Weekly Finance vol. 118


Sold them RAM sticks. It’s over half the original purchase price but that was over 6 years ago.

Future In

Finally put up the HP Z210 for auction. Let’s see if anyone takes that. Questionable GPU and SSD aside (but it’s still an SSD and 1TB of it), it should be a pretty good deal. Packing it up will be a pain though.


There isn’t much this week apart of signing up someone’s Fanbox and upgrading a Fantia plan.

That said, I readjusted budgeting stuff and will be ending this month with a negative 15k in total :’)

Future Out

After the readjustment, my next month budget is negative 30k thanks to covering for current month and the upcoming eroge purchases.

That’s not actually too bad considering there shouldn’t be much else for March and April.

Assuming I’m not going ahead with random PC peripheral purchases, that is 👀 Have been looking at wireless mice lately.


RIP stock market. At 32.73% closing last week, it sure is just keeping going down. I did go on with buying more stock index funds and thankfully I got pretty good price.

Similarly for iDeCo at 27.9% (12.35% yield).

Next index fund purchase will be in another month…

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