Weekly Finance vol. 111


Nothing here.

Future In

Also nothing. I still haven’t done anything about the PC either. On the weird side note I also now have another unused PC. That was not very smart of me. I could’ve saved 13k by not buying new case and PSU.


I just checked my spending over this week and noticed there’s nothing at all apart of groceries and food and utilities. That’s quite rare.

Well, considering the remaining safe budget for me for this month is only 1300 yen, that works out fine. The question is whether or not I can keep it until this month ends.

Future Out

Saga Planets new title will be announced next week. It’s got moon and witch? And written by Sakaki Kasa who also did Kinkoi among others. Expectation is high.

On another note, there’s not much update anywhere else. I’ll probably go with Whirlpool as usual. I still haven’t decided on Asa Project yet. And there’s no news from Yuzusoft.

Oh, and I almost forgot about Aokana Extra 2 but as mentioned in other posts it’ll be at least January before I preorder it.

Talking about forgotten thing, Sakura no Toki sure isn’t coming out anytime soon. Definitely not 2021.


41.13% closing this week. A lot of up yay. There are a few large downs over the week but so are the ups. That said, it’s still not quite back to the level two weeks ago.

38.01% (16.34% yield) for iDeCo. Same situation here.

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