Weekly Finance vol. 87


The previous week’s transaction went into slight problem with the buyer trying to troll me by saying the thing isn’t working and proceeded to give me negative review right away and ended up with accusing me doing stupid shit like re-shrink-wrap the thing. At least they did complete the transaction anyway so the only damage I had was just the negative review.

Meanwhile sold two more things this weekend. Hopefully no problem this time around.

Future in

Hasn’t done anything yet. Lazy etc.


Pre-ordered Oshilove FD and Sumi chapter of Onigyu Anime. Both were budgeted and all so there’s no impact.

Future out

Aikome’s Romi dakimakura cover. That wasn’t expected and I didn’t put any budget for it. It seemed nice enough I’ll place the order early next month.

More on Aikome, the append Apollocrisis ended up getting an early release as part of goods bundle being sold for around 6k. The goods themselves seem rather interesting although it would be nicer if the tapestry is R-18. Also double suede. None of either is confirmed but at that price I think I’ll just get it anyway.

Info on Melty Blood remake is also out. As expected (but not wanted), the PC edition isn’t getting any physical release and only on Steam. Just like Tsukihime, I’ll just get it for the tapestry if there’s anything interesting.


35.88% last week. Over one percent increase compared to previous week. I think it dropped quite a lot on Monday which was continuation from Friday. Thankfully everything recovered along the rest of the week.

As for iDeCo, I forgot to check the numbers on Monday last week so the comparison will be further back… which is 31.83% (16.42% yield), barely up from two weeks ago.

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