Weekly Finance vol. 89


Sold some PC stuff. It was at quite a lot of loss but more than I actually expected. I just hope it’ll go well.

My room got some extra space now. Yay.

Also one last copy of eroge (also at loss).

Future in

I probably should start selling more tapestries. And other stuff.

If the monitor I just sold arrived without problem, I’ll start looking into selling the larger one. Still not sure how to actually pack it though as I have no box with correct size.


Sale of latest Eshi100 books have finally started. Good thing I accounted for the shipping cost already.

As I finally finished reading Amakoi, up next is Harukuru… which I needed to buy first. Hopefully this one won’t take forever to read.

Future out

I’ll eventually need to also buy Natsukuru and Akikuru…

Melty Blood bonus seems to be mostly up but nothing interesting so far.

I don’t think there will be anything for the rest of this month…?


34.60%… o_O That’s a lot of drop.

Interestingly for iDeCo it went up a bit closing at 32.90% (16.14%).

I need to get around buying some more index funds…

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