Fuyukara, Kururu Trader B2 Tapestry

So I thought I should just post these un-ironed tapestries photos but now looking closer at them I’m not so sure anymore. The shit lighting isn’t helping at all either. That said, I probably just won’t do it if I wait until I do it proper. Especially considering my room is a bit too full at the moment and ironing is one of those activity which require some space.

I’ll fix those when I actually want to put them up and thus forced to iron them beforehand.

Anyway, it’s Yuuhi. Interesting she wears knee-socks here as I don’t think she does usually. Also interesting the other thing which would be spoiler-ish. Or maybe that’s how the normal state looks like? I doubt it though.

It’s also my first tapestry from Nanohana Kohina.

It’s usual thin material and the printing is okay. Nothing offensive.

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