Weekly Finance vol. 80

Forgot again last week.


Still nope.

Future in

Finally gotten around to put up some unused hardware. Interestingly both of them are already bid on.

There are still one more hard disk, one PC, and two monitors to be sold. First two will be on auction but the last one will probably sold to Sofmap.

I don’t think I’ve ever sold anything to Sofmap before so this may be interesting? I don’t know how much they’ll be sold for.

…or maybe all auction if their online price is any indication. Packing them will be annoying though. I may even end up just disposing them if I can’t figure out how to pack them easily.

No plan on doujinshi and tapestries and dakimakuras yet. I’m not even going to pretend to try.


I think I bought some manga and stuff. Nothing major because there’s just no budget left.

Although I just remembered I haven’t budgeted Fate/Grand Carnival.

Future out

See above about FGC. And then there’s Onigyu anime. Nothing else planned otherwise, I think.


32.6% last week. Down a bit on first day market was open. And then back up the second day. Not enough to recover the down from first day though.

Interestingly iDeCo is up a bit to 30.1% (lower yield though at 15.65%).

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