Weekly Finance vol. 124



Future In

Despite what I said last week, still nothing! Maybe this week I will finally do it.


I didn’t buy any goods but I watched a bunch of movies. And then I bought all the Blue Thermal things (manga and theme song CD). In the end they all costed a bit over 10k total.

Thankfully I overbudgeted my utility bill this month and it helped balancing things out.

Except it wasn’t quite enough. Welp.

Future Out

Nothing particularly interesting came up so far, thankfully.

Well, there’s this Sekiya Asami tapestry and pillow cover. Full image this Friday although I don’t think I’ll get this one.

There’s also mignon stuff. Nothing I really want though. Also it looks like there will be some censoring involved. And dicks do not want.

I’m short 12k from my target this month so I still need to figure out how to fix it. Or maybe just actually sell those unused PC parts or something. And other things.


28.78% normal account and <fill in iDeCo number here later> iDeCo closing last week. Still going down as expected…

At two weeks now it sure sucks. No end in sight yet either.

…I probably should move this series to private as there isn’t much to talk anymore :<

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