Weekly Finance vol. 119


Sold a bunch of computer parts yay. The CPU ended up being sold more than I bought it for. Component pricing is weird nowadays.

The Z210 also has been sold. It’s a bit less than I hoped but it’s fine, I guess.

Future In

Finally got rid of premium so I had to put everything up again manually. I still want to put up the remaining computer parts. Two cases (+PSU), one mobo, one cpu, and a pair of RAM sticks. And then there are a bunch of unused 10Gbps cards.

Once those done I should start selling unused covers and other things. Oh and sending doujin to Suruga-Ya. I think it’s been over a year (or two?) since I planned to do it and I still haven’t done it.


Nothing here.

Future Out

I forgot about Yuzusoft dakimakura re-release thing. I’ll maybe get the Sana one. Or should I.

Money from auction should cover a good chunk of budget for this month but still not enough for one extra dakimakura cover. At worst I’ll reallocate existing eroge budget to next month.

Nothing much else otherwise. No upcoming event either so there shouldn’t be much to worry about for the rest of this month. I think.

I can probably reconsider DC4SH and Futakoi. I’ve been quite busy with other stuff lately and haven’t been able to read eroge much though. I’ll see how far I can go.

And then I just remembered about the missing 200k from last year. Uh, yeah, I don’t know yet.


36.13% closing last week. That’s… worse than previous week. It was some roller coaster with up one day and down another day. Unfortunately there are more downs than up overall. Interestingly Japan stock market seem to be going the opposite direction of the rest of the world.

iDeCo is at 32.85% (13.77% yield). It’s barely up but the yield is even lower probably because… I don’t know ?_? I don’t think there’s any new purchase in between. Maybe it’s counting based on the month.

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