else for me this month. Maybe Ikegami Akane covers though looking at the schedule again, the pre-order will probably be only up in March.

That said, it’s only first week of February and I don’t exactly have that much spare remaining for this month.

Lastly, stock market is on free fall ๐Ÿ˜”

Weekly Finance vol. 14


Nothing ;_;

It was kind of expected but it sure is sad.

I really should put up some more stuff…

Wasting money

I actually saved quite a bit of extra for this month thanks to Suruga-Ya stuff.

Spending for February includes a few eroges (Torikago, Hajikano) and blu-rays (?) and dakimakuras (Ikegami Akane), I think.

There are a few more new titles coming up for April and May. Those cost quite a bit. They’re still a long way so I should be able to save up some budget before they arrive.

Weekly Finance vol. 13


Sold another single item. This time at a small profit.

Still haven’t put up anything new. I really should.


The result is in and I’m getting 32k. I haven’t calculated it properly but I think I bought them for at least 100k which means it’s at at least 68% loss. Yay ๐Ÿ˜

Not really unexpected. I hoped it’d go for at least 50k though.

Wasting money

On 10 GbE card, I think I’ll wait and try using current network and see how it performs with NFS. I also found cheap (and rather reliable) cards on ebay so that’s always an option.

This month is ending soon, and I’m still projecting good amount of savings until then.

Not sure about February yet though. And the digital artbooks I mentioned last week.

Weekly Finance vol. 12


One small bid with a bit of loss. On the brighter side someone bid on a rather expensive stuff.

I probably should put up some more stuff this week.


Sent a bunch of books. Bye ๐Ÿ˜ข

I hope they buy the books for good money. Something like 50k would be nice though I think the original purchase price for them was over 100k.

Will need to send more, as I haven’t sorted out B5 doujinshi at all. And there are some A4 left over from previous one thanks to overweight.


I’m currently in danger of buying two 10 GbE cards. Otherwise I should be fine-ish for this month.

Upcoming stuff for next month and later includes pieces sequel, Argonauts new title (maybe), Torikago purchases, 9-yukiiro purchases, Hajikano purchase, and Kinkoi PS4.

I wonder if I’ll ever get enough extra budget to buy a bunch of digital artbooks…

Weekly Finance vol. 11


Another surprise with one bid. This time I netted a small profit.

Still haven’t put up anything else yet. Maybe sometime next week. Most likely not this week.


A small update finally. Sorted out A4-sized books and doujinshi and ended up with over 25 kg of books to be sold. The shipping method used only allows up to 25 kg though so I’ll be selling some of the books a bit later, maybe together with B5 doujinshi and other random craps.

I hope they sell for something. I think some of the doujinshi are rather rare so hopefully they buy it for good money.

I need to figure out the documents I need to prepare first though as I think I need to redo some of them after having address change.


As I mentioned last week, I did a bunch of pre-orders. I don’t think I have any spare left for this month. Pieces sequel is coming up but it’ll probably be for February or later pre-orders. Other than that, there’s nothing else for this month. I hope.

Weekly Finance vol. 10


Surprisingly someone bid on a tapestry. And that’s all. It’s 15% loss but at less than 3000 yen total it doesn’t really matter.

And that ended my auction for 2019. Overall it’s way worse compared to 2018… is what I thought. Looking at the actual number it’s almost the same. Heck it’s also about the same amount as 2017. That’s weird.

2020 would certainly be worse as I’ve mentioned before, there aren’t many things left I can sell.

Wasted money

With five pillow covers and a bunch of eroges, it wasn’t a cheap month. Oh, and the events as well of course.

Combined with new PC, even over 130k extra income from auctions couldn’t help me reach my monthly savings target.

I’ve saved enough for the rest of the year to cover them though so it’s all goo.


New month, new planning. Well, more like plan executions. I’m currently looking at almost 100k for pre-orders and stuff.

…that’s a lot.

I just hope there’s no additional unexpected spending.

Weekly Finance vol. 9


Surprisingly sold some stuff with only 15% loss. That was nice. I considered taking two weeks off but I figured might as well keep going so I’ll be begrudgingly going outside instead of staying home all day.


