Weekly Finance vol. 82


Apparently the thing I sold last week arrived in one piece and everything ended up without problem.

Future in

It doesn’t seem to be there will be anything for this week so there’s that. I finished wiping my drive and maybe will finally sell it later next week.

Afterwards I still have one desktop PC and two monitors to be sold.

And tapestries. And doujinshis. One day I’ll have a clean room. One day.


Finally preordered Onigyu anime and FGC. I budgeted the first one except it wasn’t actually enough with shipping cost. Whoops. Oh well.

Even worse is the FGC wasn’t budgeted at all. That’s another 10k off for this month.

Those alone would’ve been fine if not for me updating my kitchen situation. My existing rice cooker proved to be too annoying (especially to clean after use due to it leaking muddy water like stupid) so I ended up getting a new one. And then following by buying some cookware because they’re like over 7 years old and probably slowly giving me cancer. Or maybe not but they look kinda disgusting anyway.

And that’s how I ended up with 10k below my target for this month. I’m still a few thousands above my hard limit for this month so hopefully I can get by this month without crossing that.

Future out

Oshilove fandisk has been announced to be released in July.

I think that’s all upcoming stuff that I haven’t budgeted yet… excluding the upcoming Comic1 tomorrow.

I didn’t pay attention to it and only learned it’s an actual offline event (nearby Big Sight) very recently. Not that I’m going to go there because that seems rather dangerous but I may end up buying some doujins from nearby Melonbooks?

On the unknown side, there’s D.C.4 P.H. coming up this August. I haven’t played any of the previous ones so it’s kinda difficult to justify but I’d get the Getchu one if I actually end up getting it. There’s also Tsukihime which illustration for the tapestries is still not up…


31.17% this week which is up a lot from last week. That’s nice although there was still a lot of down during the week. Well, such is stock market, I guess. Still not back from two weeks ago though.

Similarly for iDeCo, it’s at 27.36% (14.69% yield) is higher than last week but not completely recovered.

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