Weekly Finance vol. 110


Nothing here.

Future In

Also nothing.

I’m still not quite decided what to do with this extra system. I don’t have extra GPU so selling it would also mean selling the GPU in my test system which means that one won’t have useful GPU for Windows (it still has generic server graphics chip on it).


Preordered Fuyukuru Song CD and bought the late Digital Lover doujinshi. Also bought 10k FGO SQ.

And then my budget ran out for this month. There’s still some brand-specific eroge budget which I suppose I could repurpose in case something interesting came up.

Future Out

Saga Planets new title announcement is coming up this month. Probably. I have about 30k budget for them which is most likely not going to be enough if buying multiple copies but there should be enough time to save up.

Meanwhile there’s no news from Yuzusoft at all.

As for Whirlpool’s Unless Terminalia, it looks like they’re still doing that DLC voice drama thing after all so that’ll be 45k if I do end up getting them all.

I almost forgot about Futakoi but that one is still kinda far away anyway.


38.38%. That’s a lot of downs. It’s pretty much back to the number in October. Thanks, omicron. It recovered a bit on Friday but clearly not enough.

iDeCo is also down at 32.86% (14.36% yield).

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