I thought 9-yukiiro pre-order starts last Friday but it’s this Friday. So, yay.

Nothing else new announced recently as far as I remember so last week’s plan is still a thing.


As mentioned in last week’s digest, I toyed around with idea of getting a new Ryzen system. And that happened. So I blew the extra budget I had.

The end result shouldn’t be too much different compared to last year but I spent way more on new apartment rent last year so it’s not quite the same comparison. I also had way more stuff to be sold. And next year would be even worse so I need to adjust accordingly.

That said I still need to sell quite a bit more stuff remaining and maybe trim even further to get my tapestries collection to some sensible amount instead of way over 200 at the moment.

Oh and of course to trim my doujinshi collection though that one is mostly just space clean up as I don’t think I can recover much value from them.

Weekly Finance vol. 8


Sold even more items. For total loss of about 20%.

On top of that I made mistake when creating auction for the random USB3 card and entered amount of two instead of one. Thankfully the bidder didn’t make big deal about it. It being a deal of 200yen worth of item.

And then another fail where one of the tapestries is damaged and I didn’t notice it until yesterday. No response for this one yet ‘_’)a

Oh well.

On next week though, there are some bids already.


Pre-orders for 9-Yukiiro will start this Friday. I don’t know yet when I’ll actually pre-order it. Or them as I’m buying multiple copies.

There’s also Onigyu H-anime which I haven’t decided where to buy yet as I’m waiting for the tapestry image to come out first.

And lastly – at least as far as my list goes – Cuffs winter goods is here as well. I actually completely forgot about it but there are some stuff I may end up buying. That will also cost quite a lot.


Thanks to the auction last week, it covered the Cuffs stuff I forgot about. And maybe even 9-Yukiiro if counting on next week’s as well.

Update 2019-12-24: I got Yukiiro pre-order date wrong whoops.

Weekly Finance vol. 7


Surprisingly sold quite a few things. The total loss was about 15%. Not too bad considering (unfortunately) no particularly highly-bid item. Just minor loss overall.

I hope this week will be at least as good as last week…


Ended up pre-ordering that Yometan K-Ko pillow cover.

Maybe will also buy the pieces’ Tsumugi pillow cover.


Thanks to last week’s YJA, it recovered a bit. Overall though I still have quite a bit wastable budget remaining for this year.

Not sure how next year will fare considering I won’t have as many stuff to be sold anymore.

Weekly Finance vol. 6


Lots of things were sold. Overall it was at about 10% loss. Not too bad considering it involves two pillow covers which lost over 60% of its original value. There are few gold tapestries helped the numbers and that’s how I ended up with relatively few loss.

As mentioned last week, there aren’t many tapestries I can sell left so I guess I won’t be getting much extra for foreseeable future.


A.M.R winter goods! Yay. And a few soundtrack CDs I keep forgetting to buy (not yet, waiting for Yahoo! bonus day).

More eroge (and almost eroge) pre-orders are also coming closer. Stuff like Kinkoi PS4, 9-Yukiiro, and maybe Hajikano.


That said, there’s a few hiccup along the way so I don’t actually have that much spare budget at the moment, lol. Should still be fine for the upcoming event though. I think.

Weekly Finance Vol. 5


Sold two items. At loss of only 40% it’s not too bad. The absolute number is pretty low though so it’s kind of sad.

I thought this month is over but next auction end time is still this month so I figured I should try one last push. One last push I did and I think I put up all of the tapestries I could put up, leaving with me with a bit over 270 tapestries…

Still a bit too many but cutting down this more will take quite a bit more scrutiny and eroge plays.

On the bright side people have been bidding on some of those stuff.

After this though, there’s really not many more stuff I can put up anymore. It’ll even be rather questionable for me continuing Yahoo! Premium next year. Also, RIP extra income ๐Ÿ˜”


Nothing. Maybe soon? Depends on the announcement coming in Friday.


Should be pretty good? Though I don’t think I’ll buy that pillow cover I mentioned last week. Or will I?