Weekly Finance vol. 81


The two things I put up are sold for pretty nice sum which is weird because those are way beyond what I expected. I just hope the things arrive in one piece.

Future in

I mentioned two things last week but apparently I put up three. There’s the unused wireless router.

I don’t think I’ll put up anything new this/next week even though the unused monitors are really taking up space in my room…

I probably should at least get around wiping the last unused hard disk and cleaning up the unused desktop PC.

I did pull out some tapestries I may be selling but I don’t feel like checking them up etc to sell them yet. Maybe in two or three weeks.

Still no progress on selling doujinshis…


Bought one voice drama from Whisp. It felt like a very long time last I bought anything from them. Their recent works have been misses for me.

Future out

Interestingly there’s still no announcement from Yuzu-Soft.

I probably should get around finally pre-ordering FGC and Onigyu Anime which I still haven’t.

Things have been pretty quiet especially after the Golden Week releases (which I bought nothing from so far although I probably should).

That does help though because I need to save quite a lot of money recovering from my recent purchases.


27.23% this week. That’s a lot of downs. It’s been downhill this week. I did buy some more funds though during the time. Hopefully it works out fine just like last year. I’m still quite far from my target for this year despite it’s past first third already.

As for iDeCo, it’s 26.72% (14.07% yield) which is also down quite a lot compared to last week.

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