Weekly Finance vol. 86

What am I doing, even


Sold one thing! Yay. That was at 60% loss. It’s actually slightly less loss than I expected.

Still no bid for my old PC ;-; I lowered the starting bid so hopefully someone will finally buy it. It’s taking some space in my room.

Future in

Talking about taking space, I still haven’t done anything with the two unused monitors. I had some idea on the box for the smaller one but the box itself is being used for something else so I’ll need to figure out where to move them to.

Now I think about it I probably can put them in the empty container box I have. Hopefully I’ll be motivated enough to finally do it next week.

No plan for the Suruga-Ya thing at the moment. I also haven’t started putting up the dakimakura covers I sorted out for auction.


As can be seen above, I ended up spending some more for Morgan. 10k more to be exact. Thankfully it’s not more than that.

I finally bought the Maitetsu thing. And yeah, the Monobeno one requires PlayDRM thing to play but Maitetsu (Last Run) itself doesn’t. There are a lot of things to be downloaded and I think I’ve downloaded the important ones. I still need to sort the files out though.

With that I got 90% discount on Whisp items. I have some on my wishlist so I’ll put that to good use.

I also ended up backing this Oshilove FD Ending Single Project. Not too expensive but still something. I haven’t gotten around pre-ordering the game itself though.

Future out

There’s one unexpected potential pre-order coming from Aikome extra route. I didn’t expect for it to be also sold by itself. Well, the new route is (supposed to be) free but there are a few extra goodies they’ll be selling as companion to that. I just hope there’s no store bonus involved this time. No dakimakura cover at least judging from the price.

Interestingly it’s also slated for September.

Still no news on Yuzusoft.

My budget for this month is looking rather okay so far. I had to readjust the target because the tax increase is a bit higher than I expected. The end result is I still have quite a lot of extra budget remaining. Unless something unexpected come up, I should be able to close this month in pretty good state.


34.17% last week. It went up most of the week. Except then it closed at some rather big negative number on Friday. Welp. At least it’s not down to below previous week.

As for iDeCo, it’s currently under maintenance… I’ll need to remember to update this section later today.

…and I forgot to actually do it. Whoops.

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