Weekly Finance vol. 88


Put up two dakimakura covers and one of them was sold for quite a bit more than the original purchase price. That’s a nice change.

That’s it for this week. Oh and last week’s was completed without problem.

Future in

Maybe will put up a bit more covers along the week.

I’ve also emptied a box for shipping one of the monitors. I still need to do a final check on it and then actually make auction page…

As for doujinshi for Suruga-Ya, hopefully will be done before end of this month.


Pre-ordered Romi cover. The shipping is kinda expensive.

Kinda interested in this Imosucc but I figured better not to as I’ve already gotten fuckload of backlogs.

Future out

It’s July and there’s still no announcement from Yuzusoft.

I don’t think there’s anything else interesting coming up anytime soon. Although I still need to finally get around buying and reading Harukuru etc.

My budget for this month is kinda dried up already. Preparing for unknown stuff costs money.

On semi unrelated note, I did manage to reach my saving target for last month. Hopefully it goes well this month as well.


37.15% this week. That’s a lot of percents in span of a week. I just hope it doesn’t drop right on the start of the week. Or at all.

iDeCo 32.58% (16.00% yield). Unlike normal account, it’s less than 1% from last week and the yield is actually lower.

